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  1. Barney_Lutty Barney Lutty was born in a city in the state of Ohio, precisely in the city of Cleveland on December 15, 1990. Barney Lutty was the first child of Jordan Lutty's marriage to Vanessa Loxely and had a younger brother named Januar Lutty. Barney came from a very simple family that could even be said to be less able. Since childhood, his father has brought their family to San Andreas. His father, who had an educational background, was only a junior high school graduate, only able to make him a wage-earning farm laborer. His mother also only worked as a housekeeper at the house of one of the police on duty in Montgomerry. Seeing the poor condition of his family made Barney feel depressed plus his figure as a brother who required him to be more mature and independent in carrying out his life. Entering adolescence is a very complicated and meaningful period in his life. Adolescence, which is the process by which a person seeks identity is also felt by Barney. However, adolescence that Barney experienced was not as beautiful as fairy tales or children's films he watched as a child. Barney is in a classy environment where he goes to one of the famous private schools in the town of Montgomerry. His friends also come from families that are not carelessly. The glamorous life forced Barney to also go with the flow. With poor economic conditions forced Barney to commit criminal acts that eventually changed his life. Barney often committed theft, robbery, and became a drug dealer. This is done solely for the sake of making a lot of money and can equate himself with his friends. Bad luck also approached him. One night during a drug transaction, Barney was arrested by the Bluberry police station where at that time he was conducting a transaction there. It was then known by their parents and the school. His parents felt very disappointed and ashamed to see the behavior of his eldest son. The school finally took an action to expel him from school because it would tarnish the good name of the school. Barney was devastated and finally realized all his actions. After being released from prison Barney was looking for work in order to survive where he was ashamed and did not want to burden his parents anymore. Alfianus Kefas, Barney's uncle, who learned about this, finally contacted Barney to help him get a job. Barney was given the task to become a truck driver who delivered needs to all of San Andreas. With a Flatbet truck lent by his uncle, he finally was able to buy a large truck of the Roadtrain type with the results of his hard work. Barney finally managed to change his life. With the results of his hard work, now Barney can buy all his own needs without anyone's help even, Barney can send some money to his parents routinely as a form of gratitude to his parents who can accept Barney even though it hurt them. Questions Tujuan membuat character story: Ingin melanjutkan roleplay dengan nama baru Account UCP yang saya miliki: Taksor Account Forum yang saya miliki: $Taksor$ Berapa lama saya sudah main di JGRP: 2 tahun lebih Saya biasa main JGRP di: Hanya di rumah Saya Taksor selaku pemilik account UCP Taksor bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Barney_Lutty) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  2. Nama UCP: Taksor Nama Character lama: Jerome_Gravano Nama Character baru: Barney_Lutty Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male) Origin: Cleveland, USA Alasan penggantian nama: FCK by SAPD ( Takedown Faction ) Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity': Bukti screenshot CK:
  3. Review orang orang yang udah nge bump thread ini kayak nya udah jelas. Emang bener bener fast respond! Kalo emang pada mager ke atm atau gak punya atm mending pake fitur ini dah.
  4. aduh bro, gua suka pendapat lo tapi menurut gua ini out of the box terkhusus buat para pelaku rp rob. Well, dari awal sebetulnya lu udah ngasih tau kalo rp rob dan mm tujuannya sama yaitu Uang. Rp rampok sepatu / jam tangan itu pasti buat para pelaku rp rob ya useless karena gabisa di tuker uang, wasting time dan ga sebanding sama resiko yang bakal dihadepin. oh ya, akhirnya juga akan muncul ciutan gini " ah mending gua MM dari pada rob sepatu/jam tangan ". Gua berani jamin. Paling rp in cuma bakal di implementasiin sama faction gang, itu pun karena alasan kebutuhan Screenshot thread forum mereka. Kalo buat the real robber? hell no. Gua harap si ini bisa di implementasiin, mungkin dari lu dulu sebagai pelopornya? kalo bisa mungkin akan di contoh sama player lain kedepannya.
  5. Kayaknya thread ini sudah harus di update karena masih menggunakan fitur lama "Cleanshoot", sedangkan yang kita tau semua sekarang sudah ada "flesh wounded" dan "vital wounded" bahkan ada yang kedua duanya. Thread presentasi PK aja masih diragukan oleh pembuatnya dan ada omongan mau di takedown karena belum valid. Semoga ada re-make tentang presentase PK atau mungkin bisa di Update kedalam thread ini agar lebih efisien.
  6. Setau gue ada 1 ucp bisa 5 character, kenapa ga dibagi bagi aja ada char MM dan ada char rp. Sometime jenuh rp lo bisa MM dan sebaliknya. jadi semua lo bakal dapet. hehe
  7. Oke bro, semoga pekerja lumber lain baca dan ngeh tentang ini...
  8. Oke om, maaf banget ye gue ga rp tadi. Ya semoga gua bisa belajar dari kesalahan ini. Makasih banget Om udah ingetin gue lewat report forum ini
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