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The Hasegawa Crew

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The Hasegawa Crew — is part of Higanbana Bosozoku community, Hasegawa leads the crew in exchange for sharing interests
and profits through his crew, his "Street Soldier" Saito Kimura and his "Little Brother" Maxhill Edwards making some
money flow on the street with help of a Yakuza association whatever it illegal or legal things to deal.


(( This thread will containing of The Hasegawa Crew activity as a part of Higanbana Bosozoku.
Also wanna show to you all how we develop our Character as The Hasegawa Crew. This thread is absolutely
OOC  and We won't tolerate any kind of rulebreaking ))

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After get out from the prison, Saito "Kira" Kimura is hangin' aroung with Maxhill "Ed" Edwards driving the car.

Saito wonder why Maxhill inviting him to strolling with Maxhill's car, and after cruising on the Los Santos, the

new kind of relationship had been formed, "The Brotherly Tied".







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