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[SOLD][4][SHOP] VC Commerce 24/7 (Escalvato Villevicencia)

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Owner Name: Escalvato Villevicencia


  • Ziad Arnav
  • Constantine Leonidas
  • Dylan Hoogenstein
  • Lars Dragoslav
  • Tree McGurk

Business Name: VCommerce 24/7

Address: Commerce Main Street, No. 4 Los Santos

Detailed description of your business:  This business is from Villevicencia's Corporation, this  mart in center city of Los Santos, that is beside of Los Santos City Hall and nearby with San Andreas Police Department South Headquarter.

This mart offering the best product, like as snack, energy drink, bottled water, cigarette, bandage, etc. Also phone credit and toll card.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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