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Found 4 results

  1. OUR STORY FIRST TIME. This is the beginning of everything. On December 1, 2016 Georges Parker tried to test his driving skills around the Bank parking area, while he was absorbed in testing his skills suddenly came a white Bullet car he did not know. Then the Bullet took part in testing his skills and Georges Parker felt provoked and invited the Bullet driver to Race. Long story short, the race was won by the Bullet driver. Georges Parker came out and tried to meet face to face with the owner of the Bullet. Georges was surprised to learn that the driver turned out to be an old friend he had met in A.D.A who was none other than Rizky Williiam. They both eventually toured and often tried tracks in Los Santos both in urban and rural areas. Over time some of their friends also joined in their association, including Samuel MacMilen, Avgustin Georgorovich, Ramockov Georgorovich and Sahal Georgorovich. These 5 people then often test competitions with their peers. Finally, some residents also took part to take part in the wild races at the time. Finally, the longer they join. They made a name for their association. They called it SRS (Street Racing Society). It was decided because they were born and raised on the streets and then socialized on the streets as well. SECOND TIME. It's all about a union that is re-embodied from a hobby basis. Some Los Santos residents who have a hobby in the automotive field one day met at the Idlewood WS which is a WS located in the center of Los Santos. Unintentionally they were friends who had once been together - building a long-standing brotherhood and eventually broke up. An Automotive Club was formed from a high sense of brotherhood which was once formed, but not for a while we had to lose our loved ones in the Automotive club that once stood big before. A group of people then decided to go around Los Santos to remind them of their old story, they also visited several places that were used by older members as a gathering place or just walking around the city including the Vinewood POM, Big Ear and places where other historic. SRS which is currently manned by Georges Parker often holds small events such as touring to Race. This was all done to strengthen their brotherhood that had once been formed. OUR BASECAMP 2 people who originally wanted to reshape SRS namely Georges Parker and Samuel MacMilen tried to walk around Los Santos to the places that they had made as the Basecamp at that time, they decided to make a few basecamps namely WS Flint, Richman and POM Vinewood. Several times they also made an event from that place. The place is considered a historic place and has a good value to remember the glory of the SRS in the past. OUR TEAM Q & A INFORMATION : REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT: RANK SYSTEM: Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Join us!
  2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brazy Crimeville Boys (BCB) are a primarily Asian-American street gang based on the East Side of Los Santos, in the neighborhood of Crenshaw. The gang primarily consist of African-American, including Hmong and Vietnamese as well as descendants of Cambodia, Laos. They tend to align themselves with African-American street gangs, who fall under the bloods umbrella. Brazy Crimeville Boys are involved in a wide range of criminal activities which include extortion, robbery, burglary, auto theft and murder, which are some of the more publicized criminal activities. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STORY OF THE GANG Brazy Crimeville Boys are a small street gang built by 3 young men who reside in Jefferson including Jordan Chuong, Zavier Arkwood and Emmanuel Nguyen who are still in the development stage and are still looking for several connections to enlarge their gang and facilitate various transactions. Besides that, their daily searches are from drug, weapons, and other illegal goods. They continue to carry out these transactions at all times to continue their lives. Jordan Chuong, Zavier Arkwood and Emmanuel Nguyen and other local teenagers are people who live around The Bahamas Hotel. They have all been friends since they were young. They always spend their time together, including at the same school. They all continue to recruit local teenagers around The Bahalmas Hotel to be used as hustlers of their whites. Jordan Chuong is an expert in this matter. These people were assumably identified as Bloods gang members that can seemingly be known from their red rags and other gang signs. Brazy Crimeville Boys was formed for several reasons. The beginning of the formation of this gang was Jordan Chuong and Emmanuel Nguyen were the ragged members of a blood gang formed by close friends of Jordan and Emmanuel namely Zavier Arkwood and Darnell Ward. Darnell Ward was the leader or "The 6 Stars" of a gang he made and Zavier Arkwood was a "The 5 Stars" who was highly respected in the gang. At that time Jordan thought to expand their set by creating a sub-set that he would lead. He asked permission from Zavier to realize his idea. Zavier also agreed to that and Jordan began to create a sub-set with the aim of expanding their alley area. Everything went smoothly until the time when the set led by Darnell Ward contained a "snitch". Darnell Ward and all of its members were fucked up, some of them were shot dead and some went to prison including the Darnell Ward or "The Kingpin". Because of this situation, Jordan Chuong and Emmanuel Nguyen who still survived because they had made a new sub-set eventually became "The 5 Stars" or the same as Zavier Arkwood. The three of them (Jordan Chuong, Emmanuel Nguyen and Zavier Arkwood) agreed to form a new set because their old set led by Darnell Ward had been fucked up. The three of them became "The 6 Stars" in the new set they had just made (Brazy Crimeville Boys). Brazy Crimeville Boys are now taking over Jefferson with its Asian-based members. This gang is a gang known for its evil and cruelty. Like robbing, killing, torturing, dealing with narcotics and many others. They also carried out major battles in various regions to expand their territory at Jefferson. Winning this war is also important for the leaders of this gang, because with the breadth of a region he can control his finances with transactions without being involved with other gang that try to sell their goods in Brazy Crimeville Boys' territory. Chapter I: You Hussle, Yo Collect Jordan has so many prohibited items stored somewhere. He tried to process the illegal stuffs in his own way. He also thought to take the items stored in such a place to be resold at a price higher than the previous price. These items are various kinds of drugs, weapons, and others. He tried to put all his young bloods into this job, which was to sell the things he had. He also has several regulations for selling prohibited goods. Among them is, they must not be caught by law-enforcements, this is the first and foremost rule in this work. Another rule is that they must be careful in choosing buyers, they must know who they are talking to, this aims to avoid snitches. The next rule is that they are only given one week to sell the items that Jordan has given. If they can't sell it, Jordan will give them a lesson. But despite all that, if they can fulfill the task given by Jordan in a timely manner, they will get an appropriate reward. They will be given some money for their hard work. The day went on, Jordan has made a lot of money for the work of young-bloods. But Jordan is not selfish, he does not enjoy the results of his own money. He has given some part of his money to young-bloods because of the results of their hard work where the money is used by them to make a living. Chapter II: The Fall After a while enjoying the results of money obtained from selling illegal stuffs, Jordan finally ran out of items that he usually gives to his young-bloods every weekend. He is out of stock about it. Of course, that made him very confused. He doesn't have any idea about this. Jordan still trying to think how he will get all these prohibited items back. He thinks of "restock". Young Bloods did not have any money coming in for several weeks until Jordan finally decided to look for some connections in Los Santos. But a few days before, there was a mob group offering Jordan a job to be a star in a porn film. Of course this made Jordan feel even more confused, but in the end he didn't take the opportunity because he had thought carefully about the consequences. Jordan continues to look for connections from one corner of Los Santos to the other corner along with his old friend The Big Dog Emmanuel. Jordan continues to look for connections from one end of Los Santos to the other end along with The Big Dog Emmanuel. They found a connection that could supply them with some prohibited items, even though the amount was not much at least enough for them for the next few days. Until one day without Jordan realizing his old friend Zavier "Zee" Arkwood appeared at the place of his association Jefferson. He looked very surprised at that, he immediately greeted Zavier Arkwood and told him about what he and his family were experiencing at that time. Zavier also helped with this, they returned to look for connections to various corners. Until finally Zavier proposed to form their association into a small-organized crew for a while in order to get input from other associations. Jordan also agreed to this, and they began to make a plan. Jordan and Zavier also ventured to visit their rivals who are in Willowfield. This plan has been carefully prepared by them. Arriving there, initially the conversation went smoothly and improperly. But they both still tried to convince the Kingpin of Willowfield Niggas. Until finally their Kingpin allowed Jordan and Brazy to get a few proposals from them on one condition. They must be cleared by Willowfield Niggas as proof of the loyalty of Jordan and Zavier. Jordan and Zavier accepted the agreement, and they were cut down at Willowfield. Kingpin from Willowfield told them to pick up the package tomorrow at around 8 pm. Jordan and Zavier prepare themselves to come to Willowfield at 8 pm with their young-bloods. But when they got there, they were TRAPPED. They were whooped out that time. This makes the situation worse and worse. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mohon maaf apabila terdapat kesalahan kata maupun itu grammar, penempatan kata yang kurang tepat, tidak bagusnya sebuah story/kisah. Menerima segala masukan apapun itu, silahkan PM forum @Nouval 08 dan @aritonang How to join the faction? - Bersungguh sungguh dalam melakukan sebuah roleplay - Saling menghargai satu sama lain - Dilarang menggunakan cheat / program illegal apapun itu - Apabila anda sudah join dan sudah terkait dengan gang ini, kami berhak untuk men-CK anda apabila anda melakukan sebuah kesalahan yang serius - Siap ditegur apabila melakukan sebuah kesalahan - Karakter anda haruslah bernama Asian-American - Memakai skin yang sinkron dengan origin karakter kalian yaitu skin Asian-American ( banyak di binco, contohnya skin id 60 dan sejenisnya untuk yang Asian ) - Disarankan untuk beroleplay sebagai anak lokal / anak setempat dan berusia sekitaran 13-16 tahun untuk approachnya Jika kalian berminat untuk bergabung dengan gang ini, alangkah baiknya untuk PM forum @Nouval 08 ataupun @aritonang terlebih dahulu. Dan jika kalian ingin store screenshot kalian ke thread, kalian harus PM forum @aritonangterlebih dahulu untuk di review. Brazy's Skin Repack: Brazy's Graffiti Pack: VIDEO(S): Credits: Google, @aritonang @aidanmeister @LowLand @Shallow @✯✯✯✯
  3. Crystals Garden, Los Santos, San Andreas, 2019. Idlewood Disciples Nation is a black teenage gangster from Chichago, Illinois, California. They were founded in 1998 precisely in Chichago Illinois or commonly referred to as Chi-raq with another name as Dirty Brick Nation. Dirty Brick Nation itself is led by Clovis "Little Barry" Barrymore, but since the incident several years ago Barry was arrested by the Chichago police on a serial murder charge and sentenced to death. Since the death of Barry Dirty Brick Nation was getting worse and no one can replace Barry's position, one of the shotcallers of Dirty Brick Nation was again targeted by the Chichago police on charges of attempted murder, but that did not make him in prison. Norman "Rockie" Brock, known as the fugitive fugitive in Chichago, staged a robbery at a small bank in the corner of Illinois city of Chichago. Thanks to the action he earned a lot of money and managed to escape from the police pursuit, he also immediately fled to San Andreas, Los Santos. In Los Santos he hid his identity for a while and resides in Idlewood at the home of one of his friends, Gishanie Gray. Two years after the incident he re-established himself in the city of Los Santos, where he met many people who were like him. Gray, who was also a former member of Dirty Brick Nation, suggested to Rockie to re-establish a juvenile crime group in the city of Los Santos. With the support of a number of like-minded friends, Rockie went back to establishing a street criminal group called Idlewood Disciples Nation. A few months since the Idlewood Disciples Nation was established, their names have risen directly to the top because their criminality has reached the top five in the city of Los Santos. Ken-block, Los Santos, San Andreas, 2020. Day after day has passed, the development of illegal business in the city of Los Santos also boomed. Norman Brock and his friends who went through the business without any strong competition succeeded in making millions of dollars from the illegal goods they sold. Big Nesto also always sends Narcotics and firearms to Norman if he needs the goods to be sold, sometimes Big Nesto has a little problem when shipping to the city of Los Santos from Colombia. A year passed, Norman and friends stepped on the entertainment business which was none other than Rap music. Norman started the business with a man named Jaquan "JQ" Brown who was none other than his own cousin, they managed to produce several songs that were quite hits among the genre. Naz who knew that Norman's business was running smoothly and he was immediately interested in entering into their business, with some experience that Naz had, he also managed to produce several songs and one of his songs won a Platinum record. A few months after they went into the business, they finally established a name for their group, C.R.E.A.M, the ebK Team with the addition of two affiliates from the Pooh Bear Gang, Irvin "$ hmoney Bin Laden" Barrymore and Diondre "Diong Kingz" Cedric. The five of them succeeded in releasing a diss song with full of highly disrespected words addressed to Willowfield Gangster. Some people claim that there are lyrics from Naz which aim to insult Asians, even Brimville Gangster Bloods does not accept that he thinks Naz made the lyrics with the aim of insulting them, and rumors spread ... Kenblock and Brimville's previously good relationship - just fine in an instant immediately collapsed, they were involved in checks and street fights. On the day of making the video clip of the song, Brock and all of his members gathered in front of Crystals Garden, in the midst of the video recording of the kilp, a Cadillac car containing several Asians with firearms directly fired at Brock and his friends so it made a mistake one of Brock's friends was shot by several bullets in his chest which was none other than Ibraheem "Deezy" Clinton. They immediately stopped making the video clip and immediately took Ibraheem to the hospital, but unlucky, when the journey also lost his life and died at the age of 20 years. Brock who did not accept the treatment of the Asian people immediately thought that it was an act of Brimville Gangsters who were predominantly Asian, three days after the incident Brock and his troops immediately carried out a firearm attack on Brimville, they succeeded in bringing down several Brimville members with firearms that they have. Ibraheem who previously held the Shotcaller position at Idlewood Gangster Disciples Nation was replaced by Keith Lamb and Jesus Lamb, many contributions were given by Ibraheem during his lifetime, Brock and his friends always mentioned the name of Ibraheem in every-song he released that was none other than "Deezy". Keith is known as Ibraheem cousin has made a killer-group that many of their family members who called themselves as Deezy Gang Crazy, the name got from the middle name of Ibraheem. They gave the name with the aim to remember the services of Ibraheem during his lifetime to Kenblock, until now their group was called as a murder-group that only contains a few black teenager who banging with Kenblock Gangster Disciples. (( Story akan diupdate seiring berjalannya roleplay kami )) Fraksi ini adalah fraksi gangster jalanan remaja kulit hitam yang berbasis dari Gangster Diciples, semua player Jogjagamers berhak melakukan roleplay bersama kami dengan ketentuan server yang berlaku. Dilarang melakukan kontak secara OOC (Out Of Character) jika anda ingin bergabung bersama kami. MEDIA Frequently Asked Questions Q: Ini sebenernya faction apa ? A: African-American gangster. Q: Apakah ras harus African-American ataupun America Samoa? A: Iya, terkecuali kamu yang ada kontak RP tertentu dengan salah satu highrank sebelum fraksi ini dibuat. Q: Saya tidak bisa bahasa inggris nih gimana dong? A: Silahkan bertanya jika anda tidak mengetahui apa yang dimaksud, pasti dijawab kok, jangan sungkan untuk selalu bertanya. Q: Tempat ngumpulnya dimana biasa? A: Cari kami saja secara IC. Critic and Suggestion Kita tentunya menerima segala saran yang ada, baik itu untuk kepentingan faction tersendiri atau member-member yang melakukan kesalahan baik itu fatal atau ringan, jangan takut untuk memberikan kritik dan saran kepada kami, justru kami akan sangat mengapresiasikan apa yang telah anda berikan kepada kami. Jika ada Kritik atau Saran yang ingin diberikan silahkan hubungi @Vanice @LAMBS @Nehemiadian @dispenser. Jika ada suatu permasalah bisa menghubungi @Sinatrio selaku mentor faction ini. Credit : @Vanice @Sinatrio
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