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Alexandria Corp is engaged in construction and building. We provide services for all city residents to build or create interior decorations that suit you. We have collaborated with various foremen or professional building activists to build the interior of the house. Of course we really uphold quality that is comparable to the value you spend.

        We serve various types of buildings from apartments, houses, mansions, or others. Of course, we will make the theme that you include with your taste, such as traditional, modern, or whatever we can customize. With affordable prices and guaranteed quality adjustments, we can make your dream home a reality.


Office location 507th Pasadane Bulevard, Rodeo





Office Building :




Contact Number: 484-788/ 444-000 / 944-989-6
Website : https://alexandria.my.id/


Keuntungan memesan builder di Alexandria :

  • Mendapatkan builder berkualitas
  • Ruangan anda akan membuat betah
  • Pelayanan yang sangat ramah


Q Bagaimana cara memesan-nya ?

A : Kalian ketik URL website yang sudah tertara atau KLIK INI

Q Saya sudah membuka websiter tersebut lalu ?

A Kalian scroll sampai bawah, klik tombol "Connect", nah disitu kalian bisa memesan.

Q Kerjanya kurang sigap Alexandria nih.

A Mohon dimaklumin karena karyawan kami sedikit yang bisa menghandle


* Note : Ingin bertanya tentang Alexandria ? Bisa contack personal saya melalui email terimakasih :)

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