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  1. Njeng rata2 gitu, *pernah juga Tapi doi orang awkoawkowa Lalu jadi awkward ketika brangkat kuliah dan ketemu di kelas, kebayang semalem ..
  2. This is how people suppose to chill
  3. Jester

    1th Flores Blood's

    Wih gelap gelap, watch out everybody ¬
  4. Account setting > Overview > Display name Delay ganti nama, 30 hari
  5. Casa Delluce Group, introducing their new Bar "Casa Delluce Bar" with Live Music performance, located in the middle of the city at Flat Market Tower B First Floor, South of ASGH. This Bar is initiated by Viogellini itself and built by their famous builder Fermigiliano Archite, later on Vio meets Kale and there was a conversation that eventually pointed Kale as the Asisstant Manager of Casa Delluce Bar. This bar purpose is to chill and take a rest after a hard and long work-day. Address : Flat Market Tower B, First Floor Menu : _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This thread contain a story about this bar and its daily activity
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