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[SOLD][ID:3][DEALERSHIP]N.H.C Flint Dealership (Zacharius Deandre)

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Owner name: Zacharius Deandre


  • Marcherano Rutherford (Manager)
  • Ravenkorft Deandre (C.O Manager)
  • Kendrick Maravich (Worker)
  • Ken Marvellino (Worker)
  • Devian Bradford (Worker)

Bussiness name: N.H.C Flint Dealership
Detailed description of your bussiness: This dealer was bought by rich man, The bartender of Alhambra Zacharius Deandre and also the owner N.H.C. This bussiness have the mission to be one of the best dealership that selling the best quality vehicle ever!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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