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Arthur " Dreads" Hayfield

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*This thread will continue to be developed over time, maybe about drug trafficking and Arthur's activities.

*Maaf kalo english ku bad :(


Character Features:

Full names: Arthur Hayfield.

Nick names: Dreads.

Gender: Male.

Age: 18

Body build: Average height, ideal female body posture.

Hair style: Dradlocks

Gang affiliation: Trey block neighborhoood.

Interest: Hangout with his friend, smuggling Drugs, making riot, making ilegal transactions.

Dislike: Bloods gang, Crips, Mexican gang.


Quick story about Arthur Hayfield:



Arthur Hayfield is someone who is not enough famouse around the Idlewood area, his activities always disturbs local residents. Arthur often gathered and played with his friends in Lasalle Avenue, he often make ilegal transaction around Idlewood block. Arthur Hayfield once entered an prison with charge murder some Asian guy near the Idlewood residential location. Bandman is the person who first invited Arthur to be part of his group called Trey Block Neighborhood, he had teach everything so that Arthur could make Money and become someone strong, Arthur meet with Daquan Cozart who has get the nicknames as the best shooter around the Crystall Garden,  from Daquan he learned a lot about how make assembled firearms, and how to shoot and kill someone. Not long after he meet with Daquan, he meet again with some nigga named Clint. Clin is his partner, Clint is the best nigga that can sell Drugs in large quantities and only takes 1 day.


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Leh ugha gayn...

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Di suruh coment sama yang buat.. oke :D

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Guest Phantom Jr

Keep it up, homies.

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