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[SHR] Pes 2015

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About the Game




PES 2015 elevates on-field realism with the aim of recreating the drama and tension associated with vital matches. PES 2015 marks a concerted return to core PES values of total control, utterly responsive controls and unrestricted gameplay, where the user has complete control over how they play. Evert pass, shot or run is finely balanced to give maximum player satisfaction within PES 2015’s on-field action.





Incredible Response Times: Lightning fast controls allows users to instinctively react to every movement when the ball is in play


On The Ball Abilities : Take on defenders using each player’s bespoke dribbling skills, as opposed to relying on ‘trick’ moves. New skills include Close control, responsive sprint and incorporating a much wider range of pace – from walking to sprinting


Case for Defence: Users have complete control over when to close down, tackle, or hold up play. Successful defending is based entirely on the decisions the user makes


Behavioural Patterns: PES 2015 now boasts a huge array of players that both look and play like their real-life counterparts. KONAMI has faithfully recreated over 1000 players this year, with bespoke animations and playing styles across its extensive player roster. Teams automatically adopt their real-life game plan, whether it is counter-attacking, out wide, or defensively minded. They run like they should, play the way they do in real life, and react emotionally as they would to fouls, goals or referee decisions – with their frame of mind actually affecting how they play!


Poetry in Motion: The individuality of the players is further enhanced with seamless animations. No sacrifice to animation has been made in the pursuit of fast response, yet the movements flow effortlessly calculated in real-time and dependent on the player’s position in relation to the ball and its speed. Player models themselves are also carefully enhanced.


Bring the Noise: PES 2015 mirrors the atmosphere of a top-flight match. The crowd animations have been hugely enhanced, and the ebb and flow of a match is met with context-sensitive crowd effects and movements.

Title: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Genre: Sports

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Winning Eleven Productions


How to install


1. Unrar

2. Burn or mount the image

3. Install the game.

4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory to

your game install directory

5. Play the game

6. Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT




Tested by me, worked if you having a problem with the game remember this

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Ini offline kan ?


iya offline, kalo suka lebih disaranin untuk beli orinya via fisik CD atau dikaskus via steam gift banyak :)

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25 minutes ago, LoveLove said:


Yang 2016 ada ngga gan?


Kayaknya yg 2016 belum di release deh,atau ga coba cari aja di google.

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19 minutes ago, TehManis said:

Kayaknya yg 2016 belum di release deh,atau ga coba cari aja di google.

Lagi cari cari nih bro di mbah gugel hehehe

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