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  2. Introducing Factory to New Recruit
  3. Character Name: Cliff Muenthe Origin: United Kingdom Story: On 7 November 1978, born in United Kingdom, a son of a chef couple, Juan Muenthe and Maria Alvarez. His name was Cliff Muenthe. In Cliff's childhood, Cliff was feared amongst his friends. His closest friend feared him so he lived a sad life knowing that he had friends because they were just scared at him. He was considered as not being smart enough so he dropped out of school at the age of 15. His parents, Juan and Maria, believed that Cliff was something special as they can see what other people can't. Later on he specialized his skills as a chef, following his parents footsteps. For several years, he had became a great chef with his parents at his own restaurant called Muenthe Mexican.He wanted to become a Taxi driver as the demands on Taxies are high on the time and got paid highly enough. But his parents didn't agree on him being a taxi driver and adviced he must stay on the part of the owner of the family restaurant. So one day at 19th Feburary 1999. He decided to leave home to pursue his dream on becoming a Taxi driver. He decided he can't stay home to presue his dreams so he left.He searched for job offerings and got nothing. One evening, he saw someone robbing an old man and he tried to stopped him. Eventually he did and he told asked the old man if he was fine. The old man said he was fine and asked what Cliff was doing down on the alley on the dark alone.He said he was broken home and he wanted just to became a taxi driver someday. The old man told him to meet him on the following weeks as he could recommend him to became a taxi driver at first down on San Fierro as the old man has a friend who runs a taxi company there. Cliff told the old man that he didn't have money to go to San Fierro.But the old man told Cliff to keep calm because he had arranged everything in exchange of saving his life. On early 2003 when he was being a taxi driver, Cliff called back home to hear the news about his father's death. He went back home to Mexico and saw that the restaurant has closed down for a long time because of bad bussiness and less incomes. He went back to his old house only to see that his mother is badly ill too at the time. He was just on time to hear his mother's dying wish is to reopen the family restaurant somewhere new. Just after he heard that his mother passed away. Few years later on San Fierro, he decided to gather enough money to make back his own Muenthe Mexicano restaurant but there was no place to build the restaurant. Cliff heard from a colleague of him that he has an unused place and is now rented but it was down at Los Santos.He agreed at the price of the rented space and quit his job to persue his legacy of the Muenthe Mexicano family's restaurant down at Los Santos. Saya (chronis) bersedia jika character saya (Cliff Muenthe) dibanned account permanent karena copy-paste story