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  1. Apa tujuan anda membuat Character Stories ini? Tolong disebutkan semua UCP yang anda miliki! Tolong disebutkan akun forum yang anda miliki! (jika ada, tolong tag). Sudah berapa lama anda bermain JG:RP? Dimana anda bermain JG:RP? (rumah/warnet). 1. Saya ingin masuk kesalah faction legal. 2. Peri (Sudah dihapus, karena sudah 5 tahun tidak login) 3. Tidak memiliki forum, dijaman 2013 4. sejak dari 2011 5. Rumah.
  2. Character: Tyrone_Greenwod Story: On April 15, 1995 a man named Tyrone Greenwod in the Spanish city, Tyrone was the son of a perfume businessman in Spain named Malviano Greenwod. Tyrone's father owned a fragrance oil company that was very in demand in Spain, until one day Tyrone also helped his father's company being sold. Because Tyrone's father only had one son, Tyrone, he told Tyrone if one day his father was gone, he was the successor to the company and his father's legacy. Until not long after Tyrone became a successful businessman in Spain, he was known to be very good and diligent in doing his work. Shortly afterwards Tyrone's father developed heart disease, and had to be rushed to a hospital in Spain, Tyrone was very surprised to hear his father was hospitalized with heart disease. Tyrone also had to treat his father in the hospital, and leave the work he was employed, then the next day Tyrone's father got word from the doctor entering the final stadium. Tyrone was increasingly panicked and very distrustful, until finally Tyrone continued to pray the best for his father to recover quickly. Tyrone's father finally died due to heart disease, Tyrone could not accept that his father was gone. After 2 months passed Tyrone returned to his father's company and saw all the profits from his merchandise, and Tyrone was shocked with unsatisfactory results and losses. Tyrone was finally confused to pay all the employees he hired, because the income from the company was very mediocre and not on target. Finally Salman's father's company was sold to other people to make ends meet, Tyrone was thinking of opening a small perfume shop to support his blindness. Then Tyrone thought to migrate to another country, after that Tyrone also contacted his friend who was in Los Santos to ask for a small shop stall there. Tyrone also got word from his friend that there was a stall for him to open a business in Los Santos, after that Tyrone immediately got ready to pack all his clothes and also left for Los Santos. Upon arrival in Los Santos Tyrone met his friend who worked as a mechanic at the Mechanic Center, he also talked about the stalls he offered to Tyrone. Not long after, Tyrone and his friend, Catta Barnaven, rushed to a small shop where Tyrone wanted to rent, when he arrived at the store, Tyrone immediately made a transaction to rent the small shop. The next day Tyrone had already started trading perfume in the small shop, after that Salman was very happy because the perfume business that he was selling was very in demand. Tyrone thought of opening another store in the city of Los Santos, until finally Tyrone found a store that was quite large and had many employees in his shop. Eventually Tyrone became a successful businessman in Los Santos and was famous, he was not arrogant and often gave a little fortune to people who could not afford, Tyta's friend Catta was invited to work in the Tyrone shop. Saya Prima46 selaku pemilik account UCP RooMex bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Tyrone_Greenwod) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  3. Hfft, saya sudah menggunakan launcher tetapi masih banyak player yang PPKO di 2k19.
  4. kemarin gue manjat kelapa orang (gua haus) tiba tiba ada orang pake baju ijo ngejar gua pake golok itu lebih seram dari pada hantu.
  5. hmm, apakah disini kekurangan sidejob?
  6. Setiap pelajaran matematika kami bolos @CalnZ_ @trpaxSXdef duduk di kadai etek lakang. sambil nyolong kacang brobudur
  7. Prima46


    thread kok gajelas? jelek2in org padang aja.
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