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[SOLD][ID:36][SHOP] The Foundation Temple Gym (Ryuki Gintama)

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Owner Name: Ryuki Gintama


  • Romero Quintallini (Tukang bersih-bersih)
  • Johnny Cheng (Satpam)
  • Lawiz Diggyson (Caretaker)
  • Anathan Bostick (Caretaker)
  • Christian Zavala (Caretaker)


Business Name: The Foundation Temple Gym

Detailed description of your business: A GYM where we focused on teaching asian kung-fu, we also provide a lot of equipments for the people of Los Santos to build their muscles. Our ambition is to be the biggest place where you can train and join our community of Los Santos Kung-Fu arts.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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