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SAPD Media Relations

(BB2mr) Bulletin Board January 2017 - The New Era

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Bulletin Board #002 01/31/2017
First of all We would like to say Happy Lunar New Year for all of San Andreas citizen who celebrate it. January will be ended very soon and during January a lot of thing happen in our lovely state. This month we promote more than 20 police officer who has great effort and courage. As we all already know, being a police officer isnt an easy job. We had to deal with danger every second we fight crime. In this month we also graduated 9 new police officer that have great minds & skills. We also highlight one of our best division in SAPD ETF. ETF consist of well trained officer who can fight crime without fear. Last but not least, enjoy this bulletin that we presented to all of you citizen of San Andreas State.
ImageSergeant II
Jacobus Samaduda

We would like to congratulate for those officers who are promoted to their new rank, we hope with the trust of Chief of Police gave will make the officers can be more active to fights against the crimes, helping the citizens and more.
  • Police Officer I  Image Police Officer II
  • Anna Rechel
  • Clarance Banks
  • Darryl Conley
  • Diego Robinson
  • Franklyn Galante
  • Eddie Ezekiel
  • Kaneki Ryogo
  • Dryad Severide
  • Police Officer II Image  Image Police Officer III
  • Natalyana Korvasch
  • Darius Salcedo
  • Reyes Duenaz
  • Sailendro DiCaprio
  • Vanessa Hoogenstein
  • Sherman Dwight
  • Tevfik Krijt
  • Sonny Leighanne
  • Michaela Cristifanty
  • Sam Parker
  • Curtis Barksdale
  • Police Officer III Image  Image Sergeant I
  • Clara Cleveland
  • Jonas Edmondo
  • Volkov Qeshaun
  • Antonio Gavino
  • Sergeant I Image  Image Sergeant II
  • Jacobus Samaduda
  • Jayden Vancouver
  • Jimmy Anston
  • Pablo Salcedo
  • Jay Wright
  • Tree McGurk
  • Sergeant II Image  Image Lieutenant
  • Ace Johnson
  • Michael Alessandro
  • Ziad Arnav
  • Alessandro Fabrizio
  • Lieutenant Image  Image Captain
  • Marty Gittens
  • Carloss Marshall
  • Captain Image  Image Commander
  • Edward William
  • Christian LeMarc
Note: Name marked with italic are from January Promotion Bulk

Compiled by: Director of Public Relation Unit Jacobus Samaduda

Training and Recruitment Unit is currently inducting [9] Police Officers to the San Andreas Police Department, we hope the best and wish them a goodluck for the future of San Andreas.
  • Total of Applicants: 48 Applicants
  • Total of Accepted: 9 Applicants
  • Total of Denied: 29 Applicants
  • Total of Banned: 7 Applicants
  • Recruits failed in interview stage: 3 Applicant
  • Recruits failed the written exams stage: - Applicants
Compiled by: Director of PRU Jacobus Samaduda

Methampetamine - 107 grams confistaced
Marijuana - 5 kilograms confistaced
Desert Eagle - 14 pcs
Shotgun - 35 pcs
Gun Schematic - 13 pcs
AKM - 1 pcs
Rifle - 0 pcs
Silenced - 8 pcs
Materials - 6400 pcs
Net worth of confiscations of AM SHIFT: Around $ 150,000.00

2120 - confistaced
Methampetamine - 240 grams confistaced
Marijuana - 37 kilograms confistaced
Desert Eagle - 15 pcs
Shotgun - 55 pcs
Gun Schematic - 11 pcs
AKM - 9 pcs
Rifle - 5 pcs
Silenced - 9 pcs
Materials - 9350 pcs
Net worth of confiscations of PM SHIFT: Around $ 300,000.00
Compiled by: Director of Public Relation Unit Jacobus Samaduda
Total of Staff: 73 (Excluding Comissioner)

High Command: [9] - 12 Percent
  • Image Chief of Police: [1]
    Image Assistant Chief of Police: [2]
    Image Deputy Chief of Police: [2]
    Image Commander: [4]
Command: [10] - 14 Percent
  • Image Captain [5]
    Image Lieutenant [3]
Sergeant: [15] - 21 Percent
  • Image Sergeant II [8]
    Image Sergeant I [6]
Non Comissioned Staff: [39] - 53 Percent
  • Image Police Officer III [11]
    Image Police Officer II [6]
    Police Officer I[23]
Emergency Task Force
The Emergency Task Force (ETF) is mandated to deal with high risk situations like hostage taking, emotionally disturbed persons, high risk arrests, warrant service and protection details. Part of its role is now undertaken by the ETF, Public Safety and Emergency Management and the Mounted Unit. The ETF is a fully manned 24 hours a day tactical response team.
The ETF lead by Assistant Chief of Police Takeshi Masato. ETF is the metropolitan unit that deployed before SWAT arrived in scene. ETF already involved in many scene and saving so many lifes in San Andreas. ETF now have 15 member active that will be ready anytime if needed. As
San Andreas Police Department has working for every second, minute, hour and day by day. We sacrifice our soul to protect and serve The Ciitizen of San Andreas. Which covered all around Los Santos, Counties, Las Venturas, San Fierro. I also would like to thank for every people who helping us to protecting this state by being kind, cooperative, and much much more that we cannot list. On behalf of all of member San Andreas Police Department I'd like to say thank you, stay safe and fight the crime.
Director of Public Relation Unit,
Sergeant I Jacobus Godhand Samaduda

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