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Found 2 results

  1. P-Nut


    The fall and Rise of Lester Brooks known as LB or Peanut, Aged 20. Late teenager and shit. Name: Lester Brooks or known as LB/Peanut/P Race: African- American Age: 20 y/o Height: 6'1 Weight: 62 kg Affiliation(s): Goons' ex member, Rollin Heightz Purple Interests: Girl ss kuming soon
  2. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This gang is an African-American based gang that located behind the Jefferson Motel, and it's led by Jamal Browns with a couple of his friends named Deshawn Kingston and Roberto Brewster. Their gang is not a big gang yet still a dangerous gang to mess with, in fact they're just dealing common drugs such as weeds or cocaines only in their hood. They are rarely found carrying either light or heavy guns, and most of them are armed with baseball bats or knives. Soon they will change after they found a big connection that would profit their gang. They are filled with the most ruthless people in the city and they would not hesitate to kill someone else if they feels threathened or being disrespected. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STORY OF THE GANG The Jefferson Goons or The Goons is a small street gang that founded by three of the most cruel Jefferson natives named Jamal Browns, Deshawn Kingston, and Roberto Brewster on late 2017. They have had alot of homies back in the days, and they were the most-known gang in the town because of their crimes such as robbing innocent civilians, murdering people, dealing narcotics, and many others. They involved in many wars in order to gain turfs so they would get alot of money. They kept winning turf wars because their suppliers supplied them with alot of heavy weapons such as AK-47, M4, and many more. Their most respected gang leader, Jamal Browns, was like swimming in money because he controlled the money that gained from their turfs and extortions. Their gang was very successful and they would bribe the polices if they got caught doing naughty stuffs. Due to their notoriety, the chief of the San Andreas Police Deparment decided to put their gang down. The San Andreas Police Deparment brought an entire army full of armored polices and some large swat trucks to bust their houses down. After their homies noticed the polices would come, they armed theirselves with their heavy guns and they are prepared to fight back the cops. They were outnumbered that time, and they were so easy to be defeated because the polices has the most access to the heavy equipments. Most of them died, and few of them were alive but the three leaders of the gang fled away from the war because they thought that they would die in the scene. But soon they got caught by the police anyway. They were taken to the San Andreas Correctional Facility and served a two-year sentence according to the charges. (from left - Deshawn Kingston, Jamal Browns, and Roberto Brewster) Inside the jail, they met alot of dangerous and infamous imprisoned gangsters. They made friends with them so they could help them from now. The gangsters teached Jamal and his friends how to do stuffs right. Jamal and his friends kept nodding their heads because they understand what did the gangsters were trying to say. Jamal is a little bit happier in the jail because he could rest in there unlike the time he was in the gang, other than that, the dangerous gangsters knew Jamal and his friends and they became their friends after that. Long story short, Jamal and his friends are having a good time in the jail and they would be released soon. Before they got released, they said goodbye and hugged to the gangsters inside the jail and they are ready for a releasement from the jail. After they got freed out from the jail, they decided to regroup again in the same spot from the first time they hanged. One of their leaders, Jamal Browns, suggested to remake the gang back so they could gain alot of money since they are broke after they got out from the jail. The rest of the leaders said yes, but they suggested to make the gang less violence and less illegal activities knowing that they just served a two-year sentence and they were meant to get the polices attentions off of them. Now, they're only armed with some baseball bats and knives. They are rarely found carrying guns and they would not mess with the San Andreas Police Department and turf wars for awhile. They are currently looking for big connections and suppliers so they could rebuild again their gang. If they found a big connection and suppliers for their gang, they would fulfill their dream to rebuild the gang back. And thus, their new story has just begun. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC REQUIREMENTS 1. Saling menghargai 2. Dilarang keras memakai cheat / illegal programs lainnya 3. Kami tidak menerima faction jumpers 4. PM @skippy62able atau @$VenoMancer$ apabila kalian ingin join 5. Setelah kalian join, kami berhak untuk meng-ck anda apabila anda melakukan kesalahan yang serius yang berdampak pada gang 6. Setidaknya hafal basic english 7. Tolong kurangi troll, kalau bisa jangan troll sama sekali saat roleplay 8. Dan jangan lupa untuk aktif, hehe __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IC REQUIREMENTS 1. Karakter anda harus berkulit hitam 2. Terserah bebas berumur berapa saja, tapi saya sarankan character anda berumur 15 - 20 supaya mudah untuk roleplay nantinya 3. Origin anda kami sarankan berasal dari United States of America (USA) atau negara-negara di Afrika seperti Jamaika, dan lain-lain. 4. Skin character anda saya rekomendasikan untuk memakai skin yang bernuansa abu-abu, hitam, dan warna agak gelap lainnya. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GUIDES __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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