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Found 4 results

  1. ((Banner diatas adalah ilustrasi real non fiksi yang kami lakukan pada saat in-game)) The Hustler 32 Club San Andreas (SA) started on March 28, 2020, beginning with a small society as gathered of a few people that started from a friend to friend and eventually developed into a real community of Hustler car users and owners with the gathering of its members. The primary purpose of formation from Hustler 32 Club San Andreas is just like a forum to exchange information about Hustler cars among fellow Hustler owners then established a sense of brotherhood and kinship between the car owners. Randal Simmons and Bahar Al Hameed founded this community of the hustler car. Previously, the formation of Hustler 32 Club SA was once a regular club that never made a fuss about carrying out like criminal activities, because a former police officer led the club named Randal Simmons. He certainly hoped to provide a useful activity for their member, but the things he gave has vanished and ended up plunging into something terrible like criminal activity. This club has a headquarters located near the bar "Ten Green Bottles" precisely in the Ganton area, Los Santos. This crime can happen because, as time goes by, several other groups spoil the fun of Hustler 32 Club SA, such as bullying their members and burning the small property they own. Bahar Alhamed, who is an illegal immigrant also having a background of characters like a street gangster formerly, can not hold himself to remain silent, and he wants to repay the actions of a group of people who have damaged his community. Secretly he drew up a plan without Randal's knowledge to reply to the actions of those from the group who have destroyed the hustler club. Bahar invited his friends who have similarities in committing a crime to join the community he entered. Day by day keeps going on, and the movement from Bahar has increasingly blazed, many crimesactivity such as robberies and murder he had committed. And in the end, Bahar explained the intent and purpose of him doing that because he wanted to protect his club. After negotiations with Randal, he finally agreed with the aims and objectives of Bahar, and indirectly the club had plunged into crime organize. CHAPTER I - IDENTITY In the first year of the founding of Hustler 32 Club S.A, Randal and his second-hand, Bahar began recruiting several influential members, such as Nick Donovan, a former senior guitarist who were known throughout rural area, Jacobus Samaduda, a former San Andreas Police Lieutenant, a skilled fighter that mastered four to five martial arts, and some of the worst criminals in Los Santos. At first, their journey isn’t as smooth as they’d think, their organization or club only had several members, and many of them deflected from their own club. The small groups was a nomadic club that tried to settle themselves on almost every corner of the Los Santos’ deepest part, but they were unable to find ones that suit themselves. Among the midst of the thought of searching for a place to settle on, something ran across Randal’s mind. Randal had remembered that his grandfather once owned a bar located in Ganton that was established in 1920. Randal and Bahar decided to set themselves on 101st Kennedy Street, a small two-lane street infront of the bar. But they were faced against another problem. The problem is that the Ganton area is divided into two main areas, the outer and the inner. The inner side, especially near the bar was a territory of some local thugs, a nameless ones, but despite being a nameless clique, they posed to be a threat against Randal and Bahar’s newly founded club. Bahar quickly contacted his bestfriend, El Milo, who ruled all over the San Pedro, they were known as the ‘L’ or Lacra, a big organized group consisting of the most notorious Mexicans from all over the Los Santos. Bahar proposed an alliance between these two cliques, a mutual ones. El Milo who owed Bahar a favor, accepted Bahar’s proposal and both of them formed an alliance. The duo, Hustler 32 and Lacra began their plans to wipe the local thugs off the Ganton bar area, and their plans ended up successfully. Finally Hustler 32, or more known as ‘the Hustler’ gained their new home in the 101st Kennedy Street. They, the Hustler eventually become known to the public infamously as ‘that car club who wiped a large gang off the outer ganton area’. The news spreaded throughout Los Santos, even into the ‘darkest’ part of it. El Milo, knew that it’s time to introduce Randal and his goons to another cliques so that they maintain a good relationship against each others. Then, El Milo held a meeting that was attended by influential gang leaders from all over the Los Santos, among them there was a drug lord from Willowfield. Randal and his club, ‘the Hustler’ quickly secured the blackmarket, and he is able to force anyone to comply with his own term and prices of the blackmarket’s goods such as drugs, and illegal firearms. They eventually became more and more famous despite being a newly founded organization. Several weeks later, their once small clubs consisting of small members of those who had faith on Randal, grew larger. Their clubs secured some of the ‘silk trades’ on Los Santos, by securing these trades, they are able to arm themselves and growing their own arsenals or barracks. Grown larger doesn’t mean that there aren’t anyone who dislike them. One of them is the C Town Circle, an Asian clique that reside deep within the inner Ganton, or the Ganton circle. They didn’t like H32C as they saw H32C as some kind of organization that would be a major threat in the future, based on their rapid growth. And thus, the C Town Circle proposed an insane proposal, they wanted half of H32C’s arsenals, and they demanded that H32C gave some of their income to the C Town Circle every week. Being oppressed and threatened by them, Randal decided it’s time to retaliate. Then the H32C declared a war towards the CTC and their counterparts which led to a series of conflicts amongst some of the major cartels, gangs, and mobsters in Los Santos. The war lasted for months, both side had some gruesome casualities, many of their men were killed, bloods were shed in almost every corner of Ganton, or even the outer part of Los Santos. But eventually, the one who emerged as the winner is H32C with their massive casualities in both manpower, funds, and armaments that would hold their own movements. Upon the defeat of the C Town Circle, many their members fleed to another country, or even back to their motherland and subsequently surrendered their authority to the Hustler 32 Club S.A. By the end of the war, Hustler 32 Club S.A become more dominant and occupied all over the Ganton, both outer and inner side. CHAPTER II - THE BEAST After the success to control all over Ganton, Hustler 32 Club S.A. whose brief roots began in a small club, began to expanding theirself with a trafficking marijuana, soon shifted to cocaine due to their allianced with Druglord Willowfield who demanding Hustler 32 Club S.A for pioneering the new trafficking route through Central Los Santos. Because of the drugs activity, they gain a tons of money in their pocket. In order to launder the incoming money of the trafficking operations, Hustler 32 Club S.A heavily invested it’s fund into legitimate business ventures. Hustler 32 Club S.A began to construct an American automotive aftermarket parts provider with Headquartered in Ganton area and recruited several new member like Travish ‘hacker’ Chadwick the skilled computer expert, Jeff Barney, Andreas Miguel and many more. Randal Simmons who is the leader of Hustler 32 Club S.A. began a new project called ‘THE BEAST’. This MEGA project is to created a remake ‘Hustler’ car who will be the fastest classic car all over Los Santos. According to the blueprint, ‘THE BEAST’ run on gasoline burnt in an internal combustion engince. ‘THE BEAST’ are equipped with a controls used for driving, passenger comfort and safety, and it’s weight increased due to batteries, modern steel safety cages, anti-lock brakes, airbag and ‘more powerful and more efficient engines (Story akan di update sesuai dengan seiring waktu berjalannya roleplay yang kami lakukan) Jika anda ingin gabung ke fraksi ini untuk JEDAR JEDOR layaknya suasana pochinki di pubg, lupakanlah. Karena fraksi ini sangat meminimalisir penggunaan senjata api dalam roleplay nya. Fraksi kami ini berbasis Street Gangster yang memilki ras yang berasal darimana saja. Sebelumnya fraksi ini terinspirasi dari game yang bernama "The Warrior" akan tetapi kami telah memodifikasinya dengan cara kami sendiri dan dibuat dengan semenarik mungkin agar tidak sama persis dari game tersebut. Fraksi kami menggunakan 2 bahasa untuk ber-Roleplay, tentunya Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Inggris. Wajib memiliki WhatsApp untuk berkomunikasi secara OOC dan hindari Metagaming. Hindari break rules dan jangan menggunakan cheat / program illegal lainnya. Kami memiliki wewenang untuk membunuh karakter anda secara permanen (Character Killed). Mainkan development anda semenarik mungkin. Semua hal tentang rekruitment pada fraksi ini akan dilakukan secara In Character. Fraksi kami terbuka bebas untuk semua player yang ingin bergabung, namun kami tidak menerima player yang faction jumper atau dual faction Gunakan main karakter anda jika ingin bergabung di fraksi kami. Semua member wajib melaporkan keaktifannya dengan cara terus mereply post ini dengan screenshot roleplay, jika ingin absen silahkan isi form dibawah ini dan post pada thread ini. ((Absen OOC)) Kami menerima kritik dan saran mengenai faction kami ini, anda bisa mengirimnya melalui pm forum ke @RichMan dan @kokom7 OFFICIAL SKINS MODPACK "DOWNLOAD HERE" Credits goes to : @Zuqal123, @CanisMajoris, @YoichiSakai (story), @kokom7 (creator), @adelliowendy & @EnamSembilan (banner), @Salist_Rockstarz & hill (Skins) thread ini dibuat semata mata atas kuasa-Nya.
  2. Introduction Lacra Del Puentes (English: The Bos of Bridge), also known as Los Lacra gang is a hispanic gang based in the North side of Los Santos. Los Lacra's gang is one of hispanic gang in Los Santos isn't bound by any Southside or Northside Mafia Mexico and they claim that they are better suited to lead every Mexican gang in Las Colinas. Member of Lacra's gang usually be found around of San Pedro Avenue - Glen Street with their charachteristic has a tattoo with the symbol of the devil and wears a black-red bandana which is interpreted as the life of the devil. The rumor of this gang have once to doing a devil worship ritual. Who made this gang first? Lacra Del Puentes formed by a Murillo a.k.a El Milo Candelaria , Mr M in early 2018's, Murillo is ex-leader of Estilo Mexicano Rifa XIII (EMR-13) or EMR which based on Idlewood and El Corona, Murillo had been leading the gang of EMR after the previous leader of EMR been killed by his gang member because an internal problem , Since Murillo had taken over of the gang is growing and raised up. End of the Murillo controll the gang - Murillo went to South California with his shot-caller for runs their entertainment business as Rap Music for performing there. They got called by public event organization for performs a music show it called " South Cali Mexican Rap". They have giving good quality music on the perform and they got a lot of money from the perform because they have a good quality can be shown at there. When the performs is over they are going to the apartment had rented for one week. While they were on their way to the apartment by taxi, there was a group of people who were not known to try to kill them because they wanted to take the money they got from the performance, but the bullet hit the head of the shot-caller and died at the spot with the taxi driver. But when the shooting happened , Murillo quickly tried to escape from the incident and finally he managed to escape from the incident. Three months pass but they never come back to barrio (Idlewood, Los Santos) and there are rumours that say they have all died. But the rumours were completely wrong because only the shotcalle was dead, not Murillo. Murillo still survives in Southern California and he cannot return to Los Santos because he didn't have money to paying a ticket. Murillo survives by working hard as a waiter in a small restaurant in South California to get the money till he can buying a ticket for flying to Los Santos but it took a long time to go. The Beginning 24 December 2019 - Murillo was getting some money from his work and can purchase a ticket for flying to Los Santos. Murillo has arrived at Los Santos on 25 December 2019 and he contacts his friend named Juliano Lobo a.ka Lobo he was be a soldier on EMR 13. Lobo was picked up Murillo in the early hours of Wednesday morning by his car then drives to Idlewood. When Lobo arrives at Idlewood, Murillo sees the barrio that already looks deserted and also taken over by black people around Idlewood. And nothing at all of the activities from his homies and they're possible already threatened killed or leaving the barrio. There also had rumours about the barrio had an accident of the gang and the reason is this gang has the biggest war with the military conflict due to drug war. When the drug war has been started with the gang some of his homies which also the left-handed of his gang got killed and another people got prisoned by the police. During the tragedy was passed away Murillo and Lobo have created a new clique on Las Colinas which based on a Hispanic gangster without any gang affiliations from Surenos or Nortenos also another officially hispanic gang. Chapter I " La cosa esta dura" The truth is gone, black people sneak in to break up Once upon a time, everything is calm, one of gangster attempts to break it which the gang named GD, the theses gang attempt to blaming Hispanic as the attacker of Norman Bock's daughter. Brock try to provoke his homeboys, which are resulted in a gang war at Los Santos. Lobo did not accept the treatment of people from Idlewood, who accused him of being the mastermind of the attack on Norman's daughter. When Lobo put up a fight, it became a mistake which affected an internal problem, which at that time Millo was instigated by Idlewood people, and tried to stop Lobo also cornered him to confess. Lobo was annoyed by Murillo's statement that had cornered him to apologize to Brock, Lobo upsets, and he has decided to move-outs from the barrio by accompanied by his homies named 'Facio' and 'Tavio.' The Rumor has it that now Lobo lives somewhere far away and is not known by Murillo, he builds a rule which opposes Murillo, that rule is called Lobo terms.When Lobo left Murillo because of a misunderstanding about the latest incident, Murillo began to create a plan for his gang member without involving Lobo's hands. He's made a plan because he wants intended to add a productive income economy for their gang's needs. Started by building a small food booth for selling the typical food from Mexico, such as tacos and nachos. The food stand is located on Glen Street. And this business has been well managed by Orias Gallardo, a.k.a Gale who has two employees on the food stands named Ram and Lito. Not only that, but Murillo also exercise illegal businesses such as selling drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine, and they are selling the unlawful stuff like that on their street, located at Glen Street. Previously Murillo got the illegal stuff like that from his friend, who had owned a meat factory in Willowfield which name is Irvine. And then they also carry out criminal activities such as robbery and extortion. Last month precisely in February 2020, Murillo and his friends met a group of people who were driving a van that came to their barrio. It turns out they are an illegal car club group called Vespucci Power Garage. One of them was named Jose Gambino alias Gambler, asking Murillo for help in ordering car parts on the black market, which is placed at Puebla, Mexico. But he didn't have access to go there because it was difficult and only Murillo and his homeboys could do it. In the opinion of Gambler, access to going at that place can only be done by Mexicans because their working system does not want to involve people abroad except Mexico itself, and only fellow Mexicans can make trading like that. Before Murillo went to Mexico with his homeboys, Gambler gave some money to Murillo for their cost of living, also for buying the spare part of the car as he wanted it. Time keeps running, And the trade with Gambler has been completed and runs smoothly without any obstacles. Murillo attempted to develop a collaborative relationship with his friend named Irvine to organize an alliance between the gangs. And they were giving the name of their partnership called People Nation because they have the same goal for controlling drug trafficking and improving that price in the city of Los Santos. (We'll update the story based on the roleplay we run , as soon as possible) Medias Information Faction ini merupakan faction ilegal yang dikemas menjadi street gangster dan memiliki ras khusus yaitu hispanic dan latino , jadi bagi siapa saja yang berminat untuk bergabung kesini silahkan gunakan char dengan nama hispanic atau latino anda , diutamakan memakai main charachter. Diusahakan develope charachter anda untuk beroleplay dengan umur minimal 15 tahun - 20 tahun. Kami berkomunikasi OOC dengan menggunakan WhatsApp dan Discord, dilarang keras melakukan Metagaming apabila anda sudah bergabung di grup whatsapp dan discord kami. Tidak menerima faction jumper , cheater , rules breaker. Kami memiliki wewenang CK (Charachter Killed) pada char anda. Website : https://lacra-porvida.weebly.com (created by @DamnILoveJogja) Contact me on discord zuqal#4789 Credits goes to : Grammarly, GoogleTranslate, @Zuqal123, @Monster1509, @DamnILoveJogja Last updated : 8 Maret 2020
  3. OUR STORY FIRST TIME. This is the beginning of everything. On December 1, 2016 Georges Parker tried to test his driving skills around the Bank parking area, while he was absorbed in testing his skills suddenly came a white Bullet car he did not know. Then the Bullet took part in testing his skills and Georges Parker felt provoked and invited the Bullet driver to Race. Long story short, the race was won by the Bullet driver. Georges Parker came out and tried to meet face to face with the owner of the Bullet. Georges was surprised to learn that the driver turned out to be an old friend he had met in A.D.A who was none other than Rizky Williiam. They both eventually toured and often tried tracks in Los Santos both in urban and rural areas. Over time some of their friends also joined in their association, including Samuel MacMilen, Avgustin Georgorovich, Ramockov Georgorovich and Sahal Georgorovich. These 5 people then often test competitions with their peers. Finally, some residents also took part to take part in the wild races at the time. Finally, the longer they join. They made a name for their association. They called it SRS (Street Racing Society). It was decided because they were born and raised on the streets and then socialized on the streets as well. SECOND TIME. It's all about a union that is re-embodied from a hobby basis. Some Los Santos residents who have a hobby in the automotive field one day met at the Idlewood WS which is a WS located in the center of Los Santos. Unintentionally they were friends who had once been together - building a long-standing brotherhood and eventually broke up. An Automotive Club was formed from a high sense of brotherhood which was once formed, but not for a while we had to lose our loved ones in the Automotive club that once stood big before. A group of people then decided to go around Los Santos to remind them of their old story, they also visited several places that were used by older members as a gathering place or just walking around the city including the Vinewood POM, Big Ear and places where other historic. SRS which is currently manned by Georges Parker often holds small events such as touring to Race. This was all done to strengthen their brotherhood that had once been formed. OUR BASECAMP 2 people who originally wanted to reshape SRS namely Georges Parker and Samuel MacMilen tried to walk around Los Santos to the places that they had made as the Basecamp at that time, they decided to make a few basecamps namely WS Flint, Richman and POM Vinewood. Several times they also made an event from that place. The place is considered a historic place and has a good value to remember the glory of the SRS in the past. OUR TEAM Q & A INFORMATION : REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT: RANK SYSTEM:
  4. Story will updated as In-game incident ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Media Member Liability Form HOW TO JOIN? 1. YOU NEED TO KNOW ALL ABOUT ROLEPLAY AND THE RULES 2. USE YOUR MAIN CHARACTER 3. WE USING AMERICAN-CHINESE RACE, SO MAKE SURE YOUR CHARACTER USING AMERICAN-CHINESE NAME 4. YOU HAVE TO KNOW ALL ABOUT GANGSTER AND STREET RACER ROLEPLAY 5. MEET US IN-GAME, FIND IT ICLY. 6. PLS, JOIN WITH STYLE! I’M SICK OF SEEING “Can I Join your Gang?” or “Numpang nongkrong ya”. Yow, this is not 711 or a f#cking indomaret! Ayolah gunakan kreativitas kalian, karena dari hal tersebut kami juga menilai niat kalian untuk bergabung. OOC RULES: - You'll get CK when you out from this faction - Be humble to administrator and other players - You need to have good attitude - Active in-game and forum ((minimum 3 posts in 1 week)) - Be creative, lack of creativity and monotone roleplay is not our style. We always trying something new to color the JGRP - If you make a mistake, just hear your senior, fix it and don't repeat it - We are here still learning, so do not be afraid - Our faction is street gangster who adopted street racer habit, so yeah you need learn about how to be gangster and street racer too - If you have OOC trouble PM my forum ((@DEDRIC)) SOME REFERENCES FOR YOUR CAR ROLEPLAY GUIDES
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