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SAPD Media Relations

(BB1mr) Bulletin Board Desember 2016 - End of the Year

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Bulletin Board #001 12/31/2016


Sergeant I Jacobus Godhand Samaduda
___December will soon be over. December is a lot that we experience as citizens of San Andreas. Especially for us, the San Andreas Police Department. 
___We also want to congratulate the officers who have been promoted. Continue to keep up your performance, working with your heart, spreading the good things, and also providing a sense of safe and comfort to all citizens.
This bulletin briefly review the things that we passed during the month of December. Such as robbery, rape, kidnapping, drug trafficking, illegal arms trafficking, murder, and others. In addition we also discuss one of the divisions that become the talk among the public namely RRMT division. 
___In the end before closing this bulletin. I am as a person responsible for the preparation of this bulletin. On behalf of the San Andreas Police Department would like to say

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Chief of Police Joeri Edmondo
_____First, thank you to all of Public Relations Unit. I really appreciate it and it's such an honor to be the part of this bulletin as well. Second, I'm so glad to tell you that our police department has been successful to shortening out the criminals. Day by day, we have a lots of criminals around. But our department is more strategic and really served the people of San Andreas. That is why the criminals are decreased. For my people of San Andreas, including Los Santos, we are always ready to serve and protect the people. With our professionalism, and with our high constitution. That is law, professional with law. And in the line of duty, we also have several officer that has been injured in the duty. There are some officer deceased, injured, crashed, and many more. We are professional, and our professional only for the people of San Andreas. Judging without exception, we are the SAPD. We are strong. Alright, for my new Police Officer I, you have to learn more, study more, and keep in touch with the higher. That is all for you and for all people of San Andreas, not for me, not for your higher rank, and not for Ian Stance our Governor. Keep remember that, we are in PD to serve and protect. Not for arrogant and killing. That is all. The more silent you have, the charismatic you are.



We would like to congratulate for those officers who are promoted to their new rank, we hope with the trust of Chief of Police gave will make the officers can be more active to fights against the crimes, helping the citizens and more.
  • Police Officer I  Image Police Officer II
  • Dominic Schoenaker
  • Gustavo Salcedo
  • Sherman Dwight
  • Police Officer II Image  Image Police Officer III
  • Lars Dragoslav
  • Clara Cleveland
  • Jayden Vancouver
  • Antonio Gavino
  • Jonas Edmondo
  • Simon Curry
  • Volkov Qeshaun
  • Edgar Leonard
  • Police Officer III Image  Image Sergeant I
  • Jimmy Anston
  • Pablo Salcedo
  • Keith Vance
  • Verina Armelia
  • Sergeant I Image  Image Sergeant II
  • Alessandro Fabrizio
  • Ace Johnson
  • Ziad Arnav
  • Sergeant II Image  Image Lieutenant
  • Marty Gittens
  • Escalvato Villevicencia
  • Lieutenant Image  Image Captain
  • Edward William
  • Lieutenant Image  Image Commander
  • Marco Achillles
  • Captain Image  Image Commander
  • Johnny Cruz
  • Commander Image  Image Deputy Chief of Police
  • Mordecai Hoogenstein
  • Commander Image  Image Assistant Chief of Police
  • Jamarquis Wetherbey



Compiled by: Director of Public Relation Unit Jacobus Samaduda

Training and Recruitment Unit is currently inducting [12] Police Officers to the San Andreas Police Department, we hope the best and wish them a goodluck for the future of San Andreas.
  • Total of Applicants: 56 Applicants
  • Total of Accepted: 12 Applicants
  • Total of Denied: 25 Applicants
  • Total of Banned: 16 Applicants
  • Recruits failed in interview stage: 1 Applicant
  • Recruits failed the written exams stage: 2 Applicants

Compiled by: Director of PRU Jacobus Samaduda

1520 - confistaced
Methampetamine - 2000 grams confistaced
Marijuana - 1.5 Kilograms confistaced
Net worth of confiscations of AM SHIFT: Around $ 100,000.00

2120 - confistaced
Methampetamine - 7521 grams confistaced
Marijuana - 2 Kilograms confistaced
Net worth of confiscations of PM SHIFT: Around $ 150,000.00

Compiled by: Director of Public Relation Unit Jacobus Samaduda
Total of Staff: 71 (Excluding Comissioner)

High Command: [9] - 13 Percent
  • Image Chief of Police: [1] -1%
  • Image Assistant Chief of Police: [2] - 3%
  • Image Deputy Chief of Police: [2] - 3%
  • Image Commander: [4] - 6%

Command: [8] - 11 Percent
  • Image Captain [5] - 7%
  • Image Lieutenant [3] - 4%

Sergeant: [14] - 19 Percent
  • Image Sergeant II [8] - 11%
  • Image Sergeant I [6] - 8%

Non Comissioned Staff: [40] - 55 Percent
  • Image Police Officer III [11] - 15%
  • Image Police Officer II [6] - 8%
  • Police Officer I[23] - 32%


Rapid Response Motorcycle Team

Rapid Response Motorcycle Team or abbreviated R.R.M.T is a metropolitan division that using tough motorcycle to do the duty. Motorcycles used by the division is also not just any bike, R.R.M.T motorcycles is specially designed for do a high risk situation, R.R.M.T bike is using steel frames bullet proof. For the rider safety, all R.R.M.T Rider should to wear protector around his body, special helmet, airbag leather jacket, high-risk mask, leather gloves and also leather boots.

All of R.R.M.T division would be skilled to using heavy weapons like MP5, high-speed manuver, high-risk situation, shotout. R.R.M.T members would be trained to riding bike in high-speed, on every terrain. Not only that, R.R.M.T division would be trained to shot / drive-by using heavy weapon in high-speed. With the high-speed bike and High-Skilled member. We can conclude that R.R.M.T division is a division that ready to handle all crime situation, especially high-risk situation in San Andreas.




San Andreas Police Department has working for every second, minute, hour and day by day. We sacrifice our soul to protect and serve The Ciitizen of San Andreas. Which covered all around Los Santos, Counties, Las Venturas, San Fierro. I also would like to thank for every people who helping us to protecting this state by being kind, cooperative, and much much more that we cannot list. And I also would like to thank all of San Andreas Police Department - Public Relations Unit, and all of people inside San Andreas Police Departmment for taking their hands down our first bulletin board. Once again, thank you very much San Andreas.
Sergeant I Jacobus Godhand Samaduda

Director of Public Relation Unit,
Sergeant I Jacobus Godhand Samaduda

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On 1/1/2017 at 9:09 PM, Vieri7 said:

Best bulletin ever, big appreciate


Best ever i seen, good job PRU, im so proud of you all.

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