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  1. RT @KotaBalikpapan: #TeknoBPN Jutaan Password Bocor, Indonesia Jadi Korban http://t.co/8VpvQlLp73

  2. RT @Thegooglefactz: White chocolate is actually not chocolate at all because it does not contain cocoa.

  3. RT @TypicaIFemaIe: Christmas like this please? 😠http://t.co/zPrSHGhNj5

  4. Shit, Unbelieveable"@TheWorldStories: Zwembalkons in Mumbai, Each room has its own swimming pool. http://t.co/66rW20KP7x"

  5. RT @kotakgame: Kehadiran Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Diumumkan --> http://t.co/xdj27b857u #KotakGame

  6. RT @Thegooglefactz: Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticise, wait. Before you quit, try.'~before you Tweet d…

  7. RT @Thegooglefactz: If you find a lost driver's license, you can just drop it in a mail box - The Postal Service will take it back to the r…

  8. RT @MlNDBLOWINGS: Marijuana brownies: what a wonderful invention. sp http://t.co/fTb1cJoozd

  9. Ha?"@marvilpetra: @Fajaarrahman @WongNirwan nanti .. Tunggu umur 18"

  10. Phillip ship was hijack by Somalia fisherman =))"@bobbyfadhilah: Watching Captain Phillips — https://t.co/ueu4IkBTOh"

  11. That's my problem too"@FactsOfSchool: *Opens math book* *Slowly begins to cry* *Closes math book*"

  12. RT @Thegooglefactz: How to play happy birthday on your phone. Dial 112163 112196 11#9632 969363

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