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  1. @TamvanFahri bg edit lagi soal nama saya lupa gak pake ini _ kemaren
  2. @TamvanFahri Done check again.
  3. Character Name: Stanford Brackeley Origin: America Samoa Stanford Brackeley is a 22-year-old man, Stanford raised from a very inappropriate environment he was raised by his mother, Stanford always lived with his mother in a neighborhood complex, the neighborhood he lived in was very bad, Stanford lived with his mother, his father in prison for murder and robbery, therefore Stanford became a mischievous child in his neighborhood he often stole his neighbor's items and not long after he had no money at all, Stanford joined an adult child who at that time he was taught how to make cocaine and selling his goods to become a dealer, in that complex he feels like a rich person making money from selling illegal Stanford goods is happy and his mother is happy but doesn't know what his child is doing, so he can get rich. He became a very rebellious teenager, could be seen hanging out with inappropriate black people, even his mother did not recognize the original figure of Stanford, at that time Stanford was caught wearing cocaine by his mother Stanford was beaten and his mother called the police to take old Stanford young, as a result he was arrested and in prison for a long time, Stanford was depressed, had no life and spent his time in prison. Two weeks later he got word that his mother had died, but he didn't feel anything like not caring about his mother's death, not long after he left prison at that time Stanford had no place to live, Stanford had a very good partner he went home his friend with a face that looked like a madman, when he arrived at his friend's house Stanford was fed and given money for his life, he said goodbye and thanked his friend who had given money and food, he went to los santos which is precisely in a complex environment the environment again he feels good because many black people have many friends, as a result he starts his new life in Los Santos. Saya Vic_N selaku pemilik account UCP Dominicy bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Stanford Brackeley) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  4. Vic_N

    [YOUTUBE]Risky Jr

  5. Disini gue membagikan tutorial dan file nya ... Link sudah ada di DESKRIPSI YOUTUBE.Ada yang sedikit mengejutkan di video itu , karna ada tianmetal fake yang memakai cheater
  6. Disini gue membagikan tutorial dan file nya ... Link sudah ada di DESKRIPSI YOUTUBE. Ada yang sedikit mengejutkan di video itu , karna ada tianmetal fake yang memakai cheater
  7. Ingame name: Aiko_Banjiro11Player you are reporting: GrebekDate & time: wednesday, 13 december 2017Why are you reporting this player?: Cheat boostProof of offense (video, screenshot, log):
  8. point min , format saya sudah perbaiki
  9. UCP Name: AikoBanjiro11 Ingame Name: Aiko_Banjiro11 What kind of you want to refund: Point Date & Time: Thursday, 7 Desember 2017 Reason: Score saya udah banyak terus ilang, saya punya bukti yang kuat jadi tolong dipertimbangkan thread permohonan refund saya. Evidence (SS):Saya hanya memiliki video saat memakai nickname [makuwosquad] Dan admin's / Staff JG:GW bisa lihaat Chatlog saya tanggal 7/12/2017 Jam 10-12 dan saya CN malah balik ke nama semula Dari Aiko_Banjiro11 Ke [makuwosquad] dan off besoknya IG lagi balik ke Aiko_Banjiro11
  10. Mohon kasih bantuan nya bang , Example :
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