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Official Sarcophagus Motorcycle Club - Season 5 : SARCO-BERRY

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On 3/30/2020 at 1:00 PM, Masked_Gas said:

It all started with a young man named Arthur Huang, who inherited his passion and love in automotive from his family for generations. Arthur has experienced the ups and downs as a mechanic several times. He often works alone in building motorcycles and restoring motorcycles or even cars. Arthur, Who was so ambitious, Finally went to Los Santos far from his hometown of Hong Kong. Only relying on his skills in the automotive world, Arthur began to hone his fortune again with his passion in Los Santos. Until some time-lapse, Arthur finally found some friends who were like-minded, One soul, And in line with him. 2 wheels for the love.


From one to a thousand, the foundation that Arthur holds. He always dreamed to embrace all people who likes and live in the same passion with him. Automotive. Indiscriminately Arthur alongside with his close friend Lincoln and some of his friends who he just met, began to agree to establish a bond of brotherhood. After several discussions, finally stood a small brotherhood called "Ride And Seek".


If someone asks why "Ride And Seek?". Arthur must have smiled and seemed to show the sparkling flames of the combustion engine and answered easily.


"Because of the ride, We ride. And we seek, We seek for each other who share the same passion, We seek for each other or another individually that share the same story, 2 Wheels. We seek fortune, Glory, and a Brotherhood. 4 wheels move the body, But 2 wheels? move the soul. "


On 3/30/2020 at 1:00 PM, Masked_Gas said:

April 1, 2020, MC Ride And Seek Brotherhood has grown to the point where it can be recognized. Thanks to Arthur and his plans all went well according to his expectations. Arthur held some closed meetings with some of its founding members namely Lincoln, Raul, and Derrick to talk about the levels or positions in the community. Ride And Seek Brotherhood MC is not like MC in general, After going through deliberations and negotiations, the position in this community consists of:


On 3/30/2020 at 1:00 PM, Masked_Gas said:

April 3, 2020, all members of the Ride And Seek Brotherhood MC have agreed to appoint Arthur as their leader. Hereby Arthur now bears the name "Road Captain".

Not long after the election, Arthur began to appoint his leadership order. Arthur appoints Lincoln as "Right hand", Raul as "Watchers" and Deandre as "Watchers".

On one side Arthur also expanded his community's finances by hitching a ride and helping Paule's Liquor store. Paule plays quite an important role in the community, he is not included in the members or in the position order. Paule is the financial support and place for all Ride And Seek Brotherhood MC members, but still, Paule is always counted into the Ride And Seek Brotherhood.


April 10, 2020, this community has an internal problem, there was a rebellion in it. A prospect who starts acting arbitrarily is against the rules and starts collecting other prospects. Aimed to overthrow its chairman, Arthur Huang.

PG is called PG, the person who started a small rebellion in this community. PG managed to gather at least 3 people to carry out a rebellion. Not long, PG began to arrange plans to overthrow Arthur.


April 13, 2020, PG visited and attacked Arthur at Paule's shop. Arthur was rushed to the hospital and treated for two stab wounds on his hand and shoulder. After Arthur was discharged from the hospital on April 15, 2020, Arthur mobilized people who were still loyal and loyal to him to hunt down and search for PG.


April 16, 2020, PG enters a trap and is captured by Raul "Abe" and Ralph. Locked up in a spare part storage warehouse and finally led to the lake in the Palomino creek area. That day, Arthur got the news that PG had been dealt with, Arthur immediately went to the place where PG was taken. With annoyance and hateful Arthur comes and executes PG on the spot, letting his body rot in the Lake.





April 17, 2020, Arthur regretted his actions. Thinking of the way forward about this community, some loyal members agreed and gave input to change the structure of the Community structure. Arthur also agreed and also planned to change the name of Ride And Seek Brotherhood to Sarcophagus MC. After much negotiation on the new name and structure, all members began to carry out a revolution, releasing their attributes. Walk the street and do daily activities without "Color" from Ride And Seek.




Sarcophagus Motorcycle Club, Founded date 22 April 2020 by Arthur Huang. Starting from a small motorcycle community Named "Ride And Seek Brotherhood" Arthur changed all the order of arrangement even the name of "RnS" itself, Changing it to be more "intimidating".

Taken from the name of an ancient coffin from the kings of Egypt, illustrates and shows that even though death will remain number 1, Creepy, and Powerful. With the logo / Mascot a pharaoh's skull to show power and glory. Taking from the rest of his old organizational structure, Arthur took steps as President in this community and appointed several new people to fill in the structure of the new organization.


01 May 2020, this club already has a structure that starts to be solid and loyal. All went smoothly without any obstacles. The management of money in the community is very good, now Sarcophagus MC has its Clubhouse and is located right next to their liquor store. The composition of the organization has also been made, Arthur Huang as the President has appointed several people in his composition. There are Dandre as Vice President, Raul as Sergeant At Arms, Lincoln as Secretary and several Enforcers.


VVljHsB.png jQnB9pQ.png


After several negotiations and seeing the situation outside the MC Sarcophagus finally out of their green zone, the Club now joins the drug sales circle in Los Santos. Arthur still pays attention to its members so as not to get out of the rules of this club, however, Arthur still must keep his club standing and not labelled outlaws by the law apparatus.


Arthur and his club also began to show their fangs and daggers in the Red County area, watching every inch of Red County. Start asking for weekly collective money and taxes from several business people in Red County as security money. Ensuring that there were no arms and drug sales activities in the Sarcophagus MC area, Arthur began to mobilize all his soldiers to move and take control of the Red County area.


The club is now funding the business of its members, A Custom helmet studio. Kendrick Shelton is in charge of this business. As a fee the Club requests that the funds be returned for every profit generated by around 20%, the agreement was agreed to by the whole club.




Sarcophagus MC Begins to show his fangs and signs. Far from predicting Fast Run, MC Sarcopghagus developed and was consistent with the initial vision and mission. Arthur Huang, as president, has appointed several new names in the club structure. Tyler McGee as New Enforcers, Elmunez Donaciano as Road captain, Mark Schimilichenko as Enforcers. Behind the high achievements, this club also lost several people. Even though it's not permanent or permanent, it's still a negative thing according to Huang, Permanent loss. Mutashar or The wise man, Dylan Wade. Hang his vest for a while until the time can not be determined. Without the advice of Wade, Huang and his club have to take a little more extra steps. Lincoln Conway, the only secretary in the club also hung his vest, Conway returned to his hometown because there were a few "internal" problems in his family. Not forgetting the "secretary" patch, Conway continues to carry out paperwork and bookkeeping from its place of origin. With Conway's temporary disappearance from the position, Huang again pointed to a new name. Paule Albert, Promoted as the owner of the "Treasurer" patch. While Albert's job was doing Conway's work that could not be done on the spot, such as financial and small bookkeeping. Derrick Abrams, the first Enforcers at the club. Begins to show his disloyalty to the club, Take the best possible steps and leave without clear news, No letters, No notifications. Huang gave time until he didn't know when to Abrams before being released from Enforcers.


8 May 2020. The club received invitations from several Asians in Ganton, a Royal Rumble event. The club responded to the invitation well, but not with Huang and Santana. Huang and Santana did not like the way they were late and placed them last. The club had heard from several groups at San Andreas that it had been invited a long time ago. Finally, Huang and Santana decided on the table with the other members. The decision ended with a major vote yes by all members to disrupt the Royal Rumble event. The clock counts, the event begins Huang and his club is in place despite having declined the invitation to participate in the event. It turns out that some groups have the same thoughts and goals as Huang and his Club. Counted 3 groups defected or will disrupt the event. Preparations from the club were quite ready and mature, but immediately the place changed plans. Very spontaneous and sudden. Everything is thought of in a place without any votes, planning and so on. With 3 other groups, the "Spontaneous" plan was implemented. As you know, the result is bad. Luckily Huang and his club successfully survived the chaos at the event, ended up lying in the hospital treatment room.


May 10, 2020. Sarcophagus MC is having her first problem. A group of Iddlewood kids who claim to be gangsters. Starting from a small problem in Iddlewood, someone from the Iddlewood group nudged one of the club's members, Elmunez Donaciano. Ended with bad things and disrespectful behaviour from Iddlewood. Problems were going fast, the Club managed to overcome small and large problems in every corner of Iddlewood, giving more and extra warnings to children under the age.


May 17, 2020. Far from being a problem Huang finally started doing business with people from Scotland, entered into the circle of buying and selling illegal weapons. Huang put his Club as an intermediary or side who became a supervisor in this business. Escort the cargo to be delivered to find a buyer for the Scotland group. As usual, no plan works well. Huang's action was smelled by his old group in China, Tibet. The Triad group from Tibet kissed Huang's movement in San Andreas. With the trace of Huang's current whereabouts and what he had achieved with his club, the Triad tried to re-enter Huang into his old problems, namely family debts. Asking Huang to do various dirty work for them at San Andreas, Until asking Huang to get the trust of the Scottish group weapons suppliers to supply weapons in Tibet. Huang continued to cover up the matter from the club and its members. Only two members knew about this problem and helped Huang, Kevin and Neil.


Interrupted by his problems with the Triad and the activities of buying and selling illegal weapons, Huang faced internal problems within his Club. A "Hangie", Martino Demarta. Not knowing where Martino was headed brought the problem he was carrying. Martino behind the club collaborates with law enforcement officials in San Andreas, SAPD. Doing business and doing activities behind with some detectives. Huang already smelled this problem, Unfortunately, this problem started involving some people outside the club, the Group from Willowfield entered into this problem. Huang did not want his club tarnished by his good name, Finally, the whole club did the same job and made everything in line. To get rid of the Detective. As far as everything goes, the Club has pocketed the names and identities of the detectives they were looking for.




June 1, 2020. Sarcophagus MC encounters their worst nightmare and biggest problem, Facing brothers in arms, Silence Of Berserkers MC. The Berserker suddenly did a very drastic round, looked away from Huang and began to take control of what Sarcophagus was in. Huang did not remain silent and let the Sarcophagus Region's work and power, Defend what was already listed in Sarcophagus's "Bottom Rocker" MC. It all started with Adams as President of the Berserkers. Without any confirmation and notice of opening a Bar business in Dillimore, Huang didn't care too much about his bar until it came and there was news that the Berserkers made a new chapter in the Red County Region. Huang confirmed the Berserkers members. Knowing that the Berserkers did and did business within the Sarcophagus area, Huang was angry as well as the members.


The first movement began, on May 29, 2020. Huang made a move that was simple enough for a message to the Berserkers. Destroying and ruffling the whole Bar, Unfortunately Adams and its members do not understand what is conveyed. A prospect was sent by Huang to tell everything that happened, Keep a blind mind out of the Berserkers. A few hours after the incident, the Berserkers gave his answer back to Sarcophagus brutally. Huang called it the "Loud and Dumb" tactic. The Berserkers launched their first attack with some members of the group from Playa, or hired men. Luckily, Huang and his club did not lose a single life. Local law enforcement officials act quickly to conduct first aid and bring all Sarcophagus members who are victims of the attack. Again, Sarcophagus is lying in a hospital.


Hearing the news that President Sarcophagus suffered a brutal attack, some members had prepared a very mature plan to repay the Berserkers. After Huang and several members were discharged from the hospital, a retaliation was launched on 31 May 2020. Using tactics from Sergeant Raul Abelardo, retaliation was carried out quickly and brutally, Half of the Berserker members were victims, including the vice president of berserkers namely Juan Niguel.


On 6/1/2020 at 2:17 PM, kutukan said:

𓋹 𓂀 𓋹

𓐓 𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐖𓐔


Something much less dangerous but equally troubling - happened at the end of May since Silence Of Berserkers is stepped their game in Red County. Confrontation is a strange thing. It seems to come so naturally in some situations. Arthur Huang told Neil Dixon to send a message straight to Berserkers's base. It's a good decision since it going to show the product of internal circumstances built something like a good prospect like Neil to finish his job.


The members of Silence of Berserkers take their reckless act by randomly shooting people at liquor. Glad that Sarchopagus's member can handle the first wave and soon after the recovery, we started a church that taken in another safe place. The only thing which the more advanced can do is to work out, spread, and explain the ideas which suit the requirements and ideals of the group, and contribute to the community strength of the latter by working untiringly on the task of Sarcophagus nothing more. The group is agreed by the plan that they built together and it came up solid and well constructed, fast and clean.


But, Arthur Huang the mastermind of the plan is going for improvisation by staying at the scenery (Dillimore bar). He let himself caught by the police and accused himself of murdered 7 members of Berserkers. A solid plan is a necessary but well improvisation going to take it on another level. Right after the shootout ended Tyler who didn't go with the plan is coming by for another improvisation in order to trap Adams by setting him up with carrying an illegal gun and materials in the bag. Long short story Adams be able to get rid of the trap with an unknown process.


Until this day, the war between these two Motorcycle club is still going. That is true, and yet there are moments, historical conditions, in which it would prove to be weak, egoistic and wholly untimely to insist upon one's freedom of the territory ownership.



𓋺 𓐗𓐗𓐗𓐗𓉳𓐗𓐗𓐗𓐗𓋺


June 7, 2020, The "Sarco" Received an invitation to a discussion at the marina from his connections at Willowfield, The Narcos Willowboys. Not only Sarco who came to the meeting, but some from the group in Los Santos also attended, and yes ... Especially the other MCs who were in the heat with Sarco, Silence of Berserkers. This meeting aimed to discuss "The Market", about business, and products. Everything went smoothly from the beginning of the meeting to the middle of the meeting. To what end the Los Santos Group, Playa Del Seville, disagreed with the purpose of the meeting. Sarco was in it and sided with them, Playa Del Seville. This time Sarco said no to Willowboys, very deep and not. Sarco agreed to end the meeting and leave the meeting place early, followed by another group.


Just minutes after Sarco's departure from the meeting place, the Group from Playa Del Seville had planned something big, a "message". A "Drive-By" attack was launched and went very chaotic. All panicked and scattered out, running indefinitely. Long before the meeting was held, this Club had planned chaos for the MC of the Rival at the meeting. It turned out that the plan did not match expectations and luck was on Sarco's side that night. There was another party who messed up and carried out the plan. Returning to Blueberries with a little anxiety, the whole club left without a welcome or celebration. While as the President of this Club, Arthur Huang is enveloped in thoughts for his future club, Business, Money and Glory. After several negotiations, the Club finally began to move and spread its wings with a truly clean and safe business, Legit.


Finally, on June 11, 2020, the Club had spent the club's cash and deposits to rebuild Licorejo. Paying some extra workers to do the work. Starting from zero, clearing the remains of burning rubbish, until completely renovating the building. The construction of Licorejo is not fast-paced, Processes and obstacles are always in front of the eyes of this Club. As the Club is trying to rebuild their club's income sources, the Club is expanding its wings in various businesses again. Ken Custom expanded and finally had his Shop which was being built in conjunction with Licorejo's Redevelopment. Paule and Huang are also starting to think about opening another Licorejo branch in San Andreas, Two different thoughts. Huang would rather open a new business, propose a business in the field of food and collaborate with other members' businesses.


June is the month when Sarco tries to heal all wounds in his club, Sarco Arrival of two new people, as Prospect candidates. Neil Dixon and Ellijah Hampton, the loyal hard worker and a bourgeois tycoon. Neil came from a simple family background who showed and described what San Andreas was. Whereas Hampton, a wealthy bourgeois who has a passion in Automotive as high as the other members in the club, Sarco. Hampton also funded the rebuilding of Licorejo, while Neil did the dirty work behind the Club's door with Huang.


July 5, 2020, Licorejo was completed and began operating again without the Grand opening. Immediately entered the phase where selling all drinks, as usual, Avoiding more questions and attracting the attention of those who do not like it. This club is starting to have its main income again. Tonight also Huang as President of Sarcophagus MC for his thoughts, Suddenly blindly and stabbed a member of his MC rivals. It is known that the Sanders Grave of the MC Berserkers was stabbed in the Sarcophagus area, precisely in the MV.


The next day, the Club has new people. A new face in the club, Some pairs of eyes are happy to joke with the members of Sarco. Esperanza Valentina And Armando Bergonzelli. Began to enter into the circle of the Club's life, helping the Club with small things and spending free time with club members. The Club gets new faces, but the Club also loses some people. Two people, Drake and Trav. Leaving and never seen again, Huang began to decide to cross both of them because there was no news for a long time, and there was no notice of the two of them. Not changing days, the Club finally did a Downvote to provide full patches for its two prospects, Neil and Hampton. Votes are fast and smooth, all members give a Green vote to both of them. But on the other hand, this Club also has internal problems in it, Ralph Stamper and Ellijah Hampton are involved in a problem. Ralph revealed the data to the authorities in San Andreas, and Ellijah kissed what Ralph was doing. Ellijah had reported this to Huang and the others. Huang agreed to close the news from outside the club and a few people inside the club for a while. While the other members who know about this issue carry out further investigation of what Ralph did.


And damn, Day hasn't changed. That day was still July 6, 2020, After the evening before the evening an incident and the news did not wear was thrown from the telephone. Neil told Huang that Tyler McGee, the club's Enforcers and a Hangie were shot in the "MV" by a group of young men who called themselves Gangsters. Luckily McGee survived the attack. This problem is not over yet, the same night only with different hours. Berserkers Move its troops to the Club's residence, Blueberry. With full power, about 20 people visited the MC Sarcophagus Clubhouse. The atmosphere broke out and made an argument and dispute over sharp weapons were unstoppable. Unlucky luck is not with Berserkers, They come home battered plus the loss of several members who fell because of a sharp object prick when the clash occurred. Sarcophagus Still standing even though only a handful of people there. Let's just say the fight consisted of 6 people against 20 people. 5 from Sarco and 20 from Berserkers. I wonder what strength suddenly penetrated this Club, One hand won against the size of the Elephant.


July 7, 2020, the day has changed. With a battered face, the members began to prepare the Grand opening for Ken Custom and several other stores under the auspices of MC Sarcophagus. Start to slowly rebuild this Club.




Week after week changed, the Club finally made fast movement. Several consecutive attacks were launched at Berserkers members. Several Drive-By messages were carried out by the Club against their rival, Berserkers MC. Behind the retaliation carried out by this club, some club members do not agree with this bloody action, resulting in a little internal conflict within the club. July 16, 2020, a day where everyone in the club always likes this kind of situation, the Club has some new faces. Refreshment in the Club environment. There are Henry, Mikey, and Freeman. The arrival of new faces means that the Club has gotten a few pairs of extra help. Mikey and Freeman expressed their interest in becoming one of the Club's members. As always, Behind the good news, there is always bad news. Berserkers began to grow a little furious about the movement of this club which could not be predicted. Twice, fistfights and chaos broke out from Sarcophagus and Berserkers MC.


Long after some members began to restore their fit performance from the chaos against the Berserkers, Arthur finally held a big meeting to talk about the situation within the Club to restructure the Club. The meeting ended with Dandre stepped down from his position as Vice President and replaced by McGee as the new Vice President. Kevin and Neil get promoted, Become the officers in the club under the control of the Sergeant, Kevin and Neil promoted as the new "Enforcers" for the club. That night the Club also gained some new faces in the Club environment. There are Tommy, Bushido, and Ryu.


On July 21, 2020, Tommy, Mikey and Freeman finally took a step forward. Submitting himself as a Prospect for this Club, Arthur and several club members gladly accepted Tommy, Mikey and Freeman as a prospect to the Club. Give them time to become Prospect to get to know more about the club. Not long after the appointment of Tommy, Mikey and Freeman as Prospect. The club began to expand his wings again, in the business and financial sector of the Club. One of the members runs a business for the club and himself, a business about logistic and freight forwarding services. On the other side, the Club also made new friends from Los Santos, Marina.


July 27, 2020, debate between the top brass of this club. some members don't like the way Arthur's movements about his attack to the Berserkers MC. Arthur's position began to be questioned that night. Question after question was asked to Arthur, ending with Arthur who felt cornered and with an uncontrolled emotional level. Arthur took off his vest, leaving his name as President for an indefinite time.


Entering a new month, August 2, 2020. Internal problems that began with the debate on July 27, 2020, began to grow. This club seems to be divided into two parts, Arthur Side and Patched members side. With different views and goals. The club experienced internal problems while facing its problem of defending the Club from Berserkers MC. Arthur who is on the silent side gets pressure from several other members. Kendrick got a "Hard" message from several members for keeping Arthur's whereabouts. Behind the seat of the leader in this club, Arthur still manages and runs several movements under the nose of this club. Carry out bloody actions again and again. Several times a message was sent to the Berserkers MC, Again it seemed that the Berserkers MC ignored the message. ended up kidnapping one of the Berserkers, brutally without a trace. Disappeared with the status of Missing in Action, the body of Arthur's abominations was buried with a car in the lake of Palomino.




A few days later, Arthur finally came out from the shadow of his club. And began to take many steps leading his Club again. Setting up some property and additional financial income for the Club. A building for private stock, Bullets and weaponry for the Club began to be built. On the other side, the Club also began to enter in the porn film industry. Esperanza appointed as manager of this business.


After several weeks this Club remaining silent and calm. finally, Sarcophagus MC began to move and reorganize the plan. Starting from the financial sector to the dark move in the club. The Liquor store is back into business, the Club is also building additional finance for the Club, a dealer and a showroom of modified vehicles is under construction.The club also finally appointed 3 new people from prospect to become full patched members. Tommy, Mikey, and Beagle. Got the patch on mid-August. Not long after prospect appointment to become a member. Arthur is back to reshuffling the order of patches and his ranks. Scored Tyler McGee's name out of the list of member clubs, and replaced the seat of Vice President with Ralph Stamper. Raul Abelardo also got down from Arthur's left armchair, Abe happily took off his Sergeant patch for Neil Dixon. Neil Dixon now serves as Sergeant At Arms of the Clubs, he has full control over several members and the selection of Enforcers. Tommy who has earned the trust is preferred as Enforcers by Neil to help his other members organize the club content. The Secretary chair has finally been filled again and started to move, Kendrick Shelton is believed to be the new Secretary for this Club. The same thing with Treasurer, Paule is missing somewhere, made the Club have one more empty seat for the Treasurer. The club also has two new names on the prospect list. Ezeklel Rivera and Ryu Takahashi.


Just like the story before and as usual, there is always news about new faces on clubs. Some people started to come and glanced at this Club, began to spend time together and helped the club's light work. Again as usual, Behind every good news, there is always bad news. The Club smelled some traitor by one of these new faces. Working with the police to expose the dark side of this club. Long story short, Sarcophagus MC has a big problem with the police. But not from the bright or good side, but from the dark and dirty side. Some corrupt police start to play their part in suppressing this Club movement. Luckily Sarcophagus MC has many more cunning brains than those dirty cops. Arthur and his friends have pocketed the identities of several Detectives who try to suppress their movements from various sectors and sides. Esperanza, as the manager of the Porn industries which was built by Sarcophagus MC, was charged with a report on "Human Trafficking" without any evidence and clear things. The club got this information from several prospects and members in the field.


Sarcophagus MC has also succeeded in making peace between the two other automotive groups, Hustler from Ganton and a group of sports car enthusiasts have signed a peace and cooperation agreement under the auspices of this Club. On the other hand, Ralph Stamper as the club's new VP began to move in the light sector of the club, improving the club's good name and showing the public that the Sarcophagus MC is not a bad thing. Meanwhile, Arthur Huang as the head of this club moved on the dark side of the club with his Sergeant, Neil Dixon.




On 10/13/2020 at 1:27 PM, ChococaT said:

Everybody begins to wondering is the war has been finished or it’s just the beginning. Since the death of Juan Niguel, the clash between the notorious motorcycle clubs seems found it’s peaceful way. The Berserkers were disbanded from Montgomery but still the president of Sarcophagus M.C, Arthur wondering what’s the Berserkers plan. Arthur did an important table to rearrange the club’s position so everybody will work efficiently.


       Since Sarcophagus M.C got a contract with the local government, their name became famous among San Andreas region. Many hangarounds started to come because they were impressed by the club. Buncho got sponsored by Tommy while Mac got sponsored by Bishop to be the prospects. The club started to open the Dilimore bar and Red County Custom Garage. Fortunately, the workers are willing to be the parts of the M.C too. Arthur’s connection named “ Bulletman “ got a big role in his monopoly business so Sarcophagus M.C easily brings some things. While on the other parts of the world Ms. Choi informed Huang that they agreed with the proposals, so the Triad can deliver the goods from China to U.S.A in a strategical way.


         But it doesn’t mean the war stopped, it became bigger than ever. Since Hispanics from Jefferson got their game from the beginning, Sarcophagus M.C still plays low profile to hide their illegal activities from the other competitor. There were so many groups that came to the clubhouse to buy something from the M.C but it turned out to be a proposal rejection. Some of them agree to obey the terms about the guns and drugs business while the others showed their disappointment with the packages pricelists. With this complicated situation, At this point, Huang tried to figure out how to fix this thing quickly before turned all turned into a warzone. While he’s sitting on the bench, some of Mexicana yelled at him to provoke him. They aimed heavy guns at Arthur then everybody started to evacuate. This event attracted the Police Department to investigate the complicated linked wars between the four biggest players in San Andreas, which is the situation that begins to heat up.


September - October, the month where Sarcophagus MC actually hit an enormous ice rock but didn't sink. Rather, it makes this Club stronger than ever, enlarging and exposing its wings throughout Red County. With the new hierarchical structure in this club, Huang and his friends are trying to get further ahead, moving in all fields. Bulletman has also given his right hand to this club, helping this club with weapons, and some illegal stock items. The truce with the Berserkers MC never ends, Like a war that goes on forever, Eternal. When the feedback is given, both sides always eat it and counterattack.


Several weeks went on, After passing through the phase where this club only moved in the shadow of their hideout, The gunshot finally got its answer, The Secretary of the Berserkers MC became a victim of a "Message" from this club. Apart from the disputes of this club with other motorbike clubs. The Sarcophagus MC successfully took over more than half of the illegal goods market in San Andreas, sending it all the way to the top, rocketing like a chopper motorbike with an engine capacity of over a thousand CC. The higher a thing, the more wind it gets. Sarcophagus begins to face his old problems, San Andreas Police Department. Start putting their club name in a secret document. The club smelled of this, twisted the strategy by diverting sales to the small San Andreas groups, making this club never listed as its main supplier.





On 4/6/2020 at 11:46 AM, Masked_Gas said:




Licorejo Oruca De Gin Founded on January 3 2020, which was founded by Paule Albert and his old friend Arthur Huang, they took over and renovated a bar that had long been neglected by business people around the city. The name of the store itself is derived from the Spanish-Italian language, namely, Licorejo is Liquor Store, Oruca means Power, de Gin is Gin / Guin Beverage. Which means that when combined are Liquor Store Ruler of Gin Drinks. From its name, Licorejo has its superior alcoholic drink, Gin, because it is the only liquor store that sells gin drinks in Red County and surrounding areas. The flagship product of Liquor Store, Namely Brandy Gin and Meltroy's Red Wine. Brandy Gin is the best-selling gin drink in history and was the flagship product from the opening of Licorejo. This drink is formulated by Paule itself through several stages such as ingredients, Experiments, Trials of efficacy levels, And marketing.




Through various types of quality juniper berries that he had carefully planned and planted in Masato's Blueberry Farm. As for Meltroy's Red Wine, which was developed down and down from his grandfather, Meltroy Albert, once taught Paule, which was released on its superior products. Licorejo has a supplier of quality alcoholic raw materials, one of which is Masato's Blueberry Farm, who happens to be one of the farmers in the field. Thanks to the help of basic ingredients supplied in the same village, a lot of products made by homemade because of the ingredients were easy to get, and some products must be imported directly from Italy and Spain. 

Licorejo is now one of the Liquor Stores that centre of the market, the needs of alcoholic drinks from various countries that make the peoples or villagers around from each his/her country can enjoy the drinks that have been made from his/her own country without being in there. Licorejo Oruca de Gin staff now participates in helping economic development in Blueberry Village as well as the business development of one of the well-known MC clubs in Red County, named Sarcophagus MC. Thanks to the drinks and products managed by Paule and Arthur themselves in Licorejo, the surrounding peoples and villager can easily hold events, gatherings, parties, and even weddings. especially in the consumption section. Licorejo is now currently in the management of Sarchopagus MC.



Entering the middle of May, 2020. A conflict occurred between the two famous motorcycle clubs in Los Santos with Red County. Long story short Silence of Berserkers MC requested by force to open their new chapter in the Dilimore area which is still the Red County region, which is still under the auspices of the MC Sarcophagus without the chairman's permission. President of the Red County MC was reluctant to permit the opening chapter with the reason, that it is one of the Red County regions. Sarcophagus MC tried to keep them away from Dilimore in several ways. This is the climax of the problem.

Around the end of May, The Licorejo Oruca de Gin Liquor Store had been burned to the ground and had caused a huge explosion so that a Blueberry village could hear the loud bang coming from the local Liquor Store. Flames almost devoured several surrounding houses because a lot of alcohol and flammable objects had become the red food's. The blaze of fire that consumed the night blended swallowed up the sky of the Blueberry sky, making it difficult for the San Andreas Fire Department to extinguish the fire, which was feared to sneak up some of the surrounding buildings, and inconvenience local authorities and authorities, making the situation at that time filled with panic and tense.


It took 2-3 hours to tame the fire, but unfortunately, there were no items or objects left in the shop, everything was destroyed and even burned. The shop owner, Paule Albert. It was very sad and vengeful at the same time when he heard that his only asset was burning and vanished when he arrived in Los Santos. After dealing with renowned investors in Palermo, Spain for three days. After conferring on the incident, the Sarcophagus Motorcycle Club decided to look for the arsonist and make them pay for it, which he attempted would not be more than the price of a broken window package. Because their Liquor Store is one of their reliable income in the development of club administration.


Now Licorejo Oruca de Gin Liquor Store is in the investigation and in-depth investigation of the cause of the fires that caused the store's fire sources. And on the other hand, the local store staff will plan a redevelopment along with a new floor plan and several store branches that have worked with each village headman and major in the local village in the Red County province. Starting from Blueberries, Dilimore, Montgomery, to Palomino. With this plan, it is hoped that last week's events will not happen again and can be a means for local business people to develop their products from each village for the welfare of each district.

-Story created and writed by @Manuver8 , edited by @Masked_Gas


On 4/6/2020 at 11:46 AM, Masked_Gas said:



Ken Custom is one of the companies that open services such as custom helmets and custom clothing, KenCustom is divided into two parts namely KenHead specifically for helmets and KenClothes for clothing such as shirts, shirts and jackets. Ken Custom was founded on May 1 2020, by Kendrick Shelton, the business was run by Kendrick and also the help of his friends Andrew and Langston. Andrew was in charge of sending some equipment and materials from the city of Las Venturas, and Langston was in charge of sending some high-quality clothing from the city of San Fiero. Ken Corp uses an online transaction system, and Ken Corp has a warehouse and studio located at 101st Olyde Street, Playa De Seville. Ken Corp shared 20% of the proceeds from the service to the Sarcophagus motorcycle club.


On May 24, 2020, Ken Customs succeeded in giving trust to the Distro in the Palomino Creek area called "IN PALO WE TRUST". Kendrick managed to give confidence to Steven Jack, that Ken Customs could provide quality stock shirts and jackets.

-Story created and writed by @skancut, Edited and translated By @Masked_Gas


On 4/6/2020 at 11:46 AM, Masked_Gas said:



Pappa's Tattoo Studio is one of the Tattoo Studio that opens services such as Making Tattoos, Removing Tattoos, Coloring Tattoos, and Selling a variety of Hair Oil / Pomade. The Pappa Tattoo Studio was founded on May 29, 2020, by Martin Pappalardo, a business run by Martin himself. Martin has a partner namely Elmunez Donaciano, Martin and Elmunez who are responsible for managing equipment such as Tattoo Machines, Needles, Ink, Gloves, Vaseline, and Sterile Water from the city of Las Venturas. Studio Tattoo Pappa is located in South Blueberry, Blueberry. Tattoo Studio Pappa shares 20% of proceeds from profits to the Sarcophagus motorcycle club.

-Story created and writed by @Racoon, Edited and translated by @Masked_Gas


On 6/3/2020 at 1:04 PM, Friday said:




On 7/27/2020 at 5:21 PM, Masked_Gas said:





Born June 3 1995, Arthur Huang. Arthur Huang was born in China precisely in the province of Tibet (西藏自治区 "Xīzàng Zìzhìqū") the capital of Lhasa (藏 (䒙) "Zàng"), the original name "Huang Li Feng", the first child of 2 brothers. Feng Changed his name to Arthur and still brought his family, Arthur Changed his name in order to adjust his life to the western / European culture. Arthur is a mechanic who has a high love and passion for automotive, especially for 2 wheelers. After graduating from school, Arthur started his career as a motorcycle seller who had been "custom" by himself, Building a workshop that was quite well known in his city. In contrast to his family, his family did not like what Arthur was doing. His family preferred Arthur to be a lawyer or a doctor. Arthur still insisted on what he did because he was in love with his passion.


In Tibet, Arthur often participates in automotive events and custom culture. Arthur is also part of many automotive enthusiasts in Tibet. Counting already 5 years Arthur underwent everything from graduation to his name growing in Tibet, Tussle with his family re-occur and make Arthur was forced to close everything. Had experienced depression because of hopelessness for several months, Arthur finally strengthened his determination and left home. Arthur left his family for San Andreas.


Upon Arthur's arrival in San Andreas, Arthur lived in the area of Red County, a small country where he started it all again. Arthur, who already have the ability in the automotive field, began working as a mechanic in Los Santos. Before long, Arthur knew someone named Paule. Paule is a small drink entrepreneur in Blueberry, Owning a small shop in the Blueberry Region. Arthur, who is good friends with Paule, began to enter the world of Paule, conducting a beverage business. Supplying several bars and clubhouses in Los Santos. Long in business, Arthur began to return to the world of Automotive. He thought of establishing a community or unitary brotherhood of 2-wheeled vehicles. Shortly after his thought, Arthur found several people who were in line and line with him. Slowly but surely, Arthur began to rebuild his passion and interest in San Andreas with his friends.


On March 30, 2020, Arthur and some friends he met in Los Santos began to build a small association. In the name of hobbies and interests, Arthur and his friends run a small community, known as “Ride And Seek” by several people. This club runs smoothly without any problems. Arthur's initial idea to build a community and a place for lovers of two wheels is to provide activities to the family as a community with many positive things in it. Arthur never thought to build this club into group 1 percenter, not bound by AMA. The further Arthur thinks, The further Arthur also learns. Arthur began to recognize the hierarchical system within the club, began to consider where the club was heading and wanted to make the club have an income and make it part of the job.


The time came when Arthur got a threat to his life for the first time. One of the members began to show an attitude of rejection of the "Gentle" way Arthur runs his club. Arthur is still consistent with the direction where his club was made from the beginning is still trying to control everything. Until the time came for Arthur to revolutionize and change the composition of his club drastically, and it could be called changed to new. That day, April 13, 2020. The day Arthur got his first attack, this made Arthur and his friends finally agreed to change the way the club runs. Out of the AMA embrace, "Ride And Seek" also changed its name to "Sarcophagus MC".


Arthur did not choose himself a new name for his club, the name Sarcophagus MC was chosen based on the selection and philosophy. Long story short, Before Sarcophagus was chosen as a name and symbolizes his club in today's day. Many names come out for consideration and choice of all members of the club. Marauders MC and Sarcophagus MC became the final consideration of this club. And yes, As we all know now. “Sarcophagus MC” is the final result for the club. Arthur is a thinker, cheerful, and emotional. And the Sarcophagus MC he leads is not just a name for the club. Behind this are philosophy and meaning in the name of the club he leads. Thinking of a thing and something that could not die for its club, gave rise to the name Sarcophagus.


May 17, 2020, was the time when Arthur got his "Quarter Life Crysis". Arthur was confronted with problems with his past and present life. Some small problems that enlarged and his financial condition worsened for him. Arthur finally decided he and his club jump into the dirty business a bit. Helping the sale and delivery of weapons was Arthur's choice for himself and his club. Sounds selfish, but Arthur kept this as a secret from all the members of his club. And on one side of the business money that he did this, his club also started to grow big.




The bigger the club, the more the leader changes. Arthur's associations and experiences seemed to forge him into a more temperament and hard, emotional Arthur became uncontrolled sometimes emotional. Deep in Arthur's mind, Arthur realized this was the wrong part of him. Not infrequently Arthur even brought small problems to this club. Until the time came when Arthur was completely out of line and his initial ideas. Growing wilder in this youth. It was difficult for Arthur to control his emotions when he crashed into a large chunk of ice at sea.


27 July 2020, finally Arthur lost himself. A small problem occurred within the club. Arthur who kept trying to keep his club standing and was not seen as a small and cheap village club finally got negative responses from some of its members, this response ended up being a closed problem within the club. That night, the night when there was a debate between Arthur and the other top brass in the club. Arthur took off his badge, his name as a club leader. He took off his pride leather vest and let go of his leadership until an indefinite time. Trying to calm himself and clear his mind of things that poisoned his mind so far. Being more productive and positive is the first thing Arthur wants to achieve again, several times Arthur writes down his ideas and stories about his club now. Behind Arthur himself, Arthur still has the thought to rebuild his power to lead his club, Trying to regain the confidence of its members.


*Thread ini bakal jadi thread aktifitas Arthur Huang diluar Sarcophagus MC (tidak berhubungan dengan Faction). Thread ini bakal terus di update selama Karakter masih hidup. Thread ini mendeskripsikan Arthur Huang.


On 8/5/2020 at 9:16 AM, miqbaaalmi said:

" There is God, and there are the Gowl. "


((This thread will show you the activity of Jerry Davey, Tommy Hargrove and Ezekiel Rivera.))

"The story of the thread will be updated as soon as possible."


@abelkb69         - Jerry Davey

@miqbaaalmi     - Tommy Hargrove

@Jumadi_Yanto  - Ezekiel Rivera



On 9/8/2020 at 4:35 AM, miqbaaalmi said:




  elegant or stylishly luxurious.
noun plural Mofos
slang, mainly US short for motherf***** offensive.






Josiah "Buncho El Jojo" Ortiz

Raised up in Southern California by a lot of gangsters around his circle, he was such a rebellious adolescent at the time. Back at his young age, he been accused by several cases such as caught by selling an illegal drugs, murdering, kidnapping, etc. He was one of the ex-former member of a street gang called "Mara Salvatrucha 13" based in Mexico, taken a part on the Southern side of California. There's a "13" symbol tattoo on his neck that indicates he was part of  Salvatrucha 13 person.

As the time goes by, Buncho El Jojo decided to move in to Red County to change the flow of his life on the "Automotive" worlds, following his brother "EZ" And now, he's one of a members of the Motorcycle Club in Red County, 










Tommy "Tomaidh" Hargrove

Is the one and only kid from a marriage couple, "Aiden" and "Marie"

Born in a town called Belfast, on 16th June 1994. Hargrove was came from a wealthy family, Although, he spend a lot of his time hanging out with a street punks or even with MC's bikers as his old-man, Aiden was taking his part on the Motorcycle Club.

As he spend a lot of his time on the streets outside, he's been introduced to this "illegal" worlds since he was a teenager, made him got accused by several cases, such as, trespassing, vandalism, drug dealing, etcetera.

At his 17th, he got a news that his old-man, "Aiden" has passed away with an unknown reasons why as he's already got lost contact with him a long time ago. One of Aiden's members has to hand on his bike to Hargrove. As the time goes by, he decided to moved into a small county named "Red County" changing his entire life to became like his old-man, being an onepercenter by joining an MC called








Ezekiel "EZ" Rivera

Usually called by his nicknames, EZ. He was born in United States of America on 27th August 1995 in a suburban California. EZ was growing up with both of his "troubled" parents, both of them were get caught by EZ while they're arguing and fighting until his father shooted his mother and later commited suicide. Reaching his 10th years old, his uncle took him to somewhere places called Ciudad Juarez in Mecixo. He was a good guy back then as he starts to learn about motorcycle and later became one of the mechanics at his Uncle's workshop. At his 25th years old, he decided to start roaming around with his bike, seeking for what exactly the meaning of Life, plus he's kinda interested on an MC as he looking for a clubs that fitted in with him. Later he decided to go to San Andreas then met this clubs in a small county named









"Thread ini akan menunjukkan aktifitas roleplay karakter yang tersebut diatas, baik dalam club maupun aktifitas diluar club SARCOPHAGUS MC"

Buncho as @abelkb69

Tomaidh as @miqbaaalmi

EZ as @Jumadi_Yanto

*Please don't MG on us.



On 9/8/2020 at 6:59 PM, Masked_Gas said:






Red County Custom Garage is a workshop as well as a dealer for custom vehicles modified by the team from this workshop. The workshop is funded and owned by a Motorcycle clubs in Red county, Blueberry, known as Sarcophagus MC. At the beginning of its current development, Arthur Huang as President of Sarcophagus MC who led the head of this business. Red County Custom Garage is housed and owns a building in Red County, Blueberry, not far from the clubhouse of Sarcophagus MC. Some of these workshop workers are also members or prospects in Sarcophagus MC.



  Reveal hidden contents


*Thread ini adalah media roleplay untuk player didalam maupun diluar faction Sarcophagus MC.

*Semua orang pada dasarnya bebas memposting aktifitas roleplay mereka yang berhubungan dengan thread ini, Disini.

*Story atau detail dari Thread ini akan selalu di update dan berjalan sesuai dengan alur roleplay yang terjadi di ingame.




On 9/1/2020 at 7:52 PM, ChococaT said:



3.png         "At the very center of the state of San Andreas, Blueberry is a farming community and home to the FleischBerg brewery. To the west of local farm, Blueberry Acres lies a large hill, known locally as The Panopticon. The Panopticon affords views of both Bone and Flint Counties and Easter Basin Airport, serving San Fierro. We're sure some crimes takes place here, only currently, we don't know that." - San Andreas Website.


         Blueberry is a small town located in the northwestern portion of Red County, San Andreas with an estimated population of 2,318. Blueberry sits near Fern Ridge, Blueberry Acres (hence the name), The Panopticon, Hampton Barns and the town of Montgomery. The rural town is the home of the FleischBerg brewery, whose motto, "Making Life Mean Something Since 1869", stands out prominently underneath its logo. Blueberry is much the same as any other town in Red County with residences and businesses much the same as those in neighbouring towns. The town is the industry hub of Red County as it has some of the largest factories in the state.




                     UFR Garage (Left) and HoF Storage


1.png        On Q2 of 2020, businessman turned into motorcycle club member named Paule bought the Blueberry liquor from the local resident. When he renoved the liquor, many bikers from across the county came to hang around. This place became famous spot in Blueberry because the variety of the drinks. The state goverment, Ramon Lombardi was impressed by Paule's efforts so he awarded him a community medal.


        Slowly Blueberry turned into modern-village that makes San Andreas Goverment keeps an eye. They willing to giving free-training in order to creates creativepreneur. Finally the progress turned into  magnificent workshop named Mechanic Village that served with a experienced mechanics through the county. Mechanic Village location is also strategic, proved by it's majority customers that working as truckers.


        Nowadays the Blueberry's has been revealed to Los Santos resident so they interested to move to Blueberry. Since the population of Blueberry is increasing, the criminal activities does the same too. Sarcophagus M.C who lives since Blueberry was an old country village are trying to minimizing the cases so Blueberry will still be a fine place to live and stay.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Liqorejo Oruca De Gin




Credits: - grand theft wiki

- gta fandom       


On 8/26/2020 at 7:46 PM, ChococaT said:






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  • Sarcophagus MC adalah sebuah klub motor di San Andreas, berbasis dengan kendaraan ingame Freeway dan Wayfarer untuk para membernya. Ide awal faction ini hanyalah sebagai media untuk pembelajaran roleplay di dalam sebuah faction. Tidak ada batasan level dan tingkatan sehebat atau setangkas apa anda dalam ber-roleplay untuk masuk faction ini, Dikarenakan faction ini menampung siapapun yang ingin belajar lebih tentang roleplay didalam sebuah organisasi.


  • Tidak ada batasan ras di dalam faction ini. Tetapi, sesuai dengan aturan dari Faction & Families di server ini kita membatasi karakter yang ber-origin dari Indonesia. Bertujuan untuk lebih mengenal culture/budaya tentang tindak prilaku kriminal yang terorganisir di Los Angeles, California, US. Karakter yang ber-origin Indonesia tetap bisa melakukan roleplay dan masuk kedalam lingkungan faction, Tetapi hanya sebagai Hangie saja. Kami memperbolehkan hal ini bertujuan untuk mengenalkan bagaimana ber-roleplay menjadi suatu bagian klub motor/faction/families atau tindak kriminal yang terorganisir. Jika memang cocok, untuk selebihnya bisa dibicarakan apakah harus melakukan CK untuk berganti ke origin luar Indonesia atau mengganti akun yang sudah ber-origin luar Indonesia.


  • Sangat-sangat diwajibkan, jika sudah menjadi anggota resmi didalam faction ini maka akun/karakter yang ada di dalam faction ini dijadikan karakter utama kalian. Bertujuan untuk lebih berfokus memasuki ke dalam roleplay faction. Kami berhak melakukan Force Character Kill (FCK) kepada karakter anggota faction (Patched Members), FCK berlaku setelah anda menjadi anggota resmi dari faction ini. Dan FCK dapat terjadi tergantung situasi roleplay.


  • Faction ini di ingame menggunakan bahasa Inggris untuk bahasa utama dan digunakan untuk melakukan segala macam roleplay. Hal ini bertujuan untuk menambah wawasan tentang bahasa Inggris dan penggunaannya. Tidak menutup kemungkinan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, karena berdasarkan peraturan yang ada di dalam server, Penggunaan bahasa Indonesia di ingame sama dengan bahasa Inggris. Hal ini tergantung dengan pihak lainya yang melakukan roleplay bersama faction ini.


  • Mengerti rules dasar di dalam server Jogjagamers Roleplay.




  • Dulu ini faction kalau gak salah namanya "Ride And Seek bla bla bla" kan? Itu kenapa?

Basisnya tetep sama, cerita dan alurnya juga sambungan dari yang itu. Ada situasi roleplay dimana faction ini ngelakuin revolusi dan ganti nama jadi yang sekarang.


  • Harus pake Freeway dan Wayfarer ya?

Yap, sebetulnya gak usah teralu Freeway sama Wayfarer juga sih. Disini sekreatifnya lu me-roleplaykan kendaraan lu. Bisa aja Sanchez lu RPin motor Trail dengan Mesin V-Twin nya Harley yang lu kustomisasi mirip Pan America. Tapi ya tetep saat ada di dalam barisan, Freeway dan Wayfarer lebih terlihat rapih. But feel free to express yourself here!


  • Karakter gua bukan kulit putih, boleh masuk?

Tidak ada batasan ras untuk karakter di ingame, seperti yang udah gue tulis panjang lebar di tentang Out of Character (OOC) faction ini.


  • Waduh bang gue kagak ngerti motor, tetep bisa gabung?

Gabung aja ngab! Cari kita di ingame ICly. Point plusnya kalo emang lu ga ngerti motor, terkadang lu bakal denger bacotan gajelas salah satu member disini ngomongin motor mulu dan bisa nambah wawasan lu soal permotoran.


  • Gue gak bisa bahasa inggris, gimana dong?

Banyak yang gabisa juga awalnya disini, masuk aja dulu. I you I you dulu aja, kita belajar bareng-bareng. Grammar gue sendiri juga goblok banget kadang, chill. Manfaatin gamenya buat cari ilmu, biar gak main game doang. Siapa tau besok-besok jadi translator kan lo? Atau bisa nyombongin diri di tongkrongan ngomong pake bahasa Inggris.


  • Gue mau join dong!

Feel free to join, cuma ya disini gak pake cara join lewat /pm ingame atau pm di forum. Keep it ICly, Keep it flow and let the roleplay make its way.


  • Syarat-syaratnya apa aja om?

Minimal ngerti rules di dalam faction, selebihnya basic cara RP pun gue dan yang lain pasti ajarin disini biar gak goblok-goblok amat. Kita pinter bareng-bareng, biar nanti dibilang "Siap bang jago".


Ada pertanyaan lebih? Kritik atau saran? Kontak kita via PM forum ke @Masked_Gas , @skancut atau ke @devilredjr atau ke @ChococaT atau lagi nih wkwk @kutukan.







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Leggaw, tetew uwuw

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