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The Fujigawa Connection 富士川コネクション

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Fujigawa Connection based on Los Santos, they are might found around S Curve, East Los Santos, The Fujigawa Connection is part of the Yakuza they move and are under the auspices of the Inagawa-Kai, the Fujigawa Connection operates around East Los Santos. They gathered in the districts and created Little Tokyo in Los Santos. People who lived nearby their territory called Fujigawa Connection placed as Dragon's Nest, the connection of Fujigawa Connection with Yakuza made their moves massive and dangerous.




Nakamura Fujigawa and Kotaro Fujigawa work in his father company called Golden Leaf, Ltd. They work as miner for 3 years as their father following family philosophy, he won't to pampering his son. After 3 years working Nakamura and Kotaro become supervisor and by the time goes now Kotaro is a manager but not with Nakamura. Nakamura leaving Los Santos and choose to continue his Economics study in Tokyo. After 2 years in Tokyo, Nakamura get called by Kotaro and the story of Fujigawa Connection begin.


Chapter I: The Dragon's Call



6zsdzCfpS3oed1b11P3YVlu8qDBfX73uxU_KS_4fjIRsvaY_UVugrVIYstipP41lua7yTp4obc-oj_zqNBnrdjI_edM8qqWJageY9wNFd06kZj16UA0mNIj5D8aO5nVYgshOIgFAXlyJrcyCI9bjdsAIn 2023, Nakamura Fujigawa is a brother of Kotaro Fujigawa who pointed as lieutenant advisor for Fujigawa Connection, a subsidiary of the Inagawa-kai Clan. On 15 July, he back to Los Santos after Kotaro Fujigawa’s call him to get back, Kotaro Fujigawa’s said if he needs Nakamura help to run their family business. After arrived in Los Santos, Nakamura picked up by two of Kotaro Fujigawa's soldier. They bring Nakamura to the club house and meet Kotaro. After meeting, Nakamura want go to the bar near East Los Santos to take a break. Yuchi Watanabe who noticed Nakamura walking into the bar tries to goad Nakamura into a fight to test his legendary reputation within the Clan, but Nakamura refuses. Afterwards, he goes to the bar and spend his night.image.jpeg.501523e05241b98c66f8aaa051c6b1c6.jpeg The next day, during a meeting with their foster father and superior in Fujigawa Connection, Nakamura gets a call from Yuchi warning him that police were in their territory and searching for someone who kidnapped a young girl last night. Nakamura tries to converse with the cops and want to know the scenario cause the victim was kidnapped in their territory. After get the information from Elisson Fukuyama if the kidnapper is Price Keller, Nakamura searching for his place. Unfortunately when Nakamura get into Keller's room, he is not there. He still find him until meet that guy in the market store. Nakamura warns him and kicks him out from their territory, he asks Elisson Fukuyama to collect the money from him as fine because he broke the rule and his action could endanger their territory. All the members began to tighten security in San Pedro and watch every stranger around.
spacer.pngNakamura started his first job as a miner after returning to Los Santos. He seeks to study the culture of today's workers. When he wanted to get out of the mine, he met a woman named Ada Taniguchi, Naka had never met that woman before. Then he greets her and has a conversation, from there Naka knows if Ada works for Taro as company administration and finance. Taro called Naka on the next day and planned to have their first discussion about the company. Taro challenged Naka to restructure the company and make this company bigger than before, so he could expand another business. On that night Naka called his friends from Tokyo who worked for him before and asked all of them to join him in Los Santos. Some of them accepted Naka’s offer and booked the flight to Los Santos. spacer.png Day after day passed and Naka got so much pressure after getting his role back in Golden Leaf, Ltd. Naka asked Ada to schedule a meeting at Green Bottle, but that night ruined by him after he couldn't control his emotion because he drank too much. On the next day, Naka meets Taro and tells him about someone who broke their machine at Quarry. Taro is really angry about that and searches for the information quickly. A week later after that incident, Naka and Taro made the decision to cut 7 workers. But Naka didn’t know if Taro already killed one of the workers who's being a provocator, Naka gets the information from Ada if he needs to pay the compensation and send the flower board to the worker’s family. Taro spills the truth to Naka, and Naka can’t accept what Taro did, Naka suggests Taro to not do what he did in the future ever again.


Chapter II: Dragons From the East



After thspacer.pnge conflict of interest inside Golden Leaf, Naka and Taro try to improve company policy. This is also related to security around the company area, both in the field and at the head office. In this way, they try to save the company's assets from employees and people who try to take them away from them, Nakamura learns that there is a group called East Coastaria Familia near their area that is trying to make claims to the area. Naka and several of his crew gave a warning to the group to stay away from their area. But the bad things couldn't be stopped, there were several groups around East Los Santos who tried to interfere with the business of Naka and Taro. Not staying silent, currently Fujigawa Connection is preparing a plan to be able to defend their area from the threat of other criminal groups Taro, who was busy taking care of his property, asked Naka to find investors who could help them expand some of the businesses they were going to do. Finally, Naka went to Miami to meet his old friend who will also be the first investor in their current project. While Naka was going to Miami, some of his crew were attacked by a group of people. Naka doesn't accept it and asks Jiro, Naga, and Jouji to look for weapons manufacturing connections in Los Santos. Meanwhile, Naka assigns Yama and El to help him find a new property near East Los Santos to run their new business. spacer.pngNakamura and Kotaro plan to form a new business group named Three Dragons Head Group, this group is to handle all of their business, so they could invite more investors to invest their money. Business gets bigger and bigger, until Kotaro thinks if he needs somebody to be his partner in his life, but he chooses Ada to be his wife and it could endanger the business. Because of that Nakamura tried to find a way to protect his business, he knew Ada rejected Kotaro’s offer then he used that reason to turn the table and control the game. Since Ada had a problem with Kotaro, One Night Stand Motel isn’t run well, a lot of their ladies workers just leave the job and join the other company, which really makes Nakamura angry. After that Nakamura planned to meet his father at Headquarter to corner Kotaro, so he wanted Kotaro to destroy his hope to get Ada, and bring back the business progress. But Nakamura does not get an easy way to talk with his father, he meets Kazuyaki Hanzo. After a long fight to get into his father's room, his father gets out and had a conversation with Nakamura, after that Nakamura can go away from Fujigawa Headquarter normally, after that he told Imamura about his plan. But since Nakamura told him about his plan, Imamura left. Nakamura didn't want his efforts to be in vain, so he put the accusation to Imamura, he made Imamura's reputation getting bad and get all the sympathy from the others. Until that day happened, Imamura was just executed by his own boss.

Chapter II Side B: Ronin's Way



After killing Imamura, Nakamura ran from Little Tokyo. He chooses to walk in the shadow leaving his problem, he knows headquarters will find him if they know about the issue. After several days since he left Little Tokyo, he meets Iguchi Nagato to talk about the issue because Naga is the only person who is close with Naka since Mura died. Nakamura rents the apartment, turns off his phone and also changes his identity to trick the other Yakuza members. But the day comes when the lieutenant knows where Naka is hiding, he got the information from the spy that he sent into Los Santos and surrounding. After that Kazuyaki-san decided to kill Naka with his own hand, so he faced Naka by himself without bringing any soldiers.





(Will be Update following in-game tragedy)




Tattoos as a mark of unity These motifs aren’t chosen at random or purely for their aesthetic value. The yakuza select them based on their meaning: the carp represents courage, the dragon symbolises wisdom, the tiger embodies strength, the snake is a symbol of healing… The members of a clan often have the same tattoos, with a strict requirement: that they are not visible in everyday life. Certain parts of the body, like the calves, wrists, hands, neck, and face, remain unadorned, with any tattoos being concealed under clothing. These traditional tattoos used to be done by hand, using the tebori technique that translates as ‘hand engraved’. The tattoo artist would mark the skin with carbon ink mixed with coloured pigments, using a bamboo rod with a bundle of needles bound to the end.



Business Related



Three Dragons Head Group is the company group that managed all of the companies under Fujigawa’s family. Three Dragons Head Group formed by Nakamura Fujigawa and Kotaro Fujigawa. As for the names of the group philosophy there’s also three pillars inside this group. First, they have limited company, this company will run the business and have their office and employees, they work under structure and have ethics code. Second, they have an entertainment business, this business includes all the entertainment services that this group delivers to the public.Third, they have personal business, this personal business is the business that is only managed by one person. Personal business that joined into Three Dragons Head Group will have an advantage to get promoted and helped by the other relations that joined into Three Dragons Head Group. This company group was created to monopolize the market and reduce their expenses, because all the companies listed are linked to each other.

Business Structure




More Information about this business, please check this Thread below:








The Fujigawa Connection is an illegal faction roleplaying as a smaller cell of Inagawa-Kai Clan existing in New York and other parts of Eastern United States. We highly seek our quality to be realistic and therefore only allow realistic development from the players and our faction’s schemes.

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- You'll get CK when you out from this faction

- Be humble to administrator and other players

- You need to have good attitude

- Active in-game and forum ((minimum 3 posts in 1 week))

- Be creative, lack of creativity and monotone roleplay is not our style. We always trying something new to color the JGRP

- We are here still learning, so do not be afraid

- If you have question and interest to join PM @DEDRIC @Jarvis





SUBJECT: [TFC] Firstname_Lastname ((Real Name))


Nama asli kamu & Ingame: Jawaban | Jawaban

UCP: Jawaban

ID Discord: Jawaban

Apa yang membuat anda tertarik untuk bergabung ke faction Fujigawa Connection? : Jawaban

Pernah masuk faction/family apa saja? Jawaban

Apakah anda bisa menyetor screenshoot dengan baik? : Jawaban

Apakah anda bisa edit screenshot melalui Photoshop dengan resolusi 800x600? : Jawab


Sum Reference :

Hood/Gang Character Development

[GUIDE] Being a mafia



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