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[Open] 88 Bodyguards

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Hello, we from 88 bodyguard's open the availability for all of you to use our services

Our services currently provide with firearms and without firearms

We have a muscle mass capacity of 60-80% greater than the muscle mass of the bodyguards available today, because we always train ourselves twice a day



Contact this number: 686555 ( 3 P.M-09.00 P.M)


Email our business 88 Bodyguard'[email protected] ((PM Forum))

Our service fee: 
1. Executive Bodyguard: 250 dollars / day (without firearms) 500 dollars / day (with firearms) 
2. Bodyguard business: 50 dollars / hour (without firearms) & 250 dollars / hour (with firearms)

Additional information :
1. Weapons are provided by us.
2. Every bodyguard employed is an expert.
3. When a client is killed / , then the money back is 50%
4. If the client  death or injury,  money can return as much as 20 to 50 % depending on what problems are encountered.


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