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    [THREAD PLAGIAT, BISANYA COPAS] [GANGSTER]187th Crenshaw Grove Crip's,Uptown 187th

    nggak tau eh itu aku cari di Goggle,ternyata sama aku Edit lagi gak papa?
  2. 187th Crenshaw Grove Crip’s,Uptown 187th Crips is one of the most feared alleys in the US, Crips originating from California but due to the popularity of Crips began to expand to NY They wear blue all over her body STORY Stanley Tookie Williams met Raymond Lee Washington in 1969, and both decided to unite their local gang members from the west and east sides of South Central Los Angeles to battle the neighboring street gangs. Most members of the 17-year-old Gang activity in South Central Los Angeles have its roots in previous factors back to the 1950s and 60s, including post-World War II economic decline and unemployment leading to poverty, racial segregation that leads on the formation of black "street clubs" by young African Americans who were excluded from organizations such as Scouts, and the waning of black nationalist organizations such as the Black Panther Party and the Black Power Movement etymology The original name for the alliance was "Cribs", a name narrowed down from a list of many options, and chosen unanimously from three final choices, were priorities including Overlords Black, and Assassins. Cribs were chosen to reflect the young age of the majority of gang members. The name "Cribs" evolves into the name "Crips" When gang members start carrying sticks to display their "pimp" (PIMP) status. The people in the neighborhood then began calling them paralyzed, or "Crips" in a nutshell. A Los Angeles Sentinel article in February 1972 The meaning of some members as "Crips" (for the disabled) .The name has no political, organizational, vague, or acronymic meaning, although some have suggested it stands for the general Revolution In Progress, backronym. Williams, in his Memoir, further denied claims that the group was spin-off from the Black Panther Party or formed for the public agenda, the name "describes an alliance fighting against street gangs - no more, no less. Washington, who attends Fremont High School, is the leader of the East Side Crips, and Williams, who attends Washington High School, leads the West Side Crips. Indicates signal Crip gang. Williams remembers that this blue scarf was first worn by the founding members of the Buddha Crips, as part of his outfit coordinated in Levi's blue, a blue shirt, and a dark blue suspender. A blue scarf worn in honor of the Buddha after he was shot and killed on 23 February 1973, was his final priority to be the blue color associated with the Crips. Chain of Command Initially Crips leaders did not occupy leadership positions, but were recognized as leaders because of THEIR personal charisma and Influence. These leaders give priority to Extending gang membership to Increase its power. In 1978, there were 45 Crips gangs, called sets, operating in Los Angeles. The gang gets harder as they try to expand THEM area. funding in the early 1980s gangs were heavily involved with drug trafficking. Some Crips of this set started Producing and distributing PCP (phencyclidine) within the city. They also began distributing marijuana and amphetamine in Los Angeles. In the early 1980s Crips set began Distributing cocaine in Los Angeles. the huge profits generated from the cocaine distribution caused many Crips members to intend to establish new markets in cities and other countries. In addition, many young people in other countries adopt the name Crips and lifestyle. As a result of both of these factors, Crips membership increased throughout the 1980s, making it one of the largest associations of street gangs in the country. In 1999, there were at least 600 Crips sets with over 30,000 members transporting drugs in the United States. STORY UP AND DOWN OF CRIPS LEGACY CHAPTER 1 : 187th Jefferson Crips It was very quite afternoon, while Crooks brothers were finishing their sentences and would be coming back from the San Andreas Correctional Facility. They both were punished below Robbery Rape and Murder cases when they were 18 and 20 on early 2018. They both represented Crips since they were born, it was because their uncle Cleareance Urrington and Drake Wright were Crips’s Veteran around Ganton, Everybody represented blue on Ganton. Knowing both, Clereance and Drake were victims of police brutality around 2000 era. They both make an organization, were inspired by Black Panthers Party but ended up by making a Gang, Large Gang called themself 704th Crips. They realized it by meeting Deshane Jermaine, Sean Polley They both died because SAPD was rushing their set while they were unready. Drake was shot right on the Neck, and Clereance was punished a death sentence by SAPD and SA Judge. Cerita akan dilanjutkan sesuai alur RP di Ingame
  3. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Tyron_Miguel (Meledakan kendaraan player lain tanpa alasan yang jelas)

    gak ada respown @dimdim udah 24 jam
  4. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Tyron_Miguel (Meledakan kendaraan player lain tanpa alasan yang jelas)

    gak ada respown?
  5. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Tyron_Miguel (Meledakan kendaraan player lain tanpa alasan yang jelas)

    saya share min dia suruh share di pm nah katanya mau di bawa keluar kota saya di pm kesya katanya dia bandel nah waktu saya pm dia untuk ga persuit dia bilang gini ''gak dikejar kentod'' tolong admin bisa lihat chatlog masalahnya waktu itu aku crash terus waktu IG kembali dia pm share lagi jadi bukti chatlog hilang
  6. Nama pelapor: Willyam_Anderson Nama pelanggar: Tyron_Miguel Peraturan yang dilanggar: Meledakan kendaraan player lain tanpa alasan yang jelas Apa yang terjadi: waktu itu saya di Taken PD nah dia PM saya suruh share udah saya suruh jangan Persuit dia bilang kendtod dan segalanya waktu saya operasi di ASGH ada tulisan destroyed Bukti:
  7. masalahnya yang Jessey udah nyoba buat akun forum tapi ERROR
  8. ya saya kan robber dan juga tidak main asal tembak dan saya maksut itu robber MC bukan untuk langsung menyerang seorang police,coba robbery kalau ada police pasti langsung ditembak kan robbernya?? masa robbery harus di tembak PD dulu baru robbery nyerang??
  9. saya disini sebagai willyam anderson dan teman teman disitu kan situasi ada PD kan nah saya frisk orang yang deket trash nah waktu temen saya nembakin dari atas namanya Nathanielz kami mengambil mobil dari belakang mechanic center/samping mechanic center nah anda mengeluarkan tanda cahaya merah deket trash saya tau dan itu bertanda anda mengasih info ke yang lainnya dan anda saya kejar terus saya DB tapi saya sebagai willyam anderson saya nyetir mobil dan yang lainnya DB dan turun nembakin saya nembakin waktu anda mau mati terus anda bilang ''mantap'' ''forum'' nah waktu kita ketemu di jembatan tianmetal kita aja langsung nembak tapi waktu di mechanic saya dengan alasan robber bukan teroris kita cuma orang 4 bukan lebih dan waktu PD kirisagi stop kita langsung turun dan nembakin PD kirisagi tidak bilang seperti anda sekian terima kasih!
  10. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Ian_Zacky (ppko dan looting dan /b while rp)

    ada Reveal hidden contents itu pejet yang kedua ada reveal hidden itu pejet tulisannya suruh cepet atau tidak di report dan tolong kasih caranya dwonload chatlog soalnya dia nyuruh saya scroll gun
  11. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Ian_Zacky (ppko dan looting dan /b while rp)

    caranya gimana?? soalnya saya main di nett otomatis kan hilang chatlognya Reveal hidden contents itu tolong klick ada tuh min
  12. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Ian_Zacky (ppko dan looting dan /b while rp)

    Udah tak posting image deh min kayaknya tapi gak masuk dan dia ooc lienya katanya aku gak jawab rp why? ((Ian Zacky)) looting ((Willyam Anderson)) Ian Zakcy ((dia gak mau jawab rp min)) Willyam Anderson ((gak jawab rp??)) Ian Zacky ((ya)) dan disitu dia masih nyolot katanya ada Rp robber
  13. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Ian_Zacky (ppko dan looting dan /b while rp)

    ini udah kelewat dari 24 jam min @ahmadavid
  14. Cristian_Milibores

    [REPORT] Ian_Zacky (ppko dan looting dan /b while rp)

    dan tolong kalau emang saya benar tolong received warns saya dan unbanned saya
  15. Nama pelapor: Willyam_Anderson Nama pelanggar: Ian_Zacky Peraturan yang dilanggar: ppko dan looting dan /b while rp Apa yang terjadi: waktu saya di montogomery kan saya masuk sama temen saya nah tiba tiba Justin_Elwod nembak kan saya panik dan saya keluar langsung lari di tembak disitu Ian Zacky gak suruh stop ataupun selainnya,dan waktu saya masuk saya disuruh handsup kan bisa saya jangan asal nembak nah terus temen saya di tembak dan mati saya shoutout ama Justin Elwod tiba tiba Ian Rp ambil gun saya saya jawab looting trus report saya bilang gak niat rp dan mementingkan harta nah disitu urusan sama admin sharinggan ian nyolot meulu jadi saya di banned admin sharinggan. Bukti: