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  1. HISTORY Peacetown Supply was founded in 2019 by William Legija or uncle Charles when he was at the Bulls Fierce Motorcycle Club, Charles ' uncle had a brother, Juan Niguel, at which time he was working for the San Andreas Police Department. June 2020 Uncle Charles retired from his motorcycle club, Juan Niguel who at the time joined the Silence of Berserkers Motorcycle Club was asked to continue his business. Peacetown Supply or the real Piston is now already a legal business for SOB MC and sells various Harley Davidson accesories such as helmets, Hoodie, Boots, vests and so on. Juan Niguel established a place in Glenpark and is now under the control of Sanders Graves one of the original members of Silence of Berserkers MC. Sanders adds several pornographic books as well as pornographic videos in the form of tapes. This business is to show a positive image to the citizens and the police.
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