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Found 3 results

  1. DopeBoi's basement

    Vids by DopeBoi
  2. DMOTD is a competition event to see who is the true champion of the server. WIN LIST The_Legend - 1 omar - 2 killaz - 1 Vacant NOTE: DMOTD start in the weekend only!
  3. Changelog History

    Changelog History CURRENT VERSION August, 03, 2017 v2.5.7.1 NEW: [ADD] Added command /checkipdetails for admin [ADD] Gang collected turfs and members online are now shown on /gangs [ADD] Added command /dutytime to shows a list of total time on duty [ADD] Added total time on duty for admin [CHANGE] Rewrite textdraw of the turf details July, 27, 2017 v2.5.7: [CHANGE] Renew server hud [FIX] Pulls all data from /getuserdata without needing to select everything individually [CHANGE] Weapon unit due to unstable data structure [CHANGE] Character name won't be able to use on login [ADD] UCP name can be used to login [FIX] All players stats are now updated at every 3 mins ( server time ) [FIX] Issue on jail system April, 16, 2017 v2.5.7 R1: [FIX] Issue on /changename system (https://jogjagamers.org/topic/61319-bug-changename-herofun999/) [CHANGE] /admins will display a list of all online administrators even they aren't on-duty (admin only) [ADD] Command blocker, admin 3+ can access this feature [FIX] Issue on new admin commands April, 15, 2017 v2.5.7: [CHANGE] Improved display stats function [ADD] Command /changename for player [ADD] New admin commands April, 01, 2017 v2.5.6: [ADD] Discord-connector still in BETA, it may be spawn error/warn occurs [ADD] #ingame channel on https://discord.me/jgofficial server [ADD] https://discord.me/jgofficial integrated with IG-Server February, 22, 2017 v2.5.5 R1: [CHANGE] Dialog duel invitation is now removed [ADD] Duel invitation textdraw (https://jogjagamers.org/topic/47936-feat-req-adrielnael/) @Robo_N1X [FIX] Command /leaveduel [FIX] Command /duelinfo, duel status (duel participants doesn't show up) February, 18, 2017 v2.5.5: [ADD] Low rapid fire damage, it just balances it out [CHANGE] Disabled heliblade/carpark kill [CHANGE] Removed Jetpack Fight event [ADD] Weapon drop system [CHANGE] Command /teleport to /map [REWRITE] Teleport system [ADD] FPS and Ping textdraw [ADD] Custom map for DMOTD/TDMOTD [ADD] Played time will stopped while you are in afk mode [ADD] Gun healer for player perk [CHANGE] Removed old afk system [FIX] Some issues on the server February, 12, 2017 v2.5.4 R1: [ADD] Command /duel will have radius between enemies [FIX] Wrong world ID on player spawn [CHANGE] Removed killer timer [CHANGE] Removed killer camera [ADD] IRC system [ADD] Command on IRC !today, !say, !pm [ADD] Command IRC for an Administrator !kick, !botsay, !ban, !gmx [ADD] IRC bots The_Watcher, The_Witcher and The_Birdman [ADD] Admin, operator and voice IRC [FIX] Fixed a bug where event score doesn't save [CHANGE] Removed interior gang February, 2, 2017 v2.5.3: [CHANGE] Removed air trafficking mission as is not needed for TDM mode [FIX] Issue OnPlayerSpawn [ADD] Event entrance fee, slot and rewards [FIX] Some issues on the server [ADD] Hitman contract system @Robo_N1X [ADD] Tune and paintjob system, use /tune /paintjob [ADD] 4 type of the event [ADD] Event system for an Administrator @tianmetal [CHANGE] Improved internal function [FIX] Event timers January, 25, 2017 v2.5.2: [ADD] Spawn protection on player spawn, delay 15 seconds [FIX] Fixed a bug on wrong interior /gotohq [id] [FIX] Weapons slot on command /checkguns @Robo_N1X [CHANGE] Removed gift system [CHANGE] Removed death spectator [CHANGE] Enabled skin-hit with delay animation [FIX] Command /buycar [FIX] Some server functions December, 24, 2016 v2.4.4.4: [FIX] Command /getgift will have delay for 2 hours [FIX] Player's network stats on player tab [ADD] More weapons on /getgift [FIX] Fixed a bug where player spawn with a santa hat [ADD] Turf details on textdraw based in range of zone [CHANGE] Removed turf properties (pickup, object, label) December, 19, 2016 v2.4.4.3: [FIX] Fixed a bug where /getgift delay doesn't work as well [CHANGE] You can now have santa hat on the next spawn, use /getgift [ADD] More weapons on class (MP5, Rifle) [ADD] Togglable server hud and damage feed, use /tog [ADD] More commands on helper role [CHANGE] Renamed tester > helper [CHANGE] Removed tester role [FIX] Fixed a bug on command /getgift [ADD] Xmas tree at spawns, IDGS and Idlestack [ADD] /getgift feature November, 3, 2016 v2.4.4.2: [ADD] Admin records for player's /mywarns [FIX] Fixed a bug on sell vehicle prices [FIX] On duel draw message [CHANGE] Duel is now have different world [REWRITE] Rewritten private vehicle system to be more optimized [CHANGE] Currency money format for a better economy system [ADD] Anticheat system which can be toggled by Administrator [CHANGE] You must have 100 health in order to duel player [CHANGE] Updated MySQL version R41+ (earlier R39-6) [CHANGE] Removed private vehicle, causes majority bug October, 13, 2016 v2.4.1a: [FIX] Majority issue on private vehicle [ADD] Block all types of garage in SA [FIX] Wrong world ID in jail [ADD] Command /checkpveh for Administrator [FIX] Private vehicle prices [FIX] Issue on sell vehicle owned player [ADD] You can have vehicle owned up to 2 [ADD] justice96's Automotive October, 8, 2016 v2.4.1: [FIX] Command /duel disabled on player jail/afk [CHANGE] Removed bank robbery [FIX] Fixed a few bug [CHANGE] Air trafficking spawn point at East Beach September, 25, 2016 v2.3: [FIX] Some minors bug on the server [FIX] Issue warning opcode near Ammunation [CHANGE] Removed server objects August, 15, 2016 v2.3.3 R1: [CHANGE] Increased rob bank delay (60 minutes) [FIX] Fixed a bug on the command /party accept [ADD] Mission system for player [ADD] Air trafficking mission August, 4, 2016 v2.3.2 R1: [ADD] Interior gang on spawn [ADD] Team party to rob the bank [ADD] Hitman contract stats on to player statistics July, 28, 2016 v2.3.1 R1: [ADD] Afk system, use /afk or /afklist to see a list of players afk [ADD] Hitman contract system [FIX] Fixed a bug in the command /rfine [FIX] Typo text on function July, 26, 2016 v2.2.1: [ADD] Animation list, use /anim or /animlist [ADD] Perk logs [ADD] Server motd [ADD] Actor system for Administrator [ADD] Command /perk for Administrator [FIX] Typo text on ammunation [FIX] Typo text on entrance [FIX] Fixed a bug where require perk does not work on /upgrade July, 22, 2016 v2.1.5: [ADD] Refund item for Administrator [ADD] New gangs (bikers, chickens) [ADD] Command upgrade perk, use /upgrade [ADD] Perk system [CHANGE] Updated max level armour [FIX] Fixed a bug where armour perk/level doesn't work on player spawn [FIX] Fixed a bug in upgrade perk [FIX] Typo text on level require [FIX] Fixed a bug on the cmd /togduel [CHANGE] Removed command /givescore and /givecash July, 19, 2016 v2.1.4: [ADD] Level list, use /levels [ADD] Shop for buy a weapons [ADD] justice96's Ammunation [ADD] Classes system [CHANGE] Set maximum $ 1,000 on duel stake [CHANGE] Reset all player cash due to majority bug on duel stake [FIX] Fixed a bug in the duel stake [FIX] Fixed a bug where duel armour is appearing on duel leave [CHANGE] Removed exp level system July, 15, 2016 v2.1.3: [FIX] False warnings on aimbot [FIX] Fixed a bug where the owner of turf gang is not appear [FIX] Fixed a bug where login attempts have passed for 5 times [ADD] Player's countdown [ADD] Command /ab to boost your ammo [FIX] Duel stake July, 15, 2016 v2.1.2: [ADD] Duel stats on to player stats [ADD] Global turf system for player [ADD] Command /gt for global turf player [ADD] Duel system with user friendly interface [CHANGE] Reduced player's reward [ADD] Heliblade protection [CHANGE] Improved several function [ADD] Textdraw on kill reward July, 15, 2016 v2.1.1: [ADD] Turf system for gang [ADD] Command /boost and /fixveh for Administrator [ADD] Random rewards on capturing turf gang [ADD] Class weapons, there are some required level to afford weaps in each classes [ADD] Textdraw bonuses (kill, death, gun kill) [ADD] K/D ratio for gang stats [ADD] Turf stats, see on /turfs [ADD] Carpark and heliblade system [ADD] Gang stats, see on /gangs [CHANGE] Score won't be updated in player's stats Best Regards, justice96, tianmetal, Robo_N1X