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Found 1 result

  1. Freedom Auto Club is a community or association of high-class car cars from Uni Emirat Arab or Dubai. This car is usually bought by nobles, large to smallest class businessmen. This association began with greetings, until the idea of creating a Sports Car Club occurred. It is not arbitrary for people to own it, and buy it. The price of one car is around 1 million dollars. To have this car, the nobles, as well as business people, are willing to spend a lot of money. Usually this car is purchased must use a very special identity because that this car cannot be bought just anyone. Some of them in the lower class want it, but the inability to buy sports cars. Many lower class people try to buy it, and can't afford this car. In addition, sports cars cause many pros, and contracts among various types of people. Sports cars also have many functions commonly used by upper class people. This sports car also makes it has a distinctive appeal, as well as unique features for its owner. Glamor, and the luxury of this car cannot be denied. Car maintenance also tends to be very expensive. So for those who want to buy it, they have to wait for time because there are many who order sports cars, usually this car has a limited stock so high prices, speed, luxury and comfort are always guaranteed. Chapter I: New era has begun Before Freedom Auto Club entered the city of Los Santos, they had many members reaching 1,000 people. A very large amount for a very luxurious association. Soon a member of the Freedom Auto Club entered the city of Los Santos, located in the United States. To advance the association, they are willing to come to the city of Los Santos, which aims to spread the association that wants to be introduced to the world of four wheels which are specifically brought to people who can join. Our existence is highly respected in all circles, both from the government and the lower classes. Every member who enters with us is someone who is capable in economics and association. It's not easy to join us, because we have good records throughout the world. After settling in the city of Los Santos our members began to increase to 2,500 people. A very large number is even three times more than our previous members. At present our members are spread all over the world not only in America. Chapter II : New Hood for Freedom auto Club The new hood for us is a place for our association to be accepted in the city of Los Santos. Where we provide convenience for someone to find where we gather to make it easier for you to join us. Besides that we have an economy that is very adequate for our needs.As time went on we also spread a lot of notifications and search for new members for the future of our family. Besides that we need many members to enliven our family. Chapter III : The meaning of family revival The rise of our family comes from our hard performance in searching for endless members. Now our members have been admitted in the real city of Los Santos. From today we are not afraid of weakness. We are only afraid of one, namely losing our family. Therefore we must understand the deep meaning of the family. We are not afraid of losing to anyone. Can you test how strong the family means to us. COMINGSOON Credit: rafi17. Seluruh Anggota FaC. Goggle.
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