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  1. * Jacob Lakewood notice Jahseh.
    [19:58:04] Dirly Compton: (( ini bug gimana si jan'k ))
    [19:58:06] Jacob Lakewood says: Bryant, you have a job for me?
    [19:58:39] NAMEHIDE: {FFFFFF}Player names are now {00FF00}hidden
    [19:58:39] WARNING: {FFFF00}Masker nametag is still not hidden, hold {00FFFF}F10 {FFFF00}to fully hide all nametags!
    [19:58:45] Lamar Graham says: I have job fo' you ni**a, you selling ur ass with ma friend.
    [19:58:46] (( PM from [61] Jacob_Lakewood: a lot itu apa sih dit lupa gua ))
    [19:58:51] Jacob Lakewood Shouts: Tolol!
    [19:58:53] (( PM to [61] Jacob_Lakewood: banyak ))
    [19:59:15] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-235.png
    [19:59:21] Jacob Lakewood says: I wanna some job for got a lot money, F'real.
    [19:59:37] Jahseh Bryant says: Aight, I think ya' can help me for sellin my stuff.
    [19:59:38] Kelley_Tijani telah keluar dari server. (Pergi)
    [20:00:10] Jahseh Bryant says: Just find a customer whos need a white.
    [20:00:19] Jahseh Bryant says: Ya' know what I mean, right?
    [20:00:32] Lorenzo_Rowels telah keluar dari server. (Pergi)
    [20:00:37] (( PM from [109] Cornelis_Burnett: Najis langsung RP an ))
    [20:00:38] Jacob Lakewood says: Hmm.. I don't know what's you mean, Bryant.
    [20:00:45] (( PM from [109] Cornelis_Burnett: gue masang mod gucci backpack sek ))
    [20:00:58] (( PM to [109] Cornelis_Burnett: baru mulai  ))
    [20:01:20] Jahseh Bryant says: Shit, I though ya' was know what I mean.
    [20:01:45] Dave_Brown telah keluar dari server. (Terputus/Crash)
    [20:01:52] Jahseh Bryant says: Aight, follow my ass.
    [20:01:57] * Jacob Lakewood nods up.
    [20:02:01] * Jahseh Bryant walks on to his vehicle.
    [20:02:01] Jacob Lakewood says: Aite, Bryant.
    [20:02:10] * Jacob Lakewood tails Jahseh's step.

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