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  1. Owner Name: Kendrich Dawson Employees: NAME OF EMPLOYEE WORKING IN THIS BUSINESS NAME OF EMPLOYEE WORKING IN THIS BUSINESS NAME OF EMPLOYEE WORKING IN THIS BUSINESS NAME OF EMPLOYEE WORKING IN THIS BUSINESS NAME OF EMPLOYEE WORKING IN THIS BUSINESS Business Name: House of Foundation Gas Station Detailed description of your business: Toko ini dibeli oleh seorang pengusaha bisnis yang bernama Kendrich Dawson, karena ingin memperluas wawasan bisnis lainnya
  2. Character: Kendrich_Dawson Story: Kendrich Dawson was born in the city of Compton CA on January 23, 2001, Dawson was born into a family that was very economic in nature because he had a number of businesses that had been handed down by his family, Dawson's father Barrack McSon and his mother Carrien Dawrin, in his childhood Dawson was very inclined to open life but Dawson was a very quiet figure in his childhood, in his childhood when he was in elementary school Dawson was very liked by all the teachers in his school because Dawson had a different and intelligent nature in his class. When Dawson's middle school was often bullied by his male friends because of his different nature from other men in Dawson's school, but different from his girlfriends in his class and school, very many admired him because Dawson was one of the students who the most intelligent and reserved for everyone at his school. After graduating from junior high school, Dawson decided to continue his education to the upper level in the city of Compton CA near his home, in high school Dawson received a scholarship because his intelligence in the subjects in his school arrived until Dawson wanted to be admitted to the University famous in the UK because of the intelligence Dawson has, but somehow Dawson refused the scholarship and chose to remain in his town of Compton CA. But one day Dawson was invited by his uncle Tony Dawson to go to Los Santos and work there, at that time Dawson chose to join his uncle to Los Santos to work, after they left for Los Santos and arrived at Los Santos together, a friend from his uncle Tony offered Dawson to work as a mechanic in Los Santos and look for a self-taught experience, not to be taken quickly Dawson could easily get knowledge and understand all types of machines and understand all cars. For some reason after Dawson pursued his job as a mechanic, his uncle Tony Dawson offered a side job from what he did as a mechanic, which was selling illegal goods in smuggling, because Dawson's nature was very quiet and hard to guess he accepted the job because maybe everyone didn't may be able to accuse him of selling it all, he sells illegal goods in the form of marijuana, methamphetamine and firearms which are very much attracted by some residents who like it in illegal matters. Saya Gama selaku pemilik account UCP Clastroboy bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Kendrick_Dawson) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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    [REPORT] Billy Guavo (OOCINSULT)

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    [REPORT] Jordan Faran (PPKO)

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