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Found 2 results

  1. Nama pelapor: Calvert_Gracious Nama pelanggar: Carl_Einstein Peraturan yang dilanggar: Dia ngescam gua lebih dari k Apa yang terjadi: Awalnya, gua sama dia ketemu di jalan terus tiba-tiba dia naik ke mobil gua, diperjalanan dia bilang minjem duit k buat beli bussines petrol Flint. Awalnya, gua ragu buat ngasih dia. Trus dia ngaku-ngaku jadi saudaranya Vladimir_ Calvajar dan dia mau balikin duit gua tadinya k jadi k dan dia mau jadiin gua manager di Petrol Flint. Nah, gua disitu masih ragu buat ngasih, tapi dia kayak mohon-mohon gitu ke gua biar di kasih dan akhirnya gua kasih tuh duit gua k dari atm amunisi Willowfield. Abis itu gua anterin dia Ke MC, dan di janji bakal balikin duit gua hari di jam 06:00 sore. Bukti:
  2. Character: Greasy_Stefflon Story: Greasy Stefflon was born on June 29, 2003 in Chicago, he was the only child of Jackson Stefflon and Marry Reina. One day Stef took his last examination, and he tried to do it, he was also very quick to do it, and one day he was distributed the results of his hard work, apparently the results were not satisfactory. Finally he hesitated to tell his parents, in the end he tried to dare to tell his parents for his hard work. After his parents saw Stef's examination results, Stef's parents were very angry and fed up with his behavior, in the end he was alienated or banished to a city called Los Santon, Stef was very scared in that city, in the end he surrounded the city of Los Santos , and he stopped at a place called Willowfield, where he got very many friends, one of whom was named Wyatt Luther, Wyatt Luther was one of the people who brought Stef to an association in Willowfield namely Fruit Town Mafia, finally Wyatt brought Stef to the association in Willowfield. At that time Wyatt told Stef to introduce himself to his friends at Willowfield, but Stef was still very nervous because he was there for the first time. And over time, Stef adapted to all of his friends who were at Willowfield. One day, Stef was gathering with his friends and they talked about something, namely about his rival, Purple. At that time, Stef and his gang friends wanted to make plans to immobilize Purple, and get ready to prepare for the plan, they prepared a lot of weapons to knock out their heavy rivals. One day, it was time for Stef to act with his friends to knock out his rival. As a result, Stef won the war. That's where Fruit Town Mafia is one of the most feared gangs. Saya DrianK selaku pemilik account UCP adrianwibip1 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Greasy_Stefflon) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.