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The retired PO, William Durham

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Meet William Durham, a 24-year old police officer!


Name: Willam Durham a.k.a Durry
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 9th, 1992
Origin: Jacksonville, Florida

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Build: Muscular
Foot size: 10

Eye color: Brown
Hair style: Crew cut
Hair Color: Medium Brown
Facial features: Defined jaw, a small mole under his lip


A police officer of Jacksonville by the name Hugh Durham and a mechanic store owner by the name of Adrienne Lincoln just had reviews their second child, who they named William Durham, or usually called Durry . William was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on February 9th, 1992. He had stronger limbs and legs not like any other person. He was raised properly, like any other parent. He was pursued to be a police officer, as said by his father. But William was not forced to do so, because he likes to protect the city as well.


He was sent to school at age four, and somewhat excelled in school. Sometimes, he gets first honors, sometimes he does not. He was referred to as a fast learner in his school, as said by reviews their school's principal and teachers. He graduated high school with high marks, and was joined in track and field and running contests. He was a fast runner, and has a great athletic build. He was just the perfect cop that anyone could wish for, athletic, fast runner, fast learner, can comunicate as well and can talk to varieties of people.


Their family moved to Austin, Texas. He attended law school for college, and did pretty well. Still, his high school years were better than his college days. He still joins some track and field in his college, just like high school. It's like day by day he Becomes faster. He took the track and field courses seriously, but he still concentrates on his studies. He then graduated in college in 2012. William's family then moved again to New York City after graduating. Upon arrival, William applied for the NYPD, and got accepted and eventually became a police officer. He and his dad is now on the same team, the police force. Also his dad joined NYPD after leaving Austin Police Department.


One night, a drunk suspect was evading the NYPD. William and Hugh both Responded to the situation. Hugh was chasing the suspect, when it drifted violently, and Hugh's cruiser hit a hard concrete at 143 km/h. William and his partner saw the broken cruiser, and peeked into it. He saw that his dad was there and he cried. Whilst crying, he called for Paramedics to come. paramedics came and said his father was dead on arrival. His father died on duty. When the drunk suspect was captured, William saw the record of it and saw that the suspect was a Chinese man named "Zeng Kwey". His hate towards Chinese people has increased due to this incident. He Mourns the death of his father next two days prior to the accident. He and some other NYPD police officers were then assigned by reviews their superintendent to Los Santos because of the high crime rate. The superintendent tell them to apply for submit SAPD.

Thanks for reading William's story!
This is all OOC!

Would be updated soon!
Sorry for my bad grammar
Credit : Myself and Goggle translate

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