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Inhue's Cigs Honey


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     Inhue's Cigs Honey was founded by Inhue "Jasper" Castrejon with the help of his aunt Aracelis Caracega at the end of 2022. Efrain Tiscareno and Pedro Araujo are the people Jasp trusts to continue the business. Inhue's Cigs Honey uses original tobacco from Colombia whose quality is guaranteed. Not just quality tobacco, Jasp mixes several ingredients into tobacco such as honey and others to improve its quality. This business continues to grow in the hands of Pedro Araujo and his three friends.


    Pedro Araujo with Efrain Tiscareno, Alvaro Camejo, and Bonifacio Cardeno continued the business that Inhue Castrejon had built, they developed the business around Palomino. Through the dedication of Efrain and his team, Inhue's Cigs Honey has become more than just a cigar shop. He succeeded in creating an environment that invited and united cigarette lovers from various circles. With constant innovation, this shop continues to grow and become a reference center for all things related to smoking culture in the city.


Story Team : @Mons @Adam_Josh @Mofumond
Media Team : @pedroelloice
Design Team : @Geri



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