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    [ASK] Cara jadi verified member

    itu elu ah verified member, postnya harus lebih dari 50.
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    Damian 'Danny' Winnfield

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    General Talk

    walking legend 😎😎
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    [FND] shit skin #1

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    [SHR] Musid EDM Eurobeat

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    Gara gara Jogjagamers.

    Gara-gara Jogjagamers saya suka dm.
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    Cross Street 101

    [Intro] Ay, Cross Street shit bitch. Shootout my nigga Cappy, Jeffy, Sosa, all dem niggas man. RIP Murda, long live bro. Fuck Bloods, Fuck 14, Fuck 13, Fuck Crips, Everybody Killa man. You know. EBK shit. [Hook] Bitch, we claim EBK. Bitch you know we tote them K. Bitch, We claim EBK. DONT MAKE ME SHOOT YOU WITH THE K. Bitch, we claim EBK Bitch you know we tote them K. Bitch we claim EBK. DONT MAKE ME SHOOT YOU WITH THE K. [Verse 1 - Travis Da$avage] Bitch, I'm Everybody Killa. You cant fuck with all my niggas. Cause my niggas got them poles, so they'll shoot you like gorilla. Bullets hot like lucifer, you niggas better not come outside. Cross Street shit, my niggas gon take your life. We the killas, we gon' shoot one of these nigga. Everyday body dropped, this shit never end. I'm about that life, so i dont need pretend. I'm in the street, selling cocaine. I be with the shooters that gon shoot you with the glocks. We be ridin', flippin blocks, see the opps, send some shots. I'll break your finger if you crack the treys. We in the traffic totin them Ks. Screamin fuck the opps, and the jakes. Middle finger to the bloods, now they bleeds. Talkin shit, shoot the bullets thru your teeths. Been a savage as a baby. If you dont trust me, ask my nigga Jeffy. He'll shoot you like my nigga Cappy. Northenos, they like some baby. Dont want war, i know these nigga some pussy. East bloods, southside, yea they some vegie. Dont want beef, i know they scared of me. Why the fuck they hatin on me? That's why i keep this glock on me. They shoulda never messed up with me. Now it's war so dont ever mess up with me. Fuck YGBurry, if i catch em i'll get him bodied. Bitch fuck yo dead homie. Dont make me catch another body. Bitch. Fuck the Opposite. [Hook] Bitch, we claim EBK. Bitch you know we tote them K. Bitch, We claim EBK. DONT MAKE ME SHOOT YOU WITH THE K. Bitch, we claim EBK Bitch you know we tote them K. Bitch we claim EBK. DONT MAKE ME SHOOT YOU WITH THE K. [Verse 2 - Sosa Da$avage] All people said we been puppets, brocos in my blood we pipe. Nigga bitch YGBurry ain't no like OD, take him for a tea. Catch a body in raw, put his face in catfish draws. 101 Block we blitz nigga, fuck Bloods Gang, I let dis 40 bang. Streak the ground, my whole squad come around. Smoking Opp-Packs, nigga with a tec shoots for round. Bitch we EBK, you lil bro we been totin, dis ruger say. What's up with the dead gangs? We all insane, yall niggas get bang. Goes outta da town, fuck bitch we scaling pound. Imma done with em jumps, we now standing at them yards. They claims for BDK, ain't no siren wait for the spray. Pull up at Nine, see they drippin in sight. 101 goes insane, niggas find a stain, me and my niggas ina range. Watch you in the trap, bitch we slaps. Niggas dying, I do some counts, sneaks dissing you gone down. Free my boy outta brown, bitch you better don't get a song. DaSavages, they gonna let em spray, and you gona pay. Fuck Nortenos, they hang with the Surs, and now they two. Drive around on East Block, we bout to murder you. Went off a fuckin flat, we drinking this sizzurp. Fuck you from the East, we make you eat the soup. We fuck with OTF GBE, been starting with these flex money see. Thugs on your ville, we lookin for the fee. I be in this mass, niggas gona drill outa block. Bitch it isn't a Christmas, we name you fufu-block. Santa drop these hela trees on yours, see you niggas get lock. Mix me and Travis on drill, we gon' go hard. Shooting heads on them fuckin fronts, yall faces on my body tats. Smoking wet gas, bitch you been packed. Fuck niggas we all real DaSavages. [Outro] Fuck 14, Fuck 13, Fuck westside, Fuck bloods, Fuck Crips, fuck all that shit man. EBK shit, hahahaha. Addressed to all gang members who are being BD rivals, especially, @[email protected] (Bloods Gang Members)
  8. Ahmaes dudu

    Cross Street 101

    ** You would be noticing an update of @GSOSADAVA$AVAGE101 Instagram story ** ** Sosha Chamberlain is adding additional caption below of the picture, "Diss gone out soon, face it nigga X get the strap πŸ˜‚" **
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    Cross Street 101

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    Cross Street 101

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    Cross Street 101

    Added to Galleries!
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    Cross Street 101

  13. Ahmaes dudu

    Cross Street 101

  14. Ahmaes dudu

    Cross Street 101

  15. Ahmaes dudu

    [REPORT] Telvis Chapman (Deatmatch)

    Saya disini sebagai Sosha Chamberlain, 3. Gang A dateng ke tempat Gang B untuk sebuah percakapan kecil. Karena Gang B gaterima dengan perkataan Gang A, Gang B nembakin Gang A. Itu kan argumen yang kamu coba sampaikan? Gini bro, disini gang elu dulu yang initate gang brawl, disitu udah terjadi kontak fisik, pukul-pukulan ampe bruise banyak, terus temen gue mengRPkan gak terima temen gangnya down, apalagi leader gangnya down, wajar dong kalau terjadi baku tembak karena leader gangnya down terus diinjek-injekin, apalagi yang memulai baku tembak bukan di pihak kita, ada orang sebelumnya udah nembak kita di atas bangunan Reece Barber. Kita juga pernah kunjung ke 716th Kennedy Block Avenue terus ngedrill, lalu ditembakin sampe karakter saya modar, kita gak report.