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  1. JGRP the fail and funny moments

    kwkwk mabok
  2. [CN] Jerold_Blanco to Elias_Panar (Crispo_Daniel)

    bagaimana dgn yg sekarang, untuk di lihat kembali. thnks.
  3. Nama UCP: Crispo_Daniel Nama Character lama: Jerold_Blanco Nama Character baru: Elias_Panar Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male) Origin: Santa Monica, USA Alasan penggantian nama: Umur karakter yang sudah terlalu tua dan banyak nya crime record. Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity': Bukti screenshot CK:
  4. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    SOLD TO:
  5. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    Remove: Drahoslava Gertruda(resign) Hired: Grissham Flamoycs
  6. [OFFICIAL] 716th Kennedy Blocc Avenue

    congratz yow fam !
  7. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    any update ? @aldi0709 august 6 was your last daily activity.
  8. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    Hired: Lovzansky Valeryevich
  9. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    Remove: Javantee Guilherme(character killed) waiting for another person for replace the 5th slot Update, changes the 5th slot being none
  10. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    Remove: Kendrick Antonio(resign) Hired: Kichirou Kotaishie
  11. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    Remove: Lovzansky Valeryevich(Resign) Hired: Franco Confience
  12. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    Hired: Javantee Guilherme Update.
  13. [SOLD][ID:17][SHOP] X3 Blue's Bar (Jerold Blanco)

    Remove Franco Confience (4 days passed without any daily activity)