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[OFFICIAL] 716th Kennedy Blocc Avenue

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 The Crips are a primarily African-American gang. They were founded in Los Angeles, California in 1969 mainly by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams. What was once a single alliance between two autonomous gangs is now a loosely connected network of individual sets, often engaged in open warfare with one another. Its members traditionally wear blue clothing, a practice that has waned somewhat due to police crackdowns on gang members. The Crips are one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the United States, with an estimated 30,000 to 35,000 members in 2008. They have been involved in murders, robberies and drug dealing, among other crimes. Crips have a long and bitter rivalry with the Bloods.




CHAPTER 1 : 704th Ganton Crips

  It was very quite afternoon, whiGZPDBHV.jpgle Crooks brothers were finishing their sentences and would be coming back from the  San Andreas Correctional Facility. They both were punished below Robbery, Rape and Murder cases when they were 18 and 20 on early 201ijgMTnL.jpg7. They both represented Crips since they were born, it was because their uncle Cleareance Urrington and Drake Wright were Crips’s Veteran around Ganton, Everybody represented blue on Ganton. Knowing both, Clereance and Drake were victims of police brutality around 2000 era. They both make an organization, were inspired by Black Panthers Party but ended up by making a Gang, Large Gang called themself 704th Crips. They realized it by meeting Deshane Jermaine, Sean Polley They both died because SAPD was rushing their set while they were unready. Drake was shot right on the Neck, and Clereance was punished a death sentence by SAPD and SA Judge.


CHAPTER 2 : 187th Ryder Blocc

    vqllRsq.jpgDrake and Clereance’s role were continued by Ryder Pollard and Arthur Banks. A-Genius-Criminals. They both were most wanted of SAPD around 2013 because of selling 10 tons of Cocaine around Los Santos. They did that very clean, untill some troubles happened, made them haunted by Police.  Arthur Banks ended up his death on the hand of Ryder for internal problems, and Ryder found by a native person was dead in his Apartement, because of addiction of Drugs. It was continued by their Shotcaller, Jeff Derrickson. Jeff replaced Arthur and Drake positition, but he couldn't stand it for a long time, since he got gundowned by SWAT on his pad around early 2014.


CHAPTER 3 : 187th Crenshaw Crips Avenue

     After the “crazy-things” around 2000 and 2013, it was continued on 2016.  Pobby Hopkins and Danial Omad made a great movement, lXn5S4A.jpgstarted from couples of Teenegers, they made it larger and much larger than they thought for the most notorious gang in Los Santos that had tons of members, around 350 members or more. Their rivality with Six Two Six who was leaded by three-musketeers Jamal Cameroon, Malik Bankston and Raquille Irish were their best rivals in selling stuff. They did have good reletionship at times, but it was just a covers to hide their selling activity. A couple of month of “cold-war” Crip's market activity lost from Six Two Six and their people started to missing one by one. All members of Crenshaw Crips were missing, especially their OG Danial Omad.


CHAPTER 4 : 716th Kennedy Block Avenue

A new era was born, on 22 March 2vjyofNK.jpg017, grand son of Clereance Urrington, Crooks Brother, Kanye Crooks and Dajuan Crooks once again made a movement to keep Blue rags fly high. They've started making relationship between teengers around 716th Kennedy tighter and merging their mind into one. Crips-Lead-Los-Santos. Yes, it was a dream of two youngers around Ganton Street. They started to see new guy like Kurt, Ronald, Tazwell and Brackston, Deandre Santana and Wesson Binks. They all lived on Ganton Street, and made a dream came true under CRIPS set.

  After a long story of the two brothers, they met a lot of teenegers around Ganton. They usually hanged out with seven sixteen gangs name. It has taken by someone called Caleb, the seven sixteen gangs was his house's number. They usually hanged out around that house, so they used it. They usually sold kinds of narcotics like MJ, Cocaine, and pills, and many more. It is just their "sidejob" their main job is smuggling. Smuggling a lot of stuff, like Electronics, Gats, Watches, and many more. They usually do smuggling on their freeday. It's like their daily activity, th5SMHv5H.jpgey do it more often after a lot of succesful smuggle. After knowing the Crips start selling narcotics, their rivals gang like Surenos, Bloods start making noises. Both gangs are related, and they both are "business-alliance". Since then, crip does the job more carefully and coutiously. They do the business more privately. They don't sell the stuff to public anymore, only certain place only. The business war between three gangs that never stops, they usually attack each other everyday. They did gun-talk, So did Crip with gun-talk, they did the guntalks rarely. Not stopped there, a most notorious gangster from the East, Felton, ex-187th rivals came back, and once again being a rivals for Crips. Not everyone from 187th were dead, some of them were joining the gang like Eijah Lincoln. Eijah gave the new Crips an experience, and story about his day back then. they have three enemies, but Kanye fmTYzOo.jpgand Dajuan didn't stop there, they thought hard to get it balance. So, they went to the idlewood to think about it, but a groupies called themself Crystal came up, and asked for battle rap. Since then, Krystal and Crips' is getting closer. Now they are the alliances, of course it makes a balance, it's like 4 vs 2. But since the missing of Felton, Rookie thought it's allright. Since then, Crips was no longer too "scared" to show off. They have someone who back them up. The relation between Crips and Crystal are strong, if one of the gang attack, the other member will do a favor. Thats why Rookie and Krystal's OG, Zee, maintain the reletionship.

 Months after months they walked together under CRIPS banner. They have enough cash to buy more gats, and stuff. So they decided to buy it from a Mafia from Angle Pine. They got a lots of gats from it. Since it, Gats's seller around the hood was being increased. Not only selling narcotics, but also they "upgraded" themself to a gats dealer. oVO595x.jpgRookie persuaded his brother Krooks to expanded their business to another city. So did krook, and he succesfully met another connection from a Mafia around San Fierro. After the Gats Revolution, the member was being significantly increased. A lot of youngins was coming from any direction of Groove Street to put their life under CRIPS banner. It made everything easier for Rookie, Krooks or another member since the economic was flowing to upside. They all know, everything would be in their side. But they were wrong. A Motorcyle club called themself Outlaws started making heat. They started it by tagging on the wall called the "Crips is sucks". Since then, Krooks had a paranoid of the bikers. A new motorcyle club came to the hood, Krooks guessed it was the same Motorcyle Club as were they that wanna made problem with him. At first, Crooks ignored them, but after have aMEgOEh9.jpg conversation between Crooks and the bikers, they're now good. Good doesn't mean alliance, they both know have  the same problem. Outlaws and Bloods.

  After a long time of the upside, Rookie was thinking to expand more of the business. Crooks suggested Studio Recorder. Rookie accepted the suggestion, but there was one problem. Money. They didn't have enough money to make their own label. It needs a lots of money, they needed to buy the Mixer, the machine, the rapper. No one from the hood could rap well except Rookie. So they started to observe their situation. After a long thinking, they stopped. They stucked. But Rookie got a idea, but it was rather insane. He wanted to rob the Bank of Los Santos. So they started preparing. Crooks and JQ made their way to the inside of the bank and looking for the blueprint of it. They succesfully took some pictures of the place on the bank and went to the drawer around Los Santos for blueprint. After they succeeded they gave the blueprint to Rookie. Rookie was very shocked they couls have it. They prepared everything after it. And, the heist happened at 23 04 2017, and of course it went failed. Rookie and Crooks safely stayed on their pad, also some niggas were safe. But they decided to move on...


After the failure of the heist, both Dajuan and Kanye is almost forget it. But sometimes, people around their set, keep talking about the failure and it makes their both feels it was their fault. That makes Kanye blame Dajuan for the last failure, it because Dajuan is the mind of the Heist Plan. Dajuan plan everything, start from their gateaway, crews, vehicle, and gun. Kanye said to the Kennedies people that his brother is "betray" them by make the heist failure, ank7JGJAC.jpgd kills a lot of nigga not only from Kennedies, but also the Crystal. So, Kanye decided to make their own banner, its called SOK, Straight Outta Kennedies. The main reason he make it, is to throws Dajuan out of the gang. But, there's still a lot of Kennedies People that obey Dajuan, like Kats, Kurt, and many more. On Kanye side, there's Bibs, Cole, Yates, Jaquan, and many more. Kanye start SOK's society by making their line up straight. Make sure the whole SOK is down with him. So Kanye tries to be more selective to accept their membezzvlkY8.jpgrs from Kennedies. SOK is getting grows up day by day, Kanye start producing fresh nigga to sell his crack. His wings getting spreaded by his movement, calling Zee to make sure Crystal is on their side. So, Dajuan hears it, and it makes Dajuan mad. He decided to meet with Kanye on the most notorious place on Kennedies' History, Ganton Bridge, to ask him what he mean. So, they start chit-chat and ended up with a fight, Kanye pulls up his AK and shoot Kats' legs. Its make Dajuan more mad. After that, Kanye left the Kennedy Avenue and moved to the upper side of Ganton Circle, near Mr. Yang Supermarket. Kanye and SOK hang out there, post up there, and make a lots of things there. The place is knowing as SOK Playground. The conflict between brothers is getting huge untill a time that, Dajuan ask Kanye to meet him on the alleyway that seperated SOK and Kennedies to have a chit chat. After that night, they both agreed to stop fighting and back on the same banner, The Kennedies.


After the internal prCompton.jpgoblem of the Crips, they started to moved on. Now, they all have been become stronger from the last Chapter. This time, they have new and diffrent things to do in the hood. They now focuses to fill Gangs' funds. They cut their sellings, and charity it to the funds. Its effected to the whole Gang. Now they have two products from Kennedies. The first one is Kutthroat Recods and Ganton Cuts Barbershop. Its their "a-step-win" from other Gang on Los Santos. But, problem is getting bigger since Surenos and Soil has been merged up to kill Zavier Rogers. Kanye and Dajuan knows it was both Gangs deal to keep the gun running. Eighteen, led by Eddie has ratted Surenos and Soil, sells his infos to both Crips and Krystal. Its can make Zavier Rogers be aware and keep his hood "clean". they also have a connection with Tobacco's factory. Its Dajuan's friend whom selled it and half of the income will be gives to Crips Funds. They economic is getting better and better. One time, they want to have a Gun Deal with Outlaws, but they refuses to do so, So Negan one of outlaws tell Kanye to wait. To fullfill his gun stock, he buy it from Montgomery Mob.


The triple alliance were created. Edgar Delarcoha original gangsta of Eighteen Maccer Street, Zavier Rogers original gangsta of Crystal Garden, Kanye and Dajuan original gangster of Kennedy Block avenue. They make an alliances, because they have same mind and have same problem that caused by one gang. Surenos. They all merge their power into one strongest gangster merged that ever been created. Its make the power of Crips side is more stronger than Surenos. Even though, Surenos still play it cool, they wont just go like that. So they tries to play Outlaws' mind to play under them. To stop them, Eddie, Zee and Krooks tries to moves Soil away from Outlaws. So Outlaws wouldn't be played by Soil or also Surenos. The politics of 5 Gang is so heated, but untill now there's no movement from SAPD.


y_687b36a8_large.jpgAfter a long journey of failures, It seems like the "light" from BGD and Crips are getting shiner. Since they both are expanding their wings, until now both Crips and Crystal's member have more than 1000 members. Since Surenos declared the war, they both maintained their "gunman" side. It was not big enough, but enough to kill more than 10 Surenos Soldado. Their Gunman squad contains "veteran" or Highrank on each gang. Kanye Dajuan, and also Zee are inside of that squad. Until now, the squad is not ready to go yet since they ran out of Gun stock. They keep negoitating with irish mob on San Fierro for that. The both gang's internal is solid enough to start the war, the economic on both gang also. It's just a matter of time Surenos and CC start the war.


three months after the war declared, they started tired of couting bodies. Each side had a lot of cons from the war. Kennedy had a big trouble with the funds, that caused Rookie looking for illegal business, he did it localy. Krooks and Zee began raising Zee's studio back to the top. Krooks decided to have a business trip at San Fierro, he came ba20ff6e27e977df3f3389bc0e0bab2ec6.jpgck in ShowImage?id=380&t=635424137169100000the following month. He drove back to his Safe House on the East Coast. In the morning he got a call from his friend at Kennedy telling him that Zee was died, shot by federal. That made Krooks were very upset. At the earliest moment, he couldn't believe it until Kevin a Shotcaller from Crystal told him. A month after Crystal's dead, Saint Boulevard also closed his operation on Idlestack. Making him worried about Kennedy's existence. Not stop there, 626 OG, Deangelo Marquand told to every set in Los Santos that Crips was along with Outlaws to chase him. That was irritated Krooks so much, he was about to start a war with the purp since then. But, business of Kennedy still kept flying high. It spread to almost all direction, Northcoast, Southcoast, South California, and many more. Nigga who controled the Northcoast business, Jordan came to his home, Kennedy Ave. Sending a message that his business with the bulgarian met his ends. Knowing that, Drake tried to have a business with IRA, and Cappa's boy from the EC.


After a long trip of Kanye and Dajuan story, Kanye decided to move to Southcali, put his whole life business on Southcali and left Crips behind under Dajuan. Even though Kanye Crooks still an OG there, but Kanye decided to put everything on Dajuan. Since then, things went very good. A lots of change happend on the hood. The Economic Wheels on the hood keep rushing forward since that. Right now, its all matter of time for Crips to controls the whole Los Santos.




Cerita akan dilanjutkan sesuai alur RP di Ingame.

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- Kita menerima seluruh kalangan player JGRP tanpa terkecuali,kita disini untuk saling berkembang dan belajar dari satu sama lain.

- Kamu diwajibkan untuk mengetahui dan mengerti konsep dari roleplay African American street Gang.

- Kamu diwajibkan menggunakan karakter yang ber-ras Afrika Amerika.

- Berfikir gila-lah tentang character development mu, kamu harus membuat karakter kamu unik dan beda dari yang lain agar diterima disini.

- Kami anti faction jumper.

- Sekali kamu join faction ini, kamu akan terus ikut dalam Crips Legacy kedepan-nya, karena kami memakai asas kekeluargaan di Faction ini.

- Jika kamu memiliki pertanyaan, kritik atau saran sekitar faction bisa langsung PM ke @unyil @killaz dan  @0Zero



- Jika kamu ingin mengepost Screenshot, diwajibkan untuk di editnya terlebih dahulu.

- Jika kamu member baru dan ingin memposting Screenshot, DIWAJIBKAN PM Forum @unyil @killaz dan @0Zero berupa hasil editan SS kamu untuk di seleksi lebih lanjut.



- Roleplay sebagai member di faction ini otomatis memberikan kami hak untuk men-CK kamu kapan pun kami memerlukan nya.



- Kita memakai Line sebagai sarana komunikasi OOC, kami sering bertukar pikiran tentang jalan roleplay kami, atau sekedar bersanda gurau ataupun bertanya jawab.





Jadilah saudara, kakak/adik dari insiders, membeli drugs dari insider dan mabuk bersama, mengikuti party bersama insiders, dsb. Bahkan mengencani salah satu dari mereka dan baru setelah itu, meminta satu dari insiders untuk menjadi drug/weapon dealer mereka. Membuat karaktermu menjadi pendatang baru di hood seperti pindahan, dari NY, Queens, Rusia, Aceh dsb. hanya akan memperlama waktumu di diangkat menjadi Insider. Jadilah warga sekitar.

Komunitas tidak memandang usia untuk bisa diangkat menjadi member. Namun, character development sangatlah penting disini. Roleplay dengan geng, mulailah dari umur 12-15 tahun, agar lebih mudah di terima.



Tidak ada outsider di hari-hari pertama roleplay, memiliki mobil, dsb. Respect, rantai makanan di komunitas ini. Display uang yang ada di /stats, tidak akan berpengaruh. Dalam kata lain, mulailah dari karakter yang miskin (ceritanya).


Untuk memiliki kendaraan, perlunya character development. Tidak ada outsider di hari-hari pertama disini mengendarai mobil (segala jenisnya), sanchez, dsb. Kendarai lah BMX dan Bike.

Jika kiranya sudah ada alasan outsider berkerja, (legal/ilegal) seperti drug dealing/kasir/tukang sampah bla bla bla, dan maka setelah "age-ups" insider/outsider diperbolehkan memiliki kendaraan. (No sport cars).



Kita pasti akan melakukan upping ages untuk semua member outsider/insider aktif. Tergantung ketua (situasional) setiap 1 minggu/2 minggu sekali.

Mempermudah character development, bagi yang ingin memperbaiki keadaan ekonomi, contoh; (setelah 3 tahun berjualan drug, akhirnya si A membeli mobil pertamanya), (diumur 18 si B ditinggalkan warisan orang tuanya mobil tua).



Setiap minggunya (situasional) PASTI akan ada yang di jump-in kedalam geng. Insider akan mengajukan nama-nama outsider yang ingin bergabung kepada O.G, dan bertanggung jawab atas nama-nama tersebut untuk di angkat menjadi anggota.

Willing to take a L
Banyak player, terkadang merasa kesal ketika di rob, kalah brawl, dsb. Hal tersebut tidak diperbolehkan di komunitas ini. Jangan membalas brawl/rob, selama itu tidak dimungkinkan di kehidupan asli.


RP at all times

Roleplay disini mencakup; bagaimana character developmentmu, dan charactermu ketika in-game. Hindari berputar-putar tidak jelas ketika berbicara dengan player lain, pukul-pukul ga jelas, berkendara di kiri, parkir di kiri.






- http://thekennedies.boards.net/


Credits :

Wikipedia for the first paragraph

zili for banner, storyline, ooc section, private forum

avtars for some correction on the storyline

mahesapndu for JGF:Club

Taufiq as drakkula.

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Just now, ijan said:


bangsat kau

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Kepada leader diharapkan PM saya seluruh member yang ada di crips (Insiders & outsiders), thank you.

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7 minutes ago, Tiak said:

Kepada leader diharapkan PM saya seluruh member yang ada di crips (Insiders & outsiders), thank you.

bacot lo anjing

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21 minutes ago, Outlawz said:

bacot lo anjing

kasar banget sih mulutnya zili sayton



Gambarnya kegedean ga mau di show, klik gambarnya dan pencet full size di pojok kiri bawah lalu zoom dan rasakan sensasinya.



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