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  1. Removed: Shamus Ackerley - Due Inactivity. Added: Geoffrey Herlando.
  2. ADDED: Nicholavyan Finnegan REMOVED: Cornelius Wilson
  3. Selecting Bodyguard For Alhambra
  4. Our Company Is Getting Bigger!
  5. Hiring New Workers Removed: Julio Frank Added: Zacharius Deandre
  6. Restocking Products
  7. Second Day At Alhambra
  8. ADDED : Cornelius Wilson ADDED: Shamus Ackerley
  9. First Day ADDED: Julio Frank.
  10. Hiring New Employee ADDED: Jack Perreira as a first employee.
  11. Owner Name: Osinov Yaroslav Employees: Zacharius Deandre Marry Clinton Jack Perreira Nicholavyan Finnegan Geoffrey Herlando YOUR DESCRIPTION GOES HERE : Brotherhood of Thieves was purchased by three bussines man and girl. The name is Osinov Yaroslav , Marry Clinton , And Julio Bruch. They had a bargain to buy this bar. And they pay equally for this bar. The previous owner is Thiago Anhauser. The purpose of buying this bar is for making a good life and wealth and rich for these three bussines man and girl. And it's now change name from Brotherhood Of Thieves to [OJM] Alhambra Corp. (OJM means Osinov Julio Marry Corp)
  12. We're Just Discuss About Something
  13. Sure why not meet us ICly at in game!
  14. Sure , meet us ICLY at in game!