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    admin paling baik nama gu33 d0nk [email protected]
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    [OFFICIAL] 104th Ganton Alleyway

    *where is the place that sells some brands?*
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    [Discussion] Rules Robbing di Turf Families.

    Ini sering banget ditemuin, bang. Based gang criminal dari salah satu gang tersebut /mungkin/ sudah besar, setiap hari buat criminal, rolling sana sini, apa masih berani si robber dateng untuk nge mess (berniat untuk merampok salah satu anggota dari mereka). Kebanyakan robber sekarang pada fokus ke "/do dimana kunci mobil ??????????, check dalam trunk", melainkan uang. #cmiiw.
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    [GUIDE] Roleplay memasak Methamphetamine.

    niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee guide +1, gan h3h3h. s/o @endochronic
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    [OFFICIAL] 104th Ganton Alleyway

    *he is about to focusing his eyes on Tarnell*
  6. Character: Keontay Massey Story: Keontay Massey was born on September 23, 2003. He lives with his mother in a Bahamas Apartment which mostly inherited with poor wealthy family and a very well-off life. Keontay went to school at McCain High School, Keontay was one of the exemplary children, diligent, and became one of the smart people in his class. His mother was very fond of Keontay, so Keontay treated his mother. Keontay is a child who has never denied his mother. Some can say Keontay is a very spoiled child despite his family status. One day, Keontay tried to find fresh air by using his bicycle which was bought by his mother because earn a very good grades inside the class. Keontay runs his bike to places where there are lots of crowds, he sees a lot of individuals socialize within each other and gathered at 'Alexandria Park' he tries to approach and interact with them. Keontay was very nervous because this was the first day. Keontay opens a conversation with one of them and asks what is happening. He got an answer from them. Day by day passed, Keontay begins to get known within the residents, and grow a larger part of them. Keontay began to associate with them, starting with continuity and days. However, Keontay remained obedient to his mother, Keontay's presence there was accepted. This is where Keontay will do what and what will be done with them. As to till this day, Keontay is still on the High, earn a better grades and whatnot but meanwhile keeping his presence down the street wheres he life at to get known. Getting him credit for being a street smart. Saya Valsky selaku pemilik account UCP Valsky bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Keontay Massey) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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    [OFFICIAL] 104th Ganton Alleyway

    ayok discord, sanggeekk
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    Lamb's Brother

    kau laj mandi di blackhole. gay