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  1. Intro : This gangstar has a African race and illegals smuggelers. Storyline : basically this gang has an African race this gangstar called as LBN and has a large crew in all the different cities in America, this gang is one of the biggest smuggling communities on Marina Street, this gang is made by the descendants of the Mahlik family. The first OG is Rynee Mahlik, the oldest person in this gang, but he has died since 2004 because he was shoted in the head due to a gangstar war with a red gangstar bandana. Rynee has three sons with different wife, the oldest son is named Khyree Mahlik and the second is Keifon Mahlik and the last is Dwayne Mahlik and now this gangstar handled by the three sons of Rynee at the East Beach of Marina apartment. TERITORY LBN MEMBER GET CAUGHT ON CAMERA (the members of LBN get caught on the camera smuggling at Flint) Duo members of LBN get caught on camera smuggling 5 kilos drugs on the Flint Railroads and the smuggelers get punished 3 years and bailed 50000$ because of smuggling drugs. DEADHEAT ACCIDENT. At 2016 LBN had a gangwar with red bandana boys on East Coast Marina, LBN never forget about the history accident and three of LBN boys has died on that accident because of gunshot murderer that time. The name of the deadly mans is "MAXX PAYNE" "GUNZ" and "DEV" and then the red bandana boys members just only two person died on that accident. LBN was get jailed many members of the crew but the Mahlik brothers still free on the city but they still get wanted with the Los Santos Police Department. OOC Information. Fam ini adalah suatu fiksi berbasis ras African/America disini kami tujuan kami adalah untuk membangun kreatifitas dalam beroleplay untuk patriot JGRP agar makin meluas pengalaman dan memperkuat Roleplay di dalam server bersama Family lain atau pun Player lain. Jika ada kesalahan atau kesalahan kata kami mohon maaf atas ketidak kesengajaan nya dan kalian bisa memberi saran kepada kami tepatnya PM forum @Mahlik credits : @Mahlik
  2. Will added soon in main page for character story of main char on this family, glhf.
  3. udah lu duel aja ma gua biar makin viral sini, gausah cincong fake account sosmed nyinyir lu tolol nyali sosmed only.
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