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[STORY] Marco Siena

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Life of Marco.




Marco Siena was born in Italia, never had a chance to see his parents,  He stayed with his Grandpa since then, He lived in the worst part of his town when crime was used to happened all the time, that made him knew and learn the dark side of life when he was just a kid, He was kicked out of his Grandpa's House because get caught using drugs in his back house, He was struggling to live ever since, Marco moved from his friends's house to another friends's house, had a little amount of money from part-time job he worked, Marco was eventually fed up with this condition and decided to save up his money for one-way trip to Los Santos, San Andreas. He had one or two friends in there and maybe they can help him out, Marco was ready try his luck in there.


This thread is following early life of Marco Siena in Los Santos, going to add-more story as time goes by.

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