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Found 1 result

  1. The Santander Associate is an America based that located near East Beach and it's led by Shane Regan with his brother named Dannie Middlesworth. The Santander is a large Illegal association engaged in contract killers, drug dealers, and selling some illegal goods, from there this association earns income and has many workers. They do not hesitate to kill, if anyone can afford to pay them for a fee is very expensive. Santander is the largest Illegal association in Los Santos, which was led by Jaime Regan in 1973. Jaime Regan is one of the richest people in Los Santos, he is a firm and very disciplined leader when leading his association. In 1987 he met a woman who was in love with him named Kate Middlesworth, and he was given two children, named Shane Regan and Dannie Middlesworth. In 1991, Jaime Regan was killed by someone who was not identified, and Kate Middlesworth was very stressed when her husband left and finally decided to end her life by hanging herself. Shane Regan and Dannie Middlesworth were very sad that their parents were dead. The Santander association went broke up at the time because it was dormant since Jaime Regan and Cersei Middleworth died. In 2008, Shane Regan and Dannie Middlesworth also tried to resurrect the association by turning the association into an Illegal business which until now the public did not know what the group was doing in the field. They also have more than one thousand workers, and even now they are increasingly successful in running the Santander association. The members must keep secrets, failure to do so means the same as execution. Chapter I – The Beginning! The Santander association which stands in the East Beach area, will add some of its members to become workers. Shane Regan and Dannie Middlesworth began recruiting selected people to become their trusted people to do business in their association, so that they would get even more money. Chapter II – La Santander Bar After they recruited several members of the Santander association to form several business places around Los Santos to expand their business. Shane Regan and Dannie Middlesworth and others formed a bar on East Beach called La Santander Bar. From there he will get many business partners and big drug agents suitable for Santander association. BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS FULL NAME: Shane Regan ALIASES: Regan DATE OF BIRTH: 13/DEC/1983 ORIGIN : RESIDENCE: EAST BEACH RESIDENCE 88, LOS SANTOS, SAN ANDREAS FULL NAME: Dannie Middlesworth ALIASES: Dannie DATE OF BIRTH: 14/SEP/1985 ORIGIN : RESIDENCE: EAST BEACH RESIDENCE 89, LOS SANTOS, SAN ANDREAS ASSOCIATE : - Aaron William - Delamo Stanley The Santander Association hijacked a port which was used as a shipment of cocaine to customers and distributed in several cities, the Santander Association gained a great deal of profit from carrying out this piracy, their actions were not known by the police. Santander also continues to take this action in order to get a lot of money. TERMS AND CONDITIONS YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW Anda semua wajib mengikuti peraturan yang ada di faction ini dan juga server ini. Hormati sesama anggota faction. Bagi anda yang ingin bergabung dengan faction ini bisa mencari secara IC Ini adalah Faction ber-ras Amerika. Gunakan karakter utama anda. Setelah anda memasuki faction ini, kami mempunyai hak untuk PK/CK character anda. Tidak menerima faction jumper. Kurangin berkata kasar di OOC/IRL. Gunakan bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris (Jika tidak bisa inggris mari kita belajar bersama ) Jika anda berminat masuk kedalam faction ini, anda wajib mengisi formulir OOC untuk persayaratannya kirim ke @Jarvis @AvH 1. Karakter anda harus ras Amerika. 3. Skin character anda saya rekomendasikan untuk memakai skin layaknya seorang mafia. We use WHATSAPP as our way to communicate each others and also to give any information about this faction. You'll be invited to the group chat only if you're intrigued to roleplay within this faction and has officially became a member of this faction. We do not use this group chat for any kind of metagame. In order to avoid spam in this thread, send a single private message directly to @Jarvis or @AvH GUIDES
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