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[Press Release] Four Robbers Down in Few Minutes!

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Four Robbers Down in Few Minutes!
Written by: Kirisagi Akata
Edited by: None

Fort Carson, Cluckin Bell: On Tuesday, February 13th, 2018, there was an active 'BOLO' raider who drove a four-man Gray Sentinel around Hunter Quarry, then an Officer found the four-man gray sentinel rider headed for Fort Carson.

After that, the Officer requested assistance through radio in TAC-1 situation and as soon as possible the unit that was being patrolled to the location, but after a few minutes the robbers stopped and got out of the vehicle then took out heavy guns respectively and there was a shootout crackling Officer with the robbers.

Because the opponents of the robbers are SWAT members and the firefights are won by the Officers who are in the situation, after a few minutes the aid arrives and checks the state of the robbers who have fainted because there are bullets in his body.

Then the faint robbers were brought to the All Saint General Hospital because there was no medical officer who handled, after all the robbers in operation there are two people who are not helped and died in the Emergency Room, and two others who were helped were taken to SACF for imprisonment so they are deterrent.
The information contained within this news release was accurate at the time of publication. The contents of a news release should not be seen as a replacement of, substitute for or alternative to legal definitions contained within the penal code or legal advice. If you have any further questions relating to this press release, please contact the Assistant Director of Public Relation Unit, Police Sergeant Braden Lambert. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for response.

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