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  1. Arturo Beltran was born as a mexican on the 22nd August of 1985. He was very lucky to be born on a wealthy family, precisely in the downtown area of Tijuana. He is the only son from Mikael Beltran and Beatrice Beltran. In his early childhood, he is always an egomaniac but smart. This makes him a hated kid in his school, but his academic score was good. Since his earlier days, he always fight with his parents and hated them because of his ego. He never think of his parents, and always hated them since. The situation going on and on until his 20th birthday. Since the relationship for both of them (Arturo and his parents) have gotten much worse through the year, and finally Arturo decided to move out from the house and with his determined will he move to America. Going through the border by illegal means, inside some furniture truck which transporting goods from Mexico to America. He decided to stay in Los Santos, living in a poor situation by being a freelancer. And that will change when he meets Ruslan. He meets Ruslan at the Green Bottle bar, when Ruslan was getting very drunk and Arturo decide to walk Ruslan to his home. They got too wasted there, and decided to spend the night. Waking up in the next day, they chat a little bit and decided to be a mobster. Both of them got pretty successful in their venture, but in the end they get caught and being in jail changed Arturo's mind. He feels as his life was being wasted away, as he once again feel determined to be a police officer. After they got released from the prison, he says goodbye to his beloved friend, Ruslan, and apply for police academy. Before he got accepted, the staff of the academy feel hesitant to accept him into the academy because of his crime record. But seeing his determination, they give Arturo a chance. He passed the academy as the best graduate with an outstanding result, and catches the attention from the staff. After that he got accepted and the rest is history.. Saya Mocca selaku pemilik account UCP Mocca bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Arturo Beltran) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  2. Ya tolong di refund , org yang meledakan sudah saya banned karena sengaja satu warnet pura pura drive by .
  3. oke sudah dalam rekomendasi saya , tolong @RichMan di bantu untuk merefund kendaraan ini , terima kasih.
  4. Topo

    Payah! Alpin lenyap bagaikan es batu meleleh wkkwk

  5. Accepted, silahkan tunggu sampai Refund Box dibuka untuk menclaim refund anda.
  6. Apakah ada bukti yang lebih memastikan bahwa motor anda meledak secara OOC / kesalahan server?
  7. Accepted, silahkan tunggu sampai Refund Box dibuka untuk menclaim refund anda.
  8. Denied, kami telah menolak permohonan refund kamu karena salah satu alasan di bawah ini: Kurangnya bukti yang mendukung permohonan kamu. Pemohon melanggar salah satu peraturan sehingga permohonan hangus. Pemohon tidak menjawab tanggapan admin setelah 30 hari.
  9. kan sudah berikan /stuck jika memang mobilnya stuck , itu murni kesalahan kamu . bukan kesalahan server.
  10. Accepted, silahkan tunggu sampai Refund Box dibuka untuk menclaim refund anda.
  11. binatang


  12. Accepted, silahkan tunggu sampai Refund Box dibuka untuk menclaim refund anda.
  13. Apakah ada bukti lain seperti tulisan mobil anda telah meledak ? atau ada Screenshoot lainnya?
  14. tolong di konfirmasi kembali bila memang sudah benar tertukar karena bug .
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