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96Th CorthLand Black Streets [Chapter II : The old Hood is on Fire]

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96Th CorthLand Black Streets



The 96Th CorthLand Black Streets,



The Corthland Black Streets had already been in shape in 1989, but the gang was razed by the assassins paid by the mafia gang.
Before being known as 18Th CorthLand Black Streets, they used to be a street gang group
The man who built the Corthland named Jessey Rogers A.K.A J-R, 
Jessey Rogers is known for his prowess as an illegal arms builder, and he's been in and out of prison often

Before Jessey built Corthland there was a brother named Smith Nathershoon, so Jessey came to Los Santos with plans to recover his brother.Jessey and Smith were separated because of her chaotic parents' household, Jessey was brought to New York while Smith was to Los Santos.






After a while looking for Smith who did not meet, Jessey Got the news that Smith had been killed by gangsters in Los santos, Jessey's feelings were very mad mixed up sad, and Jessey lost direction after her search had been in vain. He started thinking he would make or build a new gangster in Los Santos, he was looking for a good location in a hood, he found a great place located in Iddlewood.






After Jessey found a nice place that could be made hood he invited his brother to join the Reegan Rogers, 
Reegan agree on what Jessey said. After Reegan came to Los Santos Jessey showed Hood to Reegan, Reegan also agreed to make a gang 
But Reegan said to Jessey "We have to find new members and friends so we are known in Los Santos".
Jessey understands what Reegan says, 
Jessey thinks she's going to look for a member around Iddlewood. However the result thing he met with his old friend, 
the guy called him Bruno or B-des. Jessey tells B-des all about his desire to build an alley in Los santos.

Chapter I : New Friends and New Family



After a long search and search for Jessey to find some members who would be invited to join in his alley, 
they agreed to appoint Jessey as head of the gang.
With long thinking Jessey agreed to make the chairman of the alley,
but Jessey asked all members not to make trouble in the hood area except in a sudden 
situation. Time after time has passed, the gang that was founded Jessey began to look crowded,

 many people who began to join and want to become
 a family CorthLand.

Chapter II: The old hood is on fire

On a quiet night, there's Jessey, Bruno and Jacob on guard in the hood.Jessey had a bad feeling and a feeling that night,
 and made her sleepless, 
With Bruno and Jacob and a cigarette together, they spent a long night telling stories, but not for long Jessey 
noticed that someone was hanging around
 in the back of their hood, Jessey called Bruno and Jacob, but not for a long time did the stranger contains gasoline and burn hood.
Jessey ran and chased
 the stranger, but Hood's ill-fated burned, Jessey wakes up all her friends and members to leave the burning building.


After the incident last night Jessey Soon looking for a new hood hangout and also a place as is rest, 
he walked towards Glenpark and found an old building
 that is not used by the citizens, Jessey also put it as a new Hood and called all the members there, 
Members were seen spirit and happy with a more 
comfortable place, and Jessey looks for some members to keep the hood at night.




How to Join ? if you want to join so easy just follow the terms below

1. You have to know what an American gangster

2.Do no a be player Ritard

3.Do not commit server violations or break rules often

4.We will not accept player faction jump

5. If you want to join do ICly


1. If you have joined us, you must be ready CK

2. Understand rules server

3. Use your main character

4.Respect your fellow member and your O.G





Sedikit pemberitahuan kami menggunakan sarana line sebagai chat ooc apabila ingin bergabung silakan ad Line saya: yogairmansyah atau bisa add line anggota yang lain



write story: @YogaJR

NB: kalau ada yang kurang tepat silakan pm forum @YogaJR

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Thank all :P Samangaik da !!!!




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