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Found 1 result

  1. Seville Trey Block Neighborhood is an street gangster who claim up Playa Del Seville area the majority of the many members who are Muslim. They operate near Ocean Docks area their activity is always about Drug , Firearm and Human trafficking who always disturbing peace in Los Santos especially in East Los Santos. Seville Trey Block are notorious gang around the Los Santos. They've killed alot of opponent who mess with them, they're known as "Grim Reaper" in Los Santos cause of the people who they killed. Seville is always called Sevilleraq because of the activity of gun violent. *Footage of Trey Kreighton's Mugshot in early 2011 before his death* TALE OF TREY BLOCK : TREY BLOCK gang-set name is taken from fallen member of Black Disciple from Playa Del Seville Project Housing Neigborhood named Trey Kreighton so their hood Called TREY BLOCK A.K.A T-Block or TREY CITY to honor his death. Trey Kreighton was born in Playa Del Seville and affiliated with Black Disciple Nation in Playa Del Seville neighborhood , He shot and killed by Opposite member in early 2015. In the new generation of Black Disciple gang especially in Trey Block is still run under Clint Anderson and Daquan Cozart leadership. The activity is run as usual like drug trading , guns trafficking and Human trafficking , Also their foes for now is E/S Bloods. CHAPTER I: MAKE A STEP After Naziee's era Cozart make a move to Idlewood in case of spreading his gang around the town. Cozart met most of goons around Idlewood and he make all of them be a part of Trey Block ( a Black Disciples set ). Cozart and his crew still doing the same activity as in Seville among others are drugs trafficking, guns trafficking, and human trafficking. Since Trey Block take over the Idlewood, most of Drug Dealer who always sell their drugs around that place they feel harmed because the activity of gangbanging, Trey Block sweep all of the Drugs Dealer around Idlewood in case of unleash their business. As a result most of gangsters they fight back with guns on them. Many people were deceased that day. CHAPTER II: MUSIC BUSINESS When Cozart and all of his member are ran out of illegal things to sell, they trying to do another business that legal and also make alot of money, so he find out in the internet do a research. He found out a rappers that inspiring him like Travis Scott, J.I.D, YBN Nahmir, and other rapper are in the new wave. So after he decide to make a music business, he cruisin around looking for any talented rapper around the town then he found Bernardo 16 years old, still young and he is really talented. He begin the business with his homie Tavell Clinton, he own a home studio, he also make the beat for Bernado, he make his early music in 18 August 2018 and hit a million after a few weeks. Cozart has a big deal with the music business, he currently looking for any talented rapper and also reppin his set. CHAPTER III: 1027th CRYSTAL GARDEN 1027th CRYSTAL GARDEN is a sub-set from Trey Block Neigbourhood black disciple set. The crew who operated on north Idlewood in the garden who controling drugs trafficking. HoodrixhNARDO would be the one of the Leader the crew on Crystal Garden. Keenan Wilkins is a right hand of Nardo who also leading the crew to operate the drug trafficking cycle in Idlewood. They supplying unprescibed Xans , Promethazine , Marijuana kush , Cocaine from Colombia. Gang turf / Map (Updated) : LoudBoyZ ENT. *FOR BOOKINGS OR FEATURING* Please contact - [email protected] ((forum pm A$AP T-RAY )) OOC RULE UPON TBN JOINING : -By Joining this Faction you accepted to get CKed by high-ranked member of TBN if he had a reason to do. - Respect all members and all players of JGRP. - Re-read all Guides regarding how to Hood Roleplay and roleplay as Gangster. - Follow all JGRP Rule. - Develop your character in our faction we doesnt recruiting OOCly. **If you got question about this faction related ( About how to joining and etc ) feel free to forum PM @Wookie Dookie and @A$AP T-RAY** Helpful Guide : SKIN PACK MOD : *CREDIT* : - myself - google - L*RP - Alvin Algadri - Ali - Bimo RAMBOGANG
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