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[ID:24][SHOP] Schneider's Restaurant ( Bernhard_Schneider)

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[b]Owner Name: Schneider's Restaurant[/b][i] Bernhard Schneider [/i]
[*][i] Bernhard Schneider (Owner) [/i][/*]
[*][i] Kurt Borgstrom (Drive thru) [/i][/*]
[*][i] Noah Laughton (Delivery) [/i][/*]
[*][i] Arthur Einstein (Chief)[/i][/*]
[*][i] Louise Schaver (Casier) [/i][/*][/LIST]
[b]Business Name:[/b][i] Schneider's Restaurant [/i]
[b]Detailed description of your business:[/b]
[i] Schneider's adalah restaurant makanan yang berasal dari Netherlands dan telah viral di kalangan makanan sekarang [/i]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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