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The Adams Connection is the actual organization that is in charge of all of its nefarious schemes and uses the Younger Peckham Boys to carry them out. In the Dilimore neighborhood, their members are frequently spotted at The Welcome Pump bar.


The Adams was a famous family in London. There were plenty of clubs and bars there for the common man wasting his money. They worked with the Adkins family as a supplier and investor in the Adams project. However, the relationship was short-lived, as The Adams went bankrupt and senior staff on the project were accused of corruption.

The Adams are nearing the end, but their descent is becoming more ambitious. Not only did they plan to expand their business to London, but they also started exploring a world where doing business could be more fun. His Alistair, one of his most respected descendants, is the founder of the company in Los Santos, USA. He also invites Frecheville, a member of the  Adkins family, to mend relations as they used to be.

They decided to restart the business the old-fashioned way. Alistair searched the Los Santos area for a suitable location for the business. Frecheville reached out to suppliers who were still in London for assistance when they needed products for their Los Santos business. In order to maintain Adam's legacy in Los Santos, Frecheville also enlisted the assistance of a few of his old acquaintances to assist him with the business under Alistair.




The Welcome Pump pub in Dilimore is where the Adams Family typically congregates because they enjoy the atmosphere there. They already know people there because they hang out there a lot, so holding meetings there is nothing unusual for them.




credit goes to: @najar for concept.

(( This thread is about Peckham Mandem side Gangster members. All action that similiar with metagaming is prohibited. ))

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