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  1. Character: Santino Fraga Story: Santino Fraga was born in San Fierro with his parents that were wealthy. Santino Fraga was born in a condition where everything he wanted will be granted by his parents. This made Santino Fraga had a haughty character, idealistic, and arrogant. Having a well-spoken and intelligent talent made him be always the best in school. However, because its character, arrogant and idealistic, it made him be the naughtiest at the school, mainly based for wealthy families, making him untouched. After graduated from the school, he also managed to get into San Fierro University, majoring in Law. His college was running smoothly, he's even been able graduated on the class of San Fierro University with predicate Magna cum Laude, meaning that the GPA above 3.5, or 3.7 for more precisely. He also worked as a lawyer, on the basis of hatred and his idealist against the state, he secretly hated the government, it pushed him to become a lawyer, then find mafia and famous gangster to survive against the government. In the end, he became a lawyer for a mafia Consigliere in San Fierro, "San Fierro Crime Family" a mafia organization in San Fierro that was the root of the Cosa Nostra. He failed to defend the Consigliere and forced to accept the consequences, his family was killed, and he was forced to flee to another city called Los Santos. He was leaving San Fierro by a truck. After traveling for 14 hours, he finally arrived in the city, alone, without friends or family. He was living with $1,000 which he used to buy a vehicle. Without money or a convincing appearance, he couldn't be a lawyer in Los Santos, so he was working as a taxi driver, hoping to get a better life to become a famous lawyer in the city of Los Santos. Saya Husein selaku pemilik account UCP Husein bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Santino Fraga) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  2. Proud of y'all, let's make this great!
  3. If I were roleplaying as gangster, I'd be roleplay with PD and not telling them away when I see their nametag above his head. But luckily, I am not that gangster. Thanks anyway.
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