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  1. Added new project on our line LoudBoyZ! (( Ali AKA Rifqii who made this one ))
  2. btw masih bingung, ini thread apa
  3. my nikkah, keep your head up, im watchin!
  4. woe kelen brantem aja, udah cod aja hayu. Btw gua mau rp jangan ganggu lah breee my bestie, we appreciate it
  5. Thank you for learning my roleplay skill nigga, where i really cant do anything, you've letting me know all over the things in this server, we'll miss u everytime, #RAMBO GANG!
  6. terlalu cepat untuk verif ya mas, ekekeke.
  7. Bunga mekar juga butuh proses bro, kita tunjukin mana emas mana loyang.
  8. nigga kok drama nya inggris, udah kaya take me out
  9. bikin INTISARILORD lah
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