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  1. Oke keren udah saya coba GTA+ENB nya. Medium ini sih. thansk wo! ((ITU LINK GTA+MOD ENB FULL, BUKAN MOD ENB TAPI GTA+MOD ENB WO!)) Cara pakainya juga gampang: Cukup extract seluuh file GTA+ENB pakai WinRAR ke file kosong, tunggu selesai > Done > lalu download SAMP 0.3DL > Done main JGRP deh. Setelah pakai GTA+MOD ENB INI: Skin-skin ada beberapa berubah, Senjata-senjata, kalau nembak tembok pake senjata ada bekas tembakan pelurunya di tembok tersebut Cuaca, Warna veh nya agak jernih. dll
  2. 1th Flores Blood's 1th Mont Blood's is a gang of African-Americans led by african natives named Qas Rioos and Patoni they are both very influential people on the performance of the gangs they create, because Qas and Patoni are the only intelligent and careless leaders in their lives they have never taken drugs or the like. Although they did not take drugs they also helped more to the 17-year-old son who dropped out of school around Montogomery, not in the area Qas and Patoni already accommodated about 10 young men who were husir from his family because many in the Los Santos area who do not have family then 1th Mont Blood's always looking for young men who do not have family in a closed way. Socio-economic owned by 1th Mont Blood's is very good such as selling various kinds of music tapes that they produce themselves the tapes also very skyrocketed sales in 2018 because of the popularity of the sale of such tapes many gangs envious, and the Los Santos gang also attacked by damaging the cassette storage warehouse owned by 1th Mont Blood's located in Montogomery due to the highly unusual trade war rivalry created by 1th Mont Blood's. After the warehouse attack they did not stay silent but they over time Qas and Patoni rebuilt the warehouse as before only a few minor damages such as tile and glass parts, after 6 days of construction of the cassette warehouse and they all continued to sell despite the many trials that befell it. After a year of selling music cassettetapes, some members offered drugs to Patoni and Qas refused to sell drugs in places like this, because their place is close to the hospital settlement. Patoni gave Qas the idea to sell drugs but Qas still refused to sell drugs, but Qas agreed to sell long and short-barreled firearms, as Qas was good at assembling firearms, Patoni agreed with Qas' words. The sale of the firearm was not in the seller's purchase as it was like selling tapes, they sell firearms not in the Montogomery area but they sell them to hunters located in the Angelpine area. Not only do they sell firearms, they also sell bullets and other firearms equipment. All the firearms are stored underground for safety. A few years of business selling tapes and firearms 1th Mont Blood's made a huge profit over the weight of 10 female elephants. After receiving news that the price of equipment for making firearms had skyrocketed, Qas and Dawson stopped thinking about starting the firearms business. Since Qas and Dawson got news on the television news, that Angelpine police were looking for the perpetrators of illegal arms sales, there they were both very worried about their behavior and they both went from the cassette warehouse secretly to the Los Flores area without giving any news. to Patoni and the other members. It's been a week of hiding in Los Flores, and Dawson was tasked by Patoni to hire a truck to move all the tapes in the Montogomery warehouse and moved to Los Flores, and Dawson went on that mission to find a freight worker to move the entire tape to the Los Flores area. Then Qas phoned Patoni to bring all blood's members to the Los Flores area, because the police were still searching for the whereabouts of 1th Mont Blood's, then a few days Patoni and all the members came to Los Flores area to hide and until now the police have not found 1th Mont Blood's whereabouts. After all the tapes were transferred to Los Flores all members were given the task of offering the tapes to the youth in the vicinity of Los Flores area. Qas's mission is to influence young people in the city of Los Flores so that they are affected by 1th Mont Blood's. About 1 year in Los Flores they were all very anxious about the existence of neighboring gangsters, because many gangsters were ngiri with the success of 1th Mont Blood's, then Qas instructed his members not to show themselves to other gangster members in order to keep the peace. With regional ity, renaming what was once 1th Mont Blood's, Qas and its members changed the name to 1th Flores Blood's, because it has a long history. until now they have continued to do business whatever they think fools the citizens of los santos in a slow way, and also destroys the government's mission to its citizens. OOC INFORMATION: 1.) Mau join ke familly ini? coba baca guide ini, klik di sini. 2.) Bahasa yang di gunakan ada 2 yaitu Bahasa Indonesia-Inggris. 3.) Dilarang Roleplay berbau porno grafi. ((Masih Banyak Roleplay Lain Kok, Kenapa Ga Di Pakai?)). 4.) Faction ini tidak menerima Roleplay buatan. ((Buat Laporan Tidak Sesuai Dengan Roleplay Di Ingame)). 5.) Wajib paham betul rules/guide Jogjagamers Roleplay. 6.) Dilarang keras menggunakan file Cheate/Program ketiga. ((Ketahuan Sedikit Ada Kecurangan Kick)). 7.) Jika kalian ingin Join silahkan kontak PM Forum @Boppers terlebih dahulu. Questions C&B: Creadit: @bijix : Bagian membuat story. @borcess76 : Bagian mengedit foto. @Boppers : Memosting, dan pengoreksi story.
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