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Bahamas Bandit BoyZ

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Full Name:Erick Wong
Nickname(s): Rick
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Status: MIA
Body Build: Average Height/Slightly Overweight
Hair Color: Black 
Hair Style: Skinhead
Gang Affiliation: Bandit BoyZ
Occupation: Hustler
Vehicle(s) of Choice: Any Car
Weapon(s) of Choice: Fists/Any Handgun
Interests: Hanging Out With Friends/Cars/Making Money/Buying Stuff/Showing Off
Dislikes: Westside gang/Trey Block Neighborhood/Entitled People/Asians/Not Being Taken Seriously/School/Police
Fears:/His Grandmother/His Bigger Homies
Traits: Outgoing/Outspoken/Courageous/Curious/Easily Influenced
Addiction(s): Marijuana


Niggas saying I'm trippin, because I don't give no hands out, nigga you is a grown man better learn some hustling, you want me to hold your hands and walk you through the struggling? Fuck it gangster.

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1 hour ago, ter said:

kayak kenal brandon zhang. nicknya ambil dari venom mafia ls yaa?

Iya, itu gue di lsrp

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