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Found 2 results

  1. Rollin Heightz Purple Block Avenue New legacy from old family who living around G-Town its called Westside Purple Block. Rollin Heightz Purple Block Avenue leaded by old member from Westside who safe from biggest incident at Los Santos Bank or Bloody Bank Tragedy. He's Raheem,Alice,Deiodre they are last generation from Purple Block and theyre trio trying to bring back Westside Purple Block legacy but with new name its called Rollin Heightz Purple Block Avenue Chapter 1 : Reunite a Family After the biggest incident on Bank of Los Santos, a notorious gang Westside Purple Block taken down by the Government. Most member involved with the organization pronounced dead, including the person who formed Westside Purple Block, Duke "Ghost" Bishop. As well as his best soldier, Akhal "Casper" Khyle, Blummer "Big B" Pearce, Chiefy "Keef" Compton, Nick "Flowa" Hortensia, and other. All of his lower subordinates either got permanent jail or dead on action. except Raheem Kray, Alice Bishop, Deondre Rollins they are safe from cops and try to hiding at different nation, Rollin run to Mexico Alice back to Chicago and Raheem hide on New York. One year after that incident they are trying to re-unite a Westside Purple Block family they are agree to do that so.. Raheem Alice and Deondre make a schedule to meet up around G-Town a old clique Westside Purple Block. 1 week after that contact they are meet each other and start talking about westside purple block family. Raheem and Deondre accept Alice advise to build new Purple Gang and resume Duke Legacy. Alice point to Raheem and Deondre to become leader cuz that Duo have a lot experience cuz long time ago they are both are best Foot Soldier on family. Raheem and Deondre accept it then start recruit a young boy around G-Town they are got much younger. After recruit some youngent Raheem and Deondre startin to do a old style Westside purple Block business .. Its only TRUE Westsider know that business Deondre taking business about Dope stuff and Raheem take part a smuggling dope stuff from Deondre also Alice she control the business from behind table. Duke ERA has END one years ago .. But now a new ERA was begin .. Chapter 2 : New Generation, Old Style After 3 month organized Rollin Reight Purple block, Rollin,Raheem, and Alice appoint "Ivo" And "Owl" As shootcaller under command Westside Elder, Ivo and Owl showing new movement around crensaw avenue starting from recruit another youngent and also showing off his ruthless toward enemy around corner. Ivo and Owl make 2 style how Purple rollin up, Ivo with his subordinate claiming Idlewood area also Owl and his subordinate control around Crensaw and enlarge it to Jefferson area againt Asian street gangster, Ivo and Owl showing off how new Purple block rollin up the street. That duo declare war with asian gangster around jefferson for drug spreading spot. Ivo who have "Duke" bloodline using more ruthles style , he starting kidnapping enemy also mutilated it and send a piece of body to enemy turf for warning stop messing around with Westside legacy. When Ivo and Owl combine his style there will be more sadistic how to control the street. After duo shootcaller regroup his soldier Ivo bring new his best soldier who control Ivo soldier when Ivo not at clique. He's Norman a youngman from Chiefy bloodline, Norman was little brother from Chiefy who know as best soldier from Duke soldier or Ivory lil brother before Rollin up coming to city and still show off with Westside banner. Norman join up Ivo clique because he's know each other when he still at School with Ivo. And now Ivo bring Norman to resume Chiefy legacy and Ivo resume his brother legacy Duke a new generation and style starting now .. Oldschool Purple was END now new style Purple was begin. TERMS AND CONDITIONS YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW Menghormati dan mengikuti peraturan JGRP dan peraturan faction Gunakan karakter utama kalian Ini adalah Faction ber-ras America/African. Saling menghormati satu sama lain dalam keadaan apapun. Ketika anda memasuki faction ini, anda harus memahami basic roleplay sebagai gangster kulit hitam. Kurangin troll, chat ooc yang berlebihan, dan sikap yang tidak jelas dalam menjali roleplay. Kami tidak menerima orang yang menjelekan teman di belakang. Perekrutan adalah sepenuh nya IC, apabila anda memaksa ingin masuk melewati sarana OOC, jangan harap anda bisa masuk. Setelah anda memasuki faction ini, kami mempunyai hak untuk PK/CK character anda. Faction jumper ? Tidak di terima maaf. Persoalan Screnshoot atau mengedit gambar anda dan izin buat setor ke thread ini harus ada izin dari leader atau petinggi faction, Kurangin berkata kasar di OOC/IRL CRITICS AND SUGGESTIONS Buat semua orang boleh meng-kritik faction ini, kami menerima semua masukan, apakah itu positif maupun negatif, kalian bisa memberitahukan kepada leader atau penasihat dari faction ini dengan mengirim PM forum ke @Westside, @TukangAyam, dan @YoungNigga @YogaJR SEDIKIT GUIDE UNTUK MEMASUKI DUNIA GANG Credits by: @YoungNigga, @YogaJR, @Westside, @TukangAyam Hafiz, another member, Google for picture, and all of our brain, (( Allah)
  2. P-Nut


    The fall and Rise of Lester Brooks known as LB or Peanut, Aged 20. Late teenager and shit. Name: Lester Brooks or known as LB/Peanut/P Race: African- American Age: 20 y/o Height: 6'1 Weight: 62 kg Affiliation(s): Goons' ex member, Rollin Heightz Purple Interests: Girl ss kuming soon
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